Household appliances on credit - it is worth buying?

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
12 April 2016

Household appliances on credit. Today, nobody is not without domestic appliances in the home.Everybody wants a modern washing machine, a new large refrigerator, plasma and other household joy.Alas, the price for such a pleasure usually exceeds income layman, who must apply to the bank for a loan.Where to get the money urgently?What are the features of the credit for household appliances?What are the advantages and disadvantages?What to look for when you take a loan?Is it justified such a purchase on credit?

content of the article:

  • advantages of the acquisition of home appliances on credit
  • disadvantages of buying home appliances on credit
  • Household appliances on credit.Pitfalls
  • Why should not rush with the purchase of machinery on credit
  • When to take the appliances on credit?
  • Important tips for buying on credit household appliances

advantages of the acquisition of home appliances on credit

Household appliances on credit.

  • Equipment loan - it chance to purchase urgently needed , a momentary current or desired goods, moneywhich provides t
    he bank, not you.
  • Even if the goods are more expensive, you pay for it anyway by former value and .
  • buy certain equipment modifications can be right here and now, rather than through a hypothetical one or two years.
  • no need to lay out a huge amount immediately - it can be paid monthly small amounts .
  • for loans, which are issued in the shops on the technique, the banks today offer very favorable conditions - zero first payment , no fees and penalties.
  • Often you can find an offer purchase equipment on credit without interest .
  • Household appliances on credit. Some consumers take out loans for household appliances to correct his ruffled last credit history .The next time you need a more serious credit, the bank will take into account the latter paid the loan.Because of this fact, and it follows the following plus:
  • credit for household appliances can take even to pollution credit history .

disadvantages of buying home appliances on credit

Disadvantages of buying home appliances on credit

  • percentage that takes the lender for promptness, convenience and a minimum of documents, significantly increases the price of goods .
  • purchase you can enjoy a very fast, but with regard to the payment - you will have it monthly translate lender.
  • Overpayment .It depends on the cost of the equipment and the conditions of the lender.
  • Bank may withdraw the equipment at non-repayment of the loan .
  • Household appliances on credit. Inattention .Usually caught fire buying consumer does not read the contract, which defines the Commission, penalties and so forth. The result is often a double overpayment for goods, credit default and lawsuits.

Household appliances on credit.Pitfalls

Pitfalls of Credit Any loan - is the presence of reefs, which better to know in advance , you get the money in bondage.The main "Reef" - a percentage.For example, initially the client talking about 12 percent, and, over time, is already in the process of redemption, it turns out that in reality the rate reaches as much as 30 percent.Therefore it should be required to designate in advance the final rate and the payment schedule.It is also worth remembering the following pitfalls:

  • total amount of all payments .Insist on a detailed plan of payments on the loan amount and a final payment for each month.
  • penalties. Ask what will be the amount of the fine in the event of early repayment of the loan.
  • Zero fee. you think - "Here it is, good luck!Who'll take the goods without a penny in his pocket and saved on the first installment. "Not a bit of it.Here you will find a catch.The amount of interest on such a loan exceed fifty percent.Be careful - the banks do not give "for nothing."
  • Commission. Specify every detail of the loan.Commissions can be innumerable - service and the opening of the account, transfer money, insurance and more.From you and the consultant did not lose anything if you once again to ask again about the nuances of the loan, but you'll really understand how much and for what you pay.
  • What to consider when buying appliances on credit insurance contract.Learn item with insurance cases very carefully, otherwise there is a risk to remain a debtor in any scenario.Preferably choose an insurance company that offers maximum coverage with minimal risk of exceptions.
  • Not understand the treaty? requires clarification. you are obliged to provide them.

Experts advise not to take the credit if the funds will be spent on something that will not grow in price.These include goods and household appliances.

Why should not rush with the purchase of home appliances on credit

Do not rush into buying on credit

  • Appliances rapidly getting cheaper. example, trendy TV that you buy today, after three or four months will cost you less.
  • As fast as the cost of equipment falls, change and models .There are more modern technology options.
  • postpone the purchase of a month or two you may realize that this thing you absolutely nowhere (for example, a third TV in the house).
  • If need really sharp technique, it makes sense to start ask a loan from friends (close) to avoid interest.

When to take the appliances on credit?

When to buy appliances on credit

  • If you save hard (impossible), and TV (fridge, washing machine, etc.) Is needed desperately.For example, when a sudden failure of the old technique.
  • When you move into a new apartment usually buy new equipment, and dumped in the old cottage.Of course, all at once is impossible to buy for cash - for ordinary Russians is too high costs.Here and helps credit. few goods immediately take much easier - no need to arrange a loan for every purchase.
  • If cash with no , means allow the technique to take credit, but the goods in the store is very well liked - again, helping out a bank loan.
  • If the child (husband, wife, etc.) Birthday and want to please him, for example, a new computer on which it is simply impossible to have time to save or borrow.

Important tips for buying on credit household appliances

Recommendations for purchase of household appliances on credit

  • credit for the long term unprofitable from two positions: firstly, you overpay a considerable sum of interest (sometimes it reaches half the value of the goods)and secondly, the goods and a half or two years out of date, and will cost much cheaper.
  • preferable to borrow technique that is not getting cheaper , and for the shortest period of time.
  • Short-term loans will always be the most expensive .Pay attention to the bet and every item of the contract.
  • the study of contract terms carefully examine fines in case of delay (early retirement), credit terms, commissions (and the size of the order), and so forth.
  • Do not hesitate, referring to the consultant for clarification - he is obliged to answer all of your questions.Demand calculate the total amount of payments specifically for your purchase.
  • In a situation where suddenly discover that the seller had been hidden overpayments, the true rate and other payments, the customer is entitled to demand for yourself justice .

Hire purchase One of the most interesting options for the consumer lending is now considered installment .Overpayment on the loan will be minimal, and the difference in rates is repaid to the lender shop.The price difference is in this case provided by scheme of discounts for those products that fall under the installment .This option can be found in many retail chains.