Kitchen combined with living room - design ideas plan

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13 April 2016

Kitchen combined with living room One design "tricks" to expand the space in the apartment - a combination living room and kitchen.While the need to increase the area is not always the determining factor - this open-plan in itself is attractive, functional and aesthetic sense.Does it make sense of such a union premises?What are the pros and cons?

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  • Kitchen in the living room, the kitchen or the living room
  • Disadvantages combined living room and kitchen
  • advantages of combining living room and kitchen
  • Does it make sense to combine the kitchen and living room?
  • All you need to know about remodeling
  • plan kitchen with living room - interesting solutions
  • Reviews of combining kitchen, living room:

Kitchen in the living room, in the kitchen or living room?

In Western countries, combining dining room and kitchen - is the norm.That is, the food cooked and ate it here.As for the Russian Apartments - dining they are not provided, and the kitchens are rarely differ so large in size, to extend the functi

onality of the room.So today, many owners of "Khrushchev" and other small apartments combine the kitchen with one of the rooms.The most difficult situation with apartments in old houses - the walls between the rooms they are the carriers that does not allow for redevelopment.

Disadvantages combined living room and kitchen

  • The main problem that occurs when combining these premises - this, of course, smell .And how would not be a good ventilation system and hood - get rid of the smell completely fail.The aroma of freshly brewed coffee - it's still all right, but if the smell of overcooked oil and onions?
  • second drawback - cleaning .In the living room, traditionally, you do not need much to get out - brush away the dust, vacuum the carpet, laminate wipe with a damp cloth.But the kitchen is operated much more serious.Accordingly, there is cleaning takes five minutes.And when you combine these two premises we get one big, imposing purity which required very often and thoroughly.For you - the ideal cleaning schedule of the apartment a good housewife.
  • design. Considering the functional differences facilities such redevelopment - a complicated matter.To need a comfortable living room sofa, rug and a maximum of comfort.A kitchen - comfortable furniture, which can fit everything you need, plus a tile on a floor that is easier to clean.How does it integrate to the room was harmonious, comfortable and modern?What floor is better to choose for the kitchen?

advantages combined kitchen-living room

  • key advantage - increase space .This is a definite plus for a tiny apartment.If the original idea - combine the premises without changing their functionality, you can use one of the options for zoning.
  • Indoors, formed from the living room and kitchen, much more convenient to receive guests .And for dinner, gather the whole family - cozy.For family celebrations and other festivities owners have to run a lot of the kitchen into the living room.Consolidated Version allows you to do everything without much bustle - to cook, cover, take care of the guests.
  • time that you can spend with your family becomes larger .The woman in the kitchen, as a rule, "cut off" from the rest of the family, who are resting in the living room waiting for dinner.When combined kitchen and living room can be combined chat with family and his business.
  • Two windows increase coverage room.
  • savings on the purchase of TVs .It is not necessary to buy two TVs in one room - just one large panel in a recreation area.You can also mount a common fireplace, which is so long dreamed of.

Does it make sense to combine the kitchen and living room?

final decision for the hosts will not be able to take one.It all depends on their desires.One such combination is fun, while others did not wish to sniff the smell of cooking and listening to the sound of pots during the holiday, others do escape into the kitchen from the children to work quietly behind the computer, and this process of combining them is not encouraging.But thanks to new designs, such a union premises can be carried out completely different ways, eventually getting a very functional and beautiful room in which it will be convenient for everyone.

open plan kitchen living room.Pros and Cons

free space, which is not limited to doors and walls - the most popular option.This interior, visually transcending borders, and has many advantages, and require completion points.When weighing the "pros and cons" should be aware of the main objective of combining space - a space.

