Popular dishwashing detergent - comparison, reviews housewives

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12 April 2016

The best dish detergents choice of detergent - it is, as they say, thrifty.And, apparently, it can easily - just washed and cleaned, and even what - it does not matter.But even in this case the nuances - a great many.And the reason to buy this or that means everyone has their own.Read also professional advice on cleaning the apartment.

content of the article:

  • The criteria for choosing the hostess detergents
  • Detergents and your skin
  • What must be remembered dishwashing detergent?
  • Types dishwashing detergents
  • most popular dish detergent
  • harmful to health dishwashing detergent?
  • Reviews housewives of dishwashing detergent

The criteria for choosing the hostess detergents

The best dish detergents

  • Strong foaming.
  • Hypoallergenicity.
  • Soft effects on the skin.
  • Security when washing children's dishes.
  • pleasant smell .

Detergents for dishes - flavor

As a rule, often becoming tools that are on the label inscription «fresh» .Followed by:

  • Funds with citrus scents.
  • Funds with berry and fruit smells.
  • Funds with apple aroma.
  • funds with the aroma of aloe .

Aroma - a matter of taste.Someone who likes a gentle, someone - a bright and intense.But no matter how different the aroma agent (whether wild berries, orange or otherwise), extracts of these fruits in the media you can not even look.It is exclusively flavoring.

Detergents and your skin

The best dish detergents Dishwashing detergent (any) produces degreasing effect not only for cookware, but also for the delicate skin of the hands.Moreover, the thicker the means, the stronger the effect.Why is that?Because it acts as a thickener common salt, which causes an allergic reaction.Even a pH of 5.5, there is no guarantee hypoallergenic agents.How to save your hands?

  • Rubber gloves (ugly, uncomfortable, but effectively).
  • choice of means with softening components (silicone, glycerin, various herbal supplements).
  • Dishwasher .
  • Soap .

What must be remembered dishwashing detergent?

The best dish detergents

  • Scouring - the main subject of an accumulation of bacteria in the house.Therefore, you should either change the sponge frequently, or choose tools with an antibacterial effect.
  • herbal supplements (like aloe vera) help to soften the skin and soothe irritation caused by surfactants components.
  • None, even the best way, the skin does not guarantee safety.Therefore gloves not interfere.Or at least cream , applied after washing the dishes.

Types dishwashing detergents

Our ancestors dishwashing use tools such as sand, fly ash, clay and mustard.The effect of these funds have been surprisingly effective.Not to mention the ecology.Today we use the tools more sophisticated in terms of convenience.They have a pleasant odor barrier properties, easy fighting fat and impurities, as well as a convenient packaging.What is most often used in the modern housewife washing the dishes?Food

regular soda

The best dish detergents Soda not the best way to fight fat.But still used due to the ease of hostesses and lack of flushing harmful "chemistry" in the composition.


Contains alkali-threatening gastrointestinal tract.Desiccate the skin, causing dermatitis.

Powder funds

crystal clear, polished washed the dishes, and along with the sink.Disadvantages: powder stuck in the small cracks dishes.That is, requires frequent rinsing.As part of the powder means comprises anionic surfactants - a toxic substance that can cause cancer.

gels, liquids, special solutions

The best dish detergents most convenient means - liquid.Drop money - and a lot of foam on a large number of dishes.Conveniently, no doubt.And even without hot water can be qualitatively wash the dishes.And they soften the skin (some means), and smell good.But if we talk about health: according to the tests conducted in laboratories, with the final means of dishes are not washed.No, washed down, of course, but for the fifteenth time, and preferably in boiling water.As regards the composition of liquid assets - which include the surfactant.The substance in which structure, in turn, has a formaldehyde.It was he who can cause an oncology.

most popular dish detergent - a brief description and characteristics

AOS antibacterial

The best dish detergents AOC

  • Wet.
  • high level of practicality.
  • Excellent design.
  • average price category.
  • best remedy laundered by the number of dishes.
  • ideal consistency.
  • antibacterial component in protecting against microbial growth (in particular, a sponge).


