How to get rid of cockroaches

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07 April 2016

Cockroaches - these are the most undesirable neighbors to us, without asking who break into our house or apartment and disgust even the most persistent people.These pesky insects unbearable and darken our vacation and leisure.But fortunately, the modern man has an impressive arsenal against cockroaches.This article helps owners of houses and apartments to find the perfect "weapon" that will help to drive these reptiles.

content of the article:

  • «Psychology" cockroaches
  • methods of struggle of the people
  • Industrial means of combating
  • recommendations from experienced people

few words about "life" cockroach

We specifically collected the most effective tips to combat and destroy cockroaches in an apartment or house:

  • Scientists have shown that cockroaches can not live a long time without water .You may have noticed time and again that turning on the light, the insects will not run to food, namely the accumulation of water: toilet, accumulation of droplets on the floor, table, sink
    .According to long-term observations I noticed that if the cockroach has eaten poison, but had time to "sip" of water, it is in any case survive.Because of this, we advise on the struggle with undesirable neighbors kitchen should be kept in order, in particular, pay attention to wiping surfaces, everything should be dry .Undoubtedly, they have remained the main "water hole" as a toilet, but there is nothing we can do about it.
  • To help, cockroaches can live a long time without food .So if you left the house and took all the food, do not expect that insects leave you, it will not happen.
  • Cockroaches - insects stupid, they do not share their experiences.In addition, very often individuals infect each other , bringing in own nest, poisoned substance , you put it.How precisely this feature are many ways to control insects.
  • Cockroaches kinda different, they are interested in everything that bright and pleasant-smelling .

question arises - How did drive out of the apartment or house cockroaches, taking into account the above said features?

people's ways of dealing with cockroaches

First, let's use "folk" methods.But just want to warn you that these methods require around 3-4 weeks time , but note that these methods are very effective .

  • For many years, a man was noticed that these insects are very afraid boric acid .Boric acid, of course, did not immediately kill a cockroach individual, the substance acts much more interesting.When a cockroach and a perfect contact acid, insect overcomes the strongest itch , which lasts a long time.The same substance is the insect passes to his brothers, and they are subjected to the same tortures.The method is clear, now proceed to practice: walk into any pharmacy and buy boric acid, then it treat surface water sources, ventilation and plinth, and all those places where the cockroaches accumulate .Just want to reassure you, the substance no contraindications for humans and pets .But there is one minus , cockroaches are insects that thought quickly, so they can find another, safer water source.
  • However, there is another method in which we will use them against insects is enormous curiosity. Boric acid is the main character of the weapon.But now, in addition boil eggs and potatoes , further mix all the elements to add credibility oil .To achieve a thick mass, from which sculpt small balls, put them in the sun, or the battery to the point of drying, then decompose all the balls all over the place .We advise you to scatter more balls in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.Also we advise to remove the poison day , so they do not interfere with you in life, but at night be sure to return them to the place, at this time of day the insects are most active.
  • You ask, what is the advantage of this method?Because of the mixture of food, insect advance not feel boric acid, but because of the predominance of instinct of curiosity, he will definitely approach to the ball and touched his mustache .As soon as he touched the bait - it is doomed.To all this, it will return to its nest and infect their relatives.The balls will be approached more curious.Soon you will see more and more corpses and fewer active cockroaches.When all the birds are gone, do not remove all the balls at once, note even after complete disappearance cockroaches, they can come to you again neighbors.

Industrial means of cockroaches

But it was the people's way, now let's talk about finished vehicles purchased .Immediately we want to say that chemical poisons need to be extremely careful and attentive .The most important disadvantage of these substances is smell that remains after frequent use, especially concerned spray .Second, the chemistry can be dangerous for your pet .Also, these materials certainly not benefit your health .Therefore, choosing judiciously Treat chemicals, and most importantly carefully follow the manufacturer's recommendations .And so we have specially prepared a list of chemicals that will kill cockroaches.

  1. Various gels .The substance is sold in batches of finished syringes. advantage gel is pre uselessness of his training before use.The gel is applied in small portions over 15 centimeters from each other along the perimeter. Less this method of struggle: for the treatment of a house or apartment, may need a couple of these syringes.
  2. traps .Is a small box with holes for the entry of insects.Inside the box laid the poison entered the trap, cockroach picks up the infection and infect their relatives.
  3. Aerosols .To achieve maximum results, you should treat all places where aerosol roaches, cracks, baseboards, door jambs.We advise you to change the spray more often, to avoid habituation.
  4. Houses .Physically is a miniature, a house of cards with adhesive tape and tasty bait inside.Because of curiosity cockroaches will necessarily go to the bait inside the tightly glued to the walls of the house.A pleasant smell will attract more individuals and that kind of thing already dead comrades will not scare them.
  5. Special services .Service leave home, with special equipment and poison.Carefully handle all "corners" room and cockroaches disappear.

Cockroaches - this is the most disgusting and repulsive insects that can dwell in a house or apartment, living much of their threat to human health.Withdrawal of these insects - a difficult and long, but at this time, there are many effective ways to completely eliminate cockroaches.

Comments from the forums about how people have successfully got rid of cockroaches


I bought means "Globo", is very good.This gel, 10 years ago, once all smeared, and then forgotten, like cockroaches look!


To get rid of these creatures need to start a war with them, literally!Buy ointment, adhesive type (syringes sold, the name can not remember) and to make a track in the community, to put battalion commanders in the field of plumbing, the toilet in the sanitary closet, hard to reach areas.In the kitchen at night to put petroleum jelly jars (they are taken back and can not get out).Buy Poison in cans (2-room apartment 2-3 pieces) and spray them all over the house before leaving for work.Under such pressure mustachioed villains will not stand and will be forced either to die or leave the battlefield forever!Good luck everyone!


Until eliminate "hotbed", nothing will!We have a living on us, drunk.As soon as he moved down, so the cockroaches moved with them.And crayons and smeared, and "trap"-gel, helps, but not for long.Then he bought another powder, I do not remember the name, is not something Fenoksin, something like that.So it can be sprayed through a hole in the bottle, and it is possible to make a slurry, and then through the spray gun.
But most say, long lasting and effective method is to cook hard-boiled egg, grind it with boric acid, roll the balls and put them in place hangouts cockroaches.Gradually, they will go.Well, these balls are periodically changed for fresh.We have a friend living in a hostel, so to say that only this method and saves.
Yes, and that the main thing that was not there any water droplets.Washed dishes - wiped dry cleaning, bath with toilet of course more difficult.That is not dripping taps, in short, to cockroaches had nowhere to drink water.


Buy six big male African cockroaches.They eat all the smaller creatures all broods, and then eat themselves!:) try on yourself!:)

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