What color is good to keep the house: a list of the best colors for a home

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08 April 2016

Flowers symbolize joy, solemnity, creating room a warm and harmonious atmosphere.The hostess, who wants to create in your home comfort and beauty, can not do without indoor plants.By the way, potted plants will not only bring to the house of the natural diversity of colors, but also will be useful for health.Indoor plants, in addition to being enriched with oxygen room and pleasing to the eye, yet increase the humidity and have antibacterial properties.What color is good to keep the house - this is our article.
What flowers grow better at home

Before you decide which flowers grow better at home, you need to determine which room they will be, estimate illuminance and humidity of the room.

  • If the room has inadequate lighting and dry air , it is desirable to arrange the flowers, resistant to such conditions.Stamina colors include passion fruit, monstera, vine sindapsus, philodendron, tsissus rhombic.
  • To add room with pastel colors bright colors, you can put there such flowers as Gloxinia, pelargonium, begonia king, cycl

What flowers grow better at home
We must not forget that each flower has its own power:

  • filled with energy of joy and love for life and the desire to move forward will hyacinth .
  • Lemon - invigorate and help to overcome various phobias.
  • Hibiscus (China rose) - will make the house of joy, love, desire for new challenges, but also help you feel better for people who suffer from heart disease.
  • Violet uzambarskaya - give aesthetic pleasure and improve your mood the whole family.It can be put in any room.
  • Cyclamen - will help restore the inner harmony of man, tune into the positive, to awaken the desire to make something beautiful, for example, to decorate the house or to arrange a holiday.
  • best flower for home, where he lives a timid man is anthurium .This flower helps to overcome the stiffness and can be put in any room.
  • For creative individuals fit bedroom fir , which enhances creative activity.The best location for the room ate considered work areas: offices, shops, reception.
  • to improve their financial situation need to get Jade tree (money tree) .It must be placed next to an orange tree , then the monetary effect is not long to wait.

best flowers for the house are those that bring aesthetic pleasure, helping to strengthen health and improve the atmosphere of the house.
What flowers grow better at home

People who are thinking to acquire indoor plants, you need to know what kind of flowers is better to keep the house and public rooms it will help you:

  • for bedrooms approach such as the begonia flowers,gardenia, lemon, hibiscus, cyclamen.A red camellia ignite passion and bring new life into the intimate experiences and emotions.
    Camellia red bedroom
  • in the nursery should be flowers, odorless, does not affect the child's sleep and do not cause allergies.These include the indoor maple (abutilon), asparagus, Tradescantia.
    Maple Room for Baby
  • Kitchen , where often there are a lot of drafts and fumes fit small flowers that need humidity: Calathea, Impatiens, arrowroot.Get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke will Chlorophytum, which is powered by carbon dioxide, while releasing oxygen.
    Chlorophytum Home
  • The living , where friends and family are going to need to create a special atmosphere conducive to a warm intimate conversations.
    • In bright, but not sunny living room desirable to locate Fuchs, clearing room by stagnant energy, myrtle, which is considered a symbol of happiness, Monstera, absorbing the activity of chaos and disorder.
      Fuchsia house
    • in the lounge, where there is little sunlight , drotsenu place - a symbol of good luck and success, palm trees, clearing room by pessimism and apathy, philodendron scansorial that fill the room with a fresh, new energy.
      Palma Home
    • In solar, light-flooded living put citrus plants, bamboo, contribute to success, career development and the achievement of its goals.
      Bamboo Room

to health in every family should have flower aloe , which is in the dark, in contrast to the other colors do not absorb, and releases oxygen, and also aloe juice containing enzymes,vitamins, stimulates the appetite, have a laxative effect and promotes rapid healing of wounds.Such a flower best place in the bedroom, asIt believed that aloe dislikes outsiders.
Aloe Home

Another medical flower is Kalanchoe .The juice of this plant will help to get rid of skin eczema, as well as the cure of nasal mucus.
Home flowers of Kalanchoe

the Home ginseng is considered a flower called golden mustache .It is, after forming it 9-12 joints dark color, can help in the treatment of diseases such as pancreatitis, osteochondrosis, pneumonia, diabetes, and is used for bruises, skin and respiratory diseases.Because of this flower - a panacea, juice which contains high amounts of vitamin C, making ointments and tinctures.
What flowers grow better at home
What flower best suited for home - you decide.But the main thing - remember that the flower bring pleasant emotions, it is necessary to provide appropriate care , and then he will reward you handsomely.