The best dish detergents bingo

  • Convenient bottle shape.
  • Smell neutral.
  • Consistency liquid.
  • ratio of "price-quantity washed dishes" - perfect.
  • excellent foaming.
  • average price.

DOSIA Gel Active Power

The best dish detergents dosia

  • Stylish packaging in form and color.
  • excellent foaming.
  • Affordable price per bottle.
  • economical consumption.

FAIRY Plus Green apple

The best dish detergents fairy

  • active formula (allergic reactions).
  • excellent detergent properties.
  • high efficiency.
  • Good foaming.
  • pleasant smell.
  • ideal consistency.
  • Convenient packaging.

HELP 800

The best dish detergents help 800

  • economy.
  • Elevated levels of active ingredients.
  • satisfactory detergency.
  • low price.
  • Average foaming.
  • liquid consistency.

PRIL Power Gel

The best dish detergents pril power gel

  • Stylish, practical and convenient packaging.
  • Fresh pleasant scent.
  • optimum consistency.
  • Efficiency (good cleaning properties).
  • low price.
  • low pH.

E Aloe Vera

  • average price category.
  • Attractive packaging of high quality material.
  • efficiency.
  • economy.
  • low price.


The best dish detergents Cinderella

  • low price category.
  • qualitative means.
  • creamy.
  • pleasant smell.
  • Optimum foaming.
  • Normal pH levels.


The best dish detergents drop ultra

  • Easy-to-use package.
  • excellent detergents.
  • Normal pH levels.
  • pleasant smell.
  • good consistency.
  • affordable cost.

Pemolyuks Gel

The best dish detergents Pemolyuks gel

  • liquid consistency.
  • neutral smell.
  • attractive, high-quality packaging.
  • excellent foaming.
  • economy.
  • efficiency.

harmful to health dishwashing detergent?

The best dish detergents are harmful to health if low price, efficiency of laundering fat and healthy - whether such a combination of detergent?
Probably, there are exceptions.However, generally more expensive means differ greatest efficiency and safety.Why is that?

  • presence of additives, neutralizing chemicals (for example, allantoin, kill bacteria, reduce the risk to health, beneficial effect on the skin of your hands).
  • Weakly pronounced odor , does not cause allergies, headaches and other reactions.
  • Fewer pollutants surfactant in the composition.

One of the best resources on the safety of health recognized means Frossh.In its structure there is a natural soda and biologically neutral, vegetable surfactants.And also means Lion and Neways.

Reviews housewives of dishwashing detergent

- In my opinion, there is nothing safer than soda.Ordinary, baking soda.Or household soap.And byudzhetnenko out.Fat perfectly removed, washed away, too.But most of all I'm using dry mustard.Effective and laundering utensils and disinfection.

- I - for the "antiquated" way!They are safe.And these modern means have to wash up blue in the face, on the dishes to nothing left.Such a number of supplements, which then stomachs hurt at all, and the hands, after the frost.Harmful to health.

- Our grandmother washed safely mustard and nothing hurt.And we are lazy.Reluctance to suffer.It is much easier to take a bottle, a droplet splash sponge and ... ready.But the time saved can be spent on treatment effects after these funds.)) Itself take fairies used to have.

- We used obmylochki collected from soap, water was poured to give a Fae's domesticated.)) Now buy AOC.Good quality, and your skin is not damaged.Fae, by the way, I did not like - worse laundering, and greater consumption.Therefore AOSe I stopped.

- is best - Hand dish soap NewBrite!Fantastic tool.Dishes are perfectly washes your skin Gorny, velvety.Means - on plant extracts, flavorings and no phosphate.It washed off easily.It should be a little expensive, but, pardon the pun, is worth it.

- I used to just let soda mustard soap.I was afraid.Then he decided first to fairies, then on the AOC.As a result, I moved to Neways.Excellent tool.Even advertise it makes no sense - it is an ideal.Through the Internet I take.

- We have tried different means.First there was a Fairy, different kinds.Then AOC (not caught).Then Appendix balm, Frosch and Soons (Korean).In general, it turned out to be the best mom Lemon, Frosch and Eared nannies.