Growing cacti from seeds

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
09 April 2016

Growing cacti from seed - it's very interesting to do.With proper care, you can grow a well-formed and attractive copy that will delight frequent and abundant flowering.

conditions for seeding :
experimentally proved that the germination of seeds does not depend on the time of year.However, planting is not recommended in winter, becausegrowth rates of seedlings in this case will be a little bit worse.

Sowing the seeds produced in plastic or ceramic container depth of at least 5 cm. Before planting the seeds it should be disinfected with a strong solution of potassium permanganate, formalin or bleach.

Choice substrate :

Currently in specialized stores selling a lot of different substrates for succulents.As a rule, they are suitable for growing in these cacti from seed.When you purchase is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the mixture: it must be slightly acidic (pH 6), composed of sifted leaf soil, coarse sand, small amount of sifted peat and charcoal powder.It should be know

n.Concrete block used for drainage or any small stones, carefully washed and boiled.

Preparation for sowing seeds cactus :

All seeds are carefully examined for damage and mold contamination.All unusable necessarily discarded.

Selected seeds are washed in lukewarm water, and then etched in a very weak solution of potassium permanganate.To do this you need to wrap the seeds in filter paper and pour the solution for 12-20 minutes.

Sowing cacti :

At the bottom of the container is placed a layer of drainage (not less than 2 cm), it is poured over the substrate so that the edge of the container was a small margin.The surface of the substrate is coated with a thin layer of crushed brick or white quartz sand.Seeds are planted in the cactus surface scar down ( exception : Astrophytums stacked up hem).

crops moistened only with the pallet until the moisture stains on the surface of the substrate.You can then use a spray bottle to moisten the soil surface.The drying of the soil is not allowed.

germination and care for seedlings :

capacity of seeds should be covered Plexiglas plate and put in a well lit place, but protected from direct sunlight, or under a fluorescent lamp.Good germination is observed at a temperature of 20-25C (for some species - below).The first seedlings can be expected in about 10-14 days.

If the roots of seedlings visible on the ground surface, it is necessary to dig them carefully.All seedlings should discard the shell.If it does not - it is necessary to release from her young cactus, otherwise he will die.

2-3 weeks after planting, when the new shoots are no longer expected to slightly shift the plexiglass to ensure adequate ventilation.Reduce soil moisture.The optimum temperature for growing seedlings of different species vary considerably.If this is not accurate information in the room is better to keep the temperature at which the sprouted seeds.A sharp change in the conditions of irrigation, lighting, temperature control is unacceptable.Moderate pulling seedlings are not dangerous and can be compensated with a further increase.

If after some time the growth of the seedlings is stopped or on the substrate, and the vessel walls lime appears, indicating that the alkalization of the substrate, there are a few waterings acidified water (5-6 drops of nitric or sulfuric acid in 1 liter of water, pH = 4).

Fertilizing seedlings are usually not required.Their accelerated growth causes excessive stretching, inability to resist infections, death.

above rules Respect for planting and care of seedlings, as well as close attention to their growth, allow to grow from seed at home beautiful, healthy, capable of flowering cactus.