Children's playgrounds for the children's playground and garden

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11 April 2016

Children One of the most popular options today are the children's leisure facilities for children to play outside.Such sites need both parents and kids.Outdoor facilities contribute to the development of the mobility of the child, imagination, and improve health.By installing such systems in the country, parents can free up some time to household affairs, and children - to spend time usefully and get a lot of positive emotions.

course, before choosing the game to give the complex should understand - as it should be, and what you need to remember when installing it.

content of the article:

  • What must be remembered?
  • types of equipment
  • advantages of plastic complexes
  • Site preparation
  • Coverage
  • rules everything

children's playgrounds.What must be remembered?

street children complexes

  • Age. complex should correspond to the child's age.For kids from three to seven years, the high point of slides and swings height limit - no more than 1.1 meters.A child older than seven (twelve and under) years slides height must no
    t exceed two meters, roundabouts - 1.3 meters.For children over the age of twelve height of sports facilities is determined by taking into account the physical training.
  • strength. safety margin game complex is several annual cycles.The complex will provide durability when used in the production of materials (coatings), which are resistant to temperature changes, sunlight and moisture.
  • All complex materials should be safe for children's health and resistant to corrosion, to avoid evaporation of harmful compounds.
  • planning and collection of children's complex should be carried out on the basis of high strength of fasteners, no sharp angles and protruding , availability belay elements.Under a complex moving parts will not prevent mats, as an alternative to physical culture mats.
  • street children complexes Construction site for child preferable to start in April and May .
  • main requirements - structural strength and safety of children .That is, the stability of the structures, the absence of protruding edges and screws, recessed into the ground and concreted support.

Many parents of children taken away to the cottage for the summer.There are systems that are designed precisely for suburban areas , and compact platform , which can be used at home and then take away to the country.For example, small plastic or inflatable.

types of equipment for children's playgrounds

Children houses, slides, swings, rings - all this, no doubt, like kids.Game complex - a source of joy for children.Full playground will be an unforgettable gift for a child - he will receive a gaming complex in its own order .The range of entertainment equipment such very wide.What are choosing modern parents?

  • spacious houses made of plastic , created in the form designer.They allow children to build structures on your own taste.
  • playhouse .Ideal for the creation of children's personal space.Absolutely not traumatic.Playhouse might look like a castle, a cabin, Mansion, a pirate lair and so forth.
  • Tower .
  • Hills. What should they be?Low, with a gentle descent, with high sides, with rounded edges.It is also worth remembering secure stairs with handrails, steps with non-slip coating on top of the railing. Stairs can be straight, spiral or sent directly to the pool (in the summer).
  • Sports towns .For example, wall bars, rings, horizontal bars, trampoline and basketball hoop.
  • Sandbox .
  • Types of equipment for children Swing - spring, rocker, swing, swing on the racks, bungee.Balancers are suitable for a family with two kids.Rockers on the spring - a seat (in the form of animals, machines and so on.) With handrails, leaning in different directions, thanks to a vertical spring.Swings - the most popular.
  • Trampolines.
  • Tunnels.
  • Web (perlon or nylon ropes) circuit.
  • Benches, mushrooms.
  • Castles and bridges .

advantages of plastic playgrounds

Children plastic that is used for the production of these products, create with the necessary technical standards .Its advantage over other materials:

  • Durability and ease of operation.
  • brightness, color assortment.
  • Easily move complex from one place to another.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling without any special tools.
  • immunity to the sun and precipitation.
  • long service life.

Preparation of territory under children's play complex

Preparation of territory under children Chief, the first criterion to choose the location for the complex - is, of course, panoramic view .So that parents can see their children as from the area and from the house.Also consider:

  • maximum distance from the business area .
  • ideal lighting. And, at the same time, it should not allow the excess UV daytime (particularly in summer).
  • Availability canopy (tent), fortified on the rings.
  • no draft .Protect the area from the wind, you can use hedges or plastic structures.
  • site must be in a sunny, warm place , not on the north side, and in the lowland.

Next is:

  • Cleaning and leveling the land.
  • Delete all traumatic Objects in.
  • Separation (eg, bright plastic) fence that toys are not spreading across the whole area.

Coverage under the children's play complex

The coating on the playground By European standards, the coating is set pillow (sand or gravel) to 40-50 cm .It is understood that tile, concrete, bricks excluded.What are the options for cover?

  • Screenings, coarse sand and the absence of sharp edges, existing gravel.
  • Soft natural herbs (lawn) for sports lawns.
  • crumb rubber mats .
  • River sand.
  • Geotextile .

Rules game complex arrangement

Installation of children main factor of choice for the complete set - a child's age .Its nature and level of physical development, and must comply with playground.You should also consider:

  • Landscape characteristics .
  • fencing of all dangerous objects near the site (ponds, greenhouses, etc.).
  • Soft cover.
  • quality materials. If this material is wood, so there should be no burrs, cracks and badly polished sections.Varnishing - at least three layers.Better to choose pine or acacia.
  • Protective elements (canopies, boards have slides, swings from softeners and so forth.)
  • lack of bias on the court (differences in height).

As for mounting game complex - it best left to professionals , that will create a platform for child's play in the short term, taking into account all the nuances of safety.And by parents need to remember the rules of operation of the complex , to protect the child from injuries and disappointments.