How to iron arrows on trousers - instruction for young housewives

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
07 April 2016

How to iron arrows on trousers business man, whether male or female, should have an appropriate business style in clothes.To do this, the image of perfect pants with arrows.So they always had a flawless look, you need to know how to properly iron arrows.

To do this you will need:

  • Iron;
  • table or ironing board;
  • gauze or cotton fabric;
  • pins .

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Video tutorial: How to pat pants with arrows?

Guide: how to stroke pants with arrows correctly

  1. Prepare work surface .To nagladit right arrows on the trousers, you need a smooth surface without bumps and creases.If you iron on the table, then the pre-lay the thick cloth, folded in several layers, or a blanket;
    How to iron arrows on trousers
  2. Remember: start ironing pants should always be on the wrong side .Initially, pockets and lining, then trousers and top trousers.Once the fabric is equalized, and iron their evert the front side.Remember, the front side is required to stroke through the thin fabric
    slightly damp.It is best to take a calico or cotton.So you can avoid shiny spots on the trousers of iron;
    How to iron arrows on trousers
  3. Once you are well smoothed pants, you can take on the arrow . For this it is necessary to lay down their trousers so that the seams of his pants to match.If your pants are the right leg, then the recess will coincide.To while ironing the fabric is not moved, it can be fixed in several places pins.Then, through a damp cloth to smooth down arrow;
    How to iron arrows on trousers
  4. There are two effective ways , nagladit as the arrow on the trousers that they have long held:
    • from the wrong side on the arrows spend wet piece of soap , and then iron the good of the front side through the fabric.
    • Dissolve in 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of vinegar .In this solution, moisten the cloth, through which the Iron-on transfer direction.Then steam the good direction, until the fabric is completely dry.Some people recommend this solution to add a little soap.However, we would recommend you do not do it because they can remain divorces soap.
  5. is not recommended immediately after ironing trousers or dress hanging in the closet , they quickly pomnutsya.Let them cool slightly.