Carpet cleaning at home - effective home remedies for carpet cleaning

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10 April 2016

Currently flooring choice is quite wide and varied, as compared to what it was some 30 years ago.But, despite this, the carpets are still at the peak of popularity.In every house there is at least one carpet, and no wonder - after all carpets create comfort and warmth in the house.Sooner or later, the owner will have to clean it, and at the same time, it is advisable to use a secure means to preserve the environment of the house.How to clean the carpet at home with improvised home remedies?
Folk remedies for carpet cleaning at home

10 effective folk remedies for carpet cleaning at home

Traditional recipes for carpet cleaning selected according to the type of dirt and lint-free material.

  1. In the winter, many housewives cleaned the carpet using snow .To do this, type the street snow, mark it on the carpet with a broom and wait until it absorbs dirt.Once, sweeping the snow off the carpet.The procedure is repeated several times to thoroughly clean the carpet.After this procedure, your carpet will smell the freshness and coolness of win
  2. Salt , incidentally, is also effectively cleans the carpet.Sprinkle enough salt on the carpet.A few hours later, sweeping salt broom dipped in soap composition.Salt absorbs dirt and dust, refresh carpet.
  3. vinegar solution update the carpet and give it freshness.Vacuum the carpet and then brush with a vinegar solution, clean the carpet.When all is done, open the window to ventilate the room from the opposite acetic odor.
  4. tea leaves for cleaning dark coatings.Welding pile give silkiness and shine.Wrap the tea brew in cheesecloth, wring it out, razbroste on the carpet, let it sit for a couple of hours and then sweep up with a broom dipped in warm soapy solution.Thereafter, vacuum the carpet.
  5. Surprisingly, well cleans carpet sauerkraut .Scattered on the carpet cabbage and wait.In your eyes, it starts to get dark.When the cabbage is strongly darken, sweeping broom cabbage, rinse under running water and repeat the process.The procedure is performed, until the cabbage is no longer change color.
  6. If you live in the house pets, use wet broom or roller for cleaning clothes . wool will stick to them, with cleaning your carpet.The hair from the carpet is well removed with a wet cloth or brush.
  7. light colored carpet is recommended to clean sawdust .To do this you need to mix gasoline and detergent (in equal proportions), soak in a solution of sawdust and place them evenly on the carpet.A few hours sweep the carpet.
  8. chalk or talc well remove grease stains from the carpet.Sprinkle the stain a means, put a piece of paper and iron hot iron.
  9. There is also a tool for removing stains from carpets, suitable for all types of stains.The tool is made of vinegar, detergent and ammonia . To prepare the composition, mix 5 teaspoonsany detergent, 0.5 cups of vinegar and alcohol.Dissolve the compound in 12 liters of water, wash the carpet pile on tryabkoy, soaking it in a vehicle.
  10. spots of wax, paraffin and gum can be removed with using ice .The cooled gum and wax can be easily detached from the kovra.Pyatna of alcoholic beverages derived solution of detergent , and then wipe with a solution of vinegar. Ammonia removes stains from fruit juices and wine.Stains from coffee and tea drinks are removed solution of glycerol (3 tablespoons glycerin 3 liters of water).Withdrawal fresh stains must be respected by the rule: the spot is wiped from the periphery to the center , otherwise it will just get more.
    Folk remedies for carpet cleaning at home

With sophisticated spots in the case of very heavily soiled carpets you need to apply to the dry cleaners.