  • tiny kitchen. Its arrangement must, first and foremost, meet all the necessary requirements of the owners, who spend in the kitchen at least two hours a day (if you do not take into account housewives).Here you need to think about yourself, not about the comfort of the guests hypothetical.That is, if, for example, the owners because of lack of space you want to port your refrigerator for insulated balcony, why not?And what difference does that say about this visit.Of course, even such measures are often lacking, and will not be superfluous to seek advice from a professional designer.
  • sized kitchen does not exceed seven meters? large family in this kitchen simply will not fit.And we have to make a fridge outside the kitchen (which is very inconvenient), or have in turn.Moreover, not even at the table, and the narrow bar.In this case, do without union premises is simply impossible.
  • When combined kitchen and living room, kitchen door removed , and he laid the passage.The resulting niche great fit refrigerator.
  • Demolition partition automatically increases the space .As a result, living area becomes a wonderful place for dining, kitchen and enough space to all members of the household.

All you need to know about remodeling

  • Before planning the demolition of the walls, it is necessary to obtain permission BTI .This redevelopment is prohibited without the consent of the relevant authorities.
  • If you accidentally carry of the bearing wall , the consequences could be unpredictable.Until the collapse.
  • Interior overlap different from load-bearing walls thick .However, expert advice, in any case, can not hurt.
  • When combined living room and kitchen can not «wet" kitchen area tolerate living in a residential area.

plan kitchen with living room - interesting design solutions

When combined living room and kitchen does not need to merge with each other - they should complement each other.Separation of space, even visual, must remain.What techniques of zoning for this use?

  • Zoning using bar
    As for the bar - it can be a new false wall or stationary part of the wall separating the two rooms above.Such a wall by simple manipulations turns into the bar, lined with stone, or executed laminate panels and so forth. Raised wall can be used as a decorative element zoning.Kitchen combined with living room
  • Minimalism Kitchen combined with living room
  • floor
    Split Level This option is available with sufficient ceiling height.The floor in the kitchen area rises to fifteen centimeters, and hide under the podium received various communications (fittings, tubing, etc.).Kitchen combined with living room
  • Combining flooring
    example, tiles - in the kitchen area, parquet flooring (carpet, laminate) - in the living room area.Kitchen combined with living room
  • skeleton
    install it between zones.It can also carry the function bar.Kitchen combined with living room
  • Zoning with a large dining table and ceiling low descended fixtures .Kitchen combined with living room
  • liquidation of the interior walls and creating arches a more complex form of the remaining opening.Kitchen combined with living room
  • Easy transparent partitions (folding, sliding, etc.), Partially separating the kitchen and living room.Kitchen combined with living room

for zoning kitchen and living room, there are many solutions.Which one is better - to select the hosts.For example, a split-level floor is not suitable for families with kids or elderly - here are just a way zoning carpets.Do not forget about lighting - this is one of the best options for zoning.

Reviews of combining kitchen, living room:

- It's good plan to do, when the apartment in your property.And if a parent?The point?And ... from the daily cooking will be the smell, no hood to save.And soot on the ceiling.And if we smoke somebody in the family?All smell in the "living room" is.I see no reason to unite.

- From experience, I can say that this plan can be found most often in the United States and Germany.Of course, if a tiny kitchenette, this output.Although personally myself I would not do.The benefits, of course, is - convenient (food is not necessary to wear), beautiful, original.You come into a room - just open space is felt.But more than the minuses.And chief among them - the communication with firefighters, BTI, etc..

- No, I'm against such delights.The kitchen should be a kitchen, living room - living room.Imagine coming to you visit any solid, and you washed the dishes are not (well, do not have time!).And the plate ran away milk (also did not have time).)) Another thing, if you already have such an apartment - studio.There is all zoned to us.But again, I would not buy this.

- I like this design.We also broke the wall, good, she was carrying.It was comfortable.Spacious, elegantly.The design itself is pre-painted.Then my husband was doing everything by hand.The zones were divided in different ways at once.And strut bar and cover different and light, and even the wallpaper and curtains.And the main thing - the light was!There are no unpleasant odors.I do not fry bacon, oil does not drown, so ... And the hood is good.And the same window - opened for a few minutes, and the procedure.

- This option is good if the kitchen is closed.We immediately just this, and ordered that the wall broke.And friends - open kitchen.So all these cans, boxes, kulechki - eyes.Terrible looks.A disadvantage of this combination of the most important is that if someone is sleeping in the living room, it is awkward to walk into the kitchen.Especially if it's asleep someone from the family.))