Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

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13 April 2016

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes Nursery itself requires a special interior, and if it comes to the design of facilities for children of different sexes - and then even more so.In our time, it is difficult to allocate to each child in the room, and the main task of the parents becomes the interior, which would satisfy the needs and desires of both children. content of the article:

  • Zone Control rooms for children
  • Sleeper in the nursery
  • Workplace nursery
  • color nursery for children of different sexes
  • lighting in the nursery for boys and girls
  • The space child's room

Nursery for children of different sexes.The division into zones

Child's for children of different sexes must be made out in such a way that in the end each child had his separate comfortable area, delineated a wall, podium and so forth. For a boy - more solid and rugged design, for girls - more decorative and comfortable.

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

children usually divided into the following areas :

  • Bedroom
  • Working
  • Recreation area (game)

no zoning in the nurserycan not do, even if the children of the same sex.Lack of personal space - it's always a conflict, particularly when there is a difference in age.

bed in the children's room for a girl and a boy

One of the basic rules for the design of child - not to overload it unnecessary furniture.Kids just need space for games , and older children will be uncomfortable at close quarters.Many use in children's rooms popular bunk beds .

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

they really save space in the room, but, according to psychologists, is not the best option bed for children.Why is that?

  • a child sleeping on the lower tier, might have something to fall .
  • a child sleeping on the bottom tier, can accidentally while running come second child .
  • From a psychological point of view, the child sleeping in the lower tier, there will always be uncomfortable the feeling of "pressure» .

With regard canopies - hang anything that collects dust on the beds of children is not advisable.Maximum - decorative curtain, and then - as a separator zones.Location

beds in the children's room

options for placement of furniture lot.They depend on the children's age and area of ​​the room.

  • Classic bed .Falling asleep on two identical beds located on one level, children will be much more comfortable feel.The main advantages - a sense of equality and shared space.If space allows - this option is the most convenient.
  • Bunk Bed .An attractive option for many parents.The advantage - saving space.Disadvantages - the sea.It is worth remembering that for children under five years, this is categorically not fit the bed - in this age, they are not able to easily climb to a height and the risk of injury is very high.Not to mention the temperament of children: a child may feel slighted on the bottom tier.
  • loft bed. good option for children over five years.Ideal for a tiny room.Advantages: saves space, separate sleeping loft space for each child, plus some jobs and personal space.
  • pull-out bed ensure order in the room and save useful meters.Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

Workplace nursery

Organization personal workspace for each child - a crucial moment.Everyone should have their own, isolated, decorated to your liking place to study. What are my options?

  • loft bed. This furniture has been organized by the private workplace: the top - a bed, a table and a cupboard below.
  • If space allows, tables can be placed in the window .The room is small in size, you can set the table, which is divided into a decorative partition.
  • Workplace each child must be equipped with the ideal lighting .Also, do not interfere with shelves for books and other things.In this situation, modular furniture is good, accommodating all that the baby needs.It is clear that the massive cabinets - it's too much for the child.Not to mention the fact that it is a source of excess dust.Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

furniture working area in the nursery

furniture should, first of all, characterized by comfort.The working area is needed for children to play, to practice, lessons, art and so forth. That is, be sure to:

  • Convenient countertop (total or shared), or two tables.
  • powerful lamps with a soft (non-white) light.
  • Comfortable chairs (chairs) with a stiff back.

When it comes to kids, it is enough of one big table and a couple of chairs, preferably in one color.

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

Adult children jobs must be full and distinct .

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

basic rules:

  • Children should not sit facing the window directly.
  • Children should not sit back to the door - the door should be visible even peripheral vision
  • Children not have to look in a notebook (monitors) each other

color nursery for children of differentfloor

No one will argue that color plays a key role in the design of any room.And, in particular, children's room.Very important good choice of colors , which would meet the preferences of both children.

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

blue - boys, pink - for girls: it is, of course, a stereotype.Preferably choose compromise , to colors perceived positively for both, and there is a formation of any complexes.Of course, it is better to basic colors of the room were quiet tones - shades of orange, yellow, green, and their combination.But there are so many solutions, such as: original brilliant version with elements of animation.Many of the kids will be happy to favorite cartoon characters on the walls of the room.Read: What wallpaper better suited for a child's room?

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

Option expressed a lack of color zoning

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

contrasting color zoning rooms for girls and boys - for example, through a variety of wallpaper in the nursery

Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

lighting in the nurseryfor boys and girls

about lighting in child care must be taken with great care.Certainly, option will not work with a chandelier - firstly, it is a relic of the past, and secondly, a chandelier does not provide the desired coverage. Features:

  • Light should not be harsh
  • Light length should be enough games to practice reading and before going to bed, in full.
  • sure the night-light
  • With lighting can zoned space.
  • With lighting can emphasize (mitigate) the primary colors room.
  • Lighting can combine the role of light sources and decorative elements .Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes

space nursery for children of different sexes

options for the design of children's children of different sexes, there are many .Someone turns to designers, someone draws a room on their own, in a measure of imagination and resources.Fortunately, today enough information online on any topic, including master classes.Comfort children can create not only through partitions - there are various solutions to this problem.It is more difficult when children have not only a different floor, but also a major age difference.Personal space for each child, in this case, must be radically different. options for such a situation:

  • furniture-transformer. It allows you to focus the zone each child in one place.And a relaxation area, and a workspace.
  • Furniture "hills» .
  • Balconies beds.

desirable that shades both zones combined children without making a sharp contrast.As well as the perfect option when all the furniture distributed in equal proportions .

With that you can distinguish between the space in the nursery?

  • Whole walls. aesthetically pleasing and functional option.Interesting design ideas nursery for children of different sexes
  • Movable partitions .Feature: the day they can be removed to make room for the games.
  • Curtains, curtains for the nursery, tulle
  • contrasting color solutions
  • Live partition - shelves with room colors, height from floor to ceiling.
  • Bookcase with books
  • Screen, "accordion»
  • Podium, balcony , second level
  • glass blocks, stained glass