Duties of members of the family - as it should be the allocation of responsibilities husband and wife in the family?

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08 April 2016

Duties of family members family responsibilities - a topic that is a source of conflict for most couples.Who should wash the dishes and who is cleaning?Who should financially support his family, and who nurse children?How to properly assign responsibilities in the family and at the same time preserve the family fortune?

That's what we tell you today.

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As should be the allocation of responsibilities in the family

Home life - it is a serious thing, and if you do not want to be his hostage, you need to develop the right approach to it.To make sure your spouse is not looking at you wondering eyes when you ask him to vacuum the house or wash the dishes, you should immediately to distribute the chores .

need to start with a full understanding of what is meant under the joint responsibilities of daily life.This, of course, first of all - cleaning, cooking, washing, minor repairs.Many believe that the responsibility of the husband in the family includes only men's work with the physical application of forces (hammer nails, make repairs, carry heavy loads), and the duties of the wife enters work that is considered to be female since the daysDomostroi (cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.).

look at this: What if the husband lying on the couch and did not think to help?

But do not forget that everyone still has their own concept of women's and men's work.Therefore, quite often with respect to this matter in the family misunderstandings, tensions and even conflicts.

Duties of family members

How to distribute responsibilities between the spouses?

In fact, it is not so difficult.

  • Cooking - the most time-consuming and responsible duty.It is often necessary to prepare, and it is desirable that the food was delicious.If both spouses are able to cook and love to do, the best thing given the duty to distribute equally.Unfortunately, this option is not for everyone approach, as one of the spouses can work longer than others.Then we can find another way, for example, on weekdays preparing one who comes first, and at the weekend - the other spouse.
  • Cleaning - an important component of household responsibilities.Let's just denote what is meant by the word cleaning: wipe off the dust, collect things, vacuum, wash the floor, take out the trash.Best of all these obligations shall be divided equally between the spouses.For example, a husband may vacuum and take out the trash, and the wife - to wipe the dust and do wet cleaning, or vice versa.If a family already has children, they also should be involved in homework.So they will also get used to a certain responsibility.However, during the distribution of responsibilities must take into account the capabilities of each member of the family.
  • Washing dishes - is also quite an important stage in family relations.Here everything is quite simple, the dishes can be washed either in a queue, or adhering to the rules of "Ate - wash the dishes after themselves."

word to your family lived happily, domestic responsibilities need to be addressed together .

Duties of family members

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What do you think about the distribution of household duties between husband and wife?