Bunk beds for children - what to know before buying?

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
11 April 2016

Bunk beds for children. Not all parents today can boast of spacious apartments, and the question of the situation of children's rooms is acute for many.Even more complicated task if a tiny little room must be equipped with a children's bedroom (workers, gaming) space for two, and even more kids.In such situations, parents help out bunk beds.What they are and what to consider when choosing a bed?

content of the article:

  • Benefits bunk beds
  • Disadvantages Kids Bunk Beds
  • What to look for when buying a bed
  • Materials of construction for bunk beds
  • Types bunk beds
  • Reviews parents of bunkbedding

Benefits bunk beds

Bunk beds for children

  • saving valuable square meters (to accommodate, for example, the children's cabinet or rack).
  • Sleeper bed this has traditionally been between 170 and 200 cm in length, which will save and funding - to buy new beds coming years do not have to.
  • Many modern models are equipped with bunk beds additional game details and functional , which provides individual space for each child.

Disadvantages bunk beds

Kids Bunk Beds

  • staircase to the second level. Given its vertical position, there is a risk that the child will fail.Preferably, choose a bed with ladders, stairways.
  • weight. This makes it difficult, as the installation of the bed, and its movement in the apartment at the interchange.
  • risk of falling from the top tier.

What to look for when buying a bunk bed

How to buy a children

  • Age .Second floor bed may not be used for children younger than six years.With regard to children under four years - they should not be allowed even to the stairs.
  • board. On the second tier should pay particular attention to - side beds on the second floor must be high (not less than twenty centimeters of the mattress), in order to avoid the fall of the baby, and no sharp edges.
  • ladder.Regardless - downhill or climbing - but the ladder should be safe for the baby, even if it's a teenager.It should be remembered slope stairs (vertically - the most traumatic), on stage (they should be broad and not slippery), a quality factor of the ladder structure.
  • total construction. bed should be, first and foremost, a strong, taking into account the daily heavy loads.Usually, children use bunk bed, not only for its intended purpose (sleep), but also for games.
  • Bracing and stability (bed should not wobble).
  • load. Each bed has its maximum permissible load limit.Remember that in addition to the children on the bed will be more and mattresses, blankets and so on.
  • Consider the length (width) of beds with the growth of children and to "reserve" for future years.
  • height of the second floor should allow the child completely freely sit on the bed, not touching the crown ceiling.The same applies to the height of the first tier - child should not touch the head of the second floor foundation.
  • Avoid bed with sharp corners , the presence of protruding hardware or mounting screws, clips, as well as the large number of decorative elements.
  • How to choose a bunk bed Check the strength bottom of each bed.
  • Mattresses .They should be only natural fillers and coating (flax, cotton).The ideal solution - mattresses for children.
  • Handrails stairs. child must bow their effortless.

Materials of construction for bunk beds

Wooden bunk bed Some unscrupulous manufacturers use in the production of toxic resins.The consequences of the use of such beds can be disastrous - from the appearance of the usual allergies to chronic asthma.To protect the health of their children, do not hesitate to ask sellers documents furnished (technical documentation) - you have a right to it.

  • decided to choose a wooden bed? Pine would be preferable.It has properties such as high strength, environmentally friendly, long service life and reasonable price.
  • Beds of oak more expensive.But (even in comparison with pine) decades they are very stable with respect to mechanical damage.

Wooden bunk bed for the production and use of bunk beds:

  • Metal.
  • Painted MDF.
  • chipboard.
  • plywood.
  • array of different tree species.

It is worth remembering that the modern manufacturers often use plastic or polystyrene , which is sometimes impossible to distinguish from real wood.Of course, this furniture for the child totally recommended.In any case, acquainted with the meaning of the certificates have - from the safety of materials depends on the health of children.

Types bunk beds

Bunk beds for children. assortment of beds, thanks to the imagination of designers and manufacturers, is unusually wide.The most popular are the following options :

  • Classical bunk bed with two berths.In this case, you need to ensure that beds are quite apart from each other to the top floor of the owner accidentally stepped on a host bottom.
  • bed with sleeping upstairs and work space (wardrobe, sofa) - on the bottom (loft bed) .The optimal solution to save space in a small room.Suitable for one child.
  • Bunk beds for children. Bunk Bed, disconnects in two separate (transformer).It is convenient in situations where there is an opportunity to expand the area of ​​the children's room and share the bed.Also bed-transformer can be deployed at an angle, leaving at the same level.
  • bunk bed with the possibility of transformation of the ground floor in a nightstand or table .
  • bunk bed with lockers and drawers for storing clothes and toys.

What bunk beds for the children choose you?Reviews parents

- We know six year old son has seen enough of American films and decided to slide down like a spider.There was no one.As a result of a fracture of the cervical, and the miracle (!), That a year later, it is almost healthy.I am categorically against the bunk beds!Can not be in the children's room from time to time - ever have any deeds.And just at this time, all usually happens.It is better to exclude such risks in advance.

- I think that there is nothing wrong with bunk beds there.My sons have grown on a bed.No problems there.It all depends on the mobility of children - if they are hyperactive, of course, better to choose an easier option - to close quarters, but with their heads on the ground.And if the kids quiet - why not?Home to the high side, ladder safety.

- We put these beds at home and in the country (at the cottage).very comfortably.Pile place immediately released.Children happy, sleep in shifts - everyone wants to top.)) Yes ... and warmer in winter top.Based on experience I can say that it is necessary to look, first of all, to the stairs (only inclined!) On stage (wide, and no pipes!).Well, if steps will be the size of a child's foot (we have them all with drawers).That is, the gaps between the steps should not be, that the foot is not jammed.Then everything will be fine.

- No really.It is better to let a little place to be, but the risk of children - for nothing.Anything can be.We had the bed, the child fell and broke his collarbone.Immediately changed the bed.Now a bit crowded, but I am calm.

- If your child to explain everything in advance, but exclude the games on the top floor, it is unlikely that someone could fall out of bed.And the glances of children is also necessary.As for the steps - only whole staircase, with no gaps.Our feet are constantly stuck there.And to be safe in terms of falls in the dream, we hitched a special net - the two ends of the ceiling, two - to the side of the bed.Clumsy, but at least some insurance.

- We had no choice - too little space.Therefore, a bunk bed took while I was still pregnant with her second son went.Children are very nimble!It is impossible to keep track of them.My husband thought and thought, went to the store and he made an extra side.Now sleep well.))