Recipes in haste

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
06 April 2016

In our difficult time when a woman comes to work alongside men, the ability to make something tasty in haste simply vital.Fast dish you might need to cook if a surprise visit.It is not easy to cope with domestic responsibilities and a young mother who is likely still up and running.Returning in the evening after a hard day, a woman needs to feed the household, especially children.If you linger with cooking dinner, the nimble young generation a snack or a sandwich bun.Favored by the young growing organism is not affected.

Even if the mother does not work, and sits with children at home, it does not solve the problem with the cooking.Cooking time-consuming, which, if you have small children, just sorely lacking.Of course, you can go on store dumplings, ravioli and pasta noodles.But long on such a diet is unlikely someone will be able to hold on.

only way to get rid of the constant exhausting cooking - is to learn how to prepare meals quickly.Hard to believe, but true: only some twenty minutes and t

asty dish is ready.And there is nothing impossible.Everything you need to master a technique for preparing quick meals.

good helper in the kitchen for each family, who value their time, is a microwave.It is possible not only reheat ready-made meals and defrost food, but also to make semi-finished products.For example, you can take the rice, put it in a deep bowl, cover with water and put in a microwave oven, turn on slow cooking.Our goal - to get rice, which will be brought to the floor readiness.The same can be done on a conventional stove Bay Fig less water than it needs for its full preparation.The result is a semi-finished product, which after freezing is easy to store and add as needed in a variety of dishes.You can fry the vegetables in a pan, adding to them the prepared rice, or make rice pudding.

Summer - the perfect time for all sorts of preparations.This time of year is quite inexpensive easy to buy a wide variety of vegetables, cut them into cubes and freeze.This "summer mix" will cost you much cheaper than the store.Now, if you go back to work, and a major force in the dish is not, in the vegetable mixture you can add any meat (chicken is best, as it prepares to fastest), rice or pasta and quickly received warm vegetable stew on the stove.

In order to save time on cooking, it is desirable to make the menu at least for the next week.So you'll know exactly what is necessary to prepare at any given moment.In addition, you will not overcome the constant question of what the dish is and what to cook.After your refrigerator is already ready supply of food.Best of all, that it was always there and replenished as needed.To the vegetable mixture as stocks can add frozen puff pastry and pizza dough.

Thus, you can always cook well, even if not at the time, and the dishes are done in haste.Of course, your family and loved ones want to pamper delicious.Quick recipes are always ready to help you with this.Joy households cause not only exquisite delicacies, but also simple dishes of the most common products.By the way, simple food is the most beneficial for the body, so whip up a dish not only save you time, but also benefit.Most importantly, you have them prepared with love!