How many towels should be in a good housewife?

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14 April 2016

How many towels should have good housewife aesthetics of the house and the art of homemaking known firsthand any woman - every one of us is committed to her house was not only beautiful, but also rationally organized, convenient for its residents.Simple at first glance, the question - how many towels you need to have in the house?What you need to buy towels?- May cause difficulties for the young, inexperienced housewives, and so today we will deal with these issues thoroughly.

content of the article:

  • Which towels should be kept in the house?
  • How many towels should have every owner
  • How often should I change the towels
  • Factors to consider when buying towels

Which towels should be kept in the house?Compiles a list of

Towel - universal thing, in every home, there should be enough.As you know, the towels in his large group divided into subgroups :

  • How many towels should have good housewife Towels shower, saunas, baths - this is a very large bath towels, measuring about 100x150 cm, 70h140 cm, made of cotton threadhaving good absorbency.Narrower towels handy to use
    after a bath or shower, wide - in the bath and sauna.
  • How many towels should have good housewife Beach towels - large thin terry velor towel or medium size 100h180 cm, which are used to spread on the deck chairs or sand.Beach towels are not recommended for use as a bath, they are less durable and practical, have bright colors on the surface.
  • Terry sheets - 150x200 cm 150h250 cm, 160x200 cm 175h200 cm 175h250 cm, they can be used after a bath, saunas, a massage, and the shelter in the hot days instead of blankets.
  • How many towels should have good housewife Towels for face, arms, legs - terry cloth or a dense, very soft towels medium size 50x100 cm, 40x80 cm, 30x50 cm. These towels have to be customized for each family member (hand towel, you can have a general).
  • towel feet after a bath mat - towel size 50x70 cm, on one side is rubberized, slip on the wet tile.
  • Free napkins - towels small size - 30x30 cm, 30x50 cm, very soft, used as towels for personal hygiene, such as towels can be used for drying hands in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen towels - linen, cotton, linen towels, very soft and How many towels should have good housewife lungs are "wafer."These towels are versatile - they are used to dry hands, the same - to wipe the dishes, for vegetables and fruits, covering dishes.
  • Baby towels - terry towels soft 34h76 cm in size, with bright colors and applications.

How many towels you need to have every woman in the house

How many towels should have good housewife towels - this is the thing that does not happen much.We will try to determine, how many towels you must have a minimum in family of three people (parents and child) - and the maximum number of towels every woman will determine, based on their needs.

  • Bath towels - 6 pieces.
  • Towels for face - 6 pieces.
  • Hand Towels - 4 pcs.
  • Towels for feet - 6 pieces.
  • towels for personal hygiene - 6 pieces.
  • medium sized towels for guests - 2-3 pcs.
  • Kitchen Towels - 6-7 pcs.
  • Napkins kitchen or terry cloth - 6-7 pcs.
  • Beach towels - 3 pieces.
  • Terry sheets - 3 pieces.

This amount of towels we expected, given the need to change, wash towels - 2 per person change.

How often should I change the towels

How many towels should have good housewife Currently, no sane person would not use one towel for all needs, and even for the whole family.A good hostess always sets itself the washing of towels in the family - and really, this thing should be washed - the more the better (by the way, all the towels after washing is necessary iron hot iron , for greater disinfection, very fluffy bath towels are good iron-dezinfitsirovat through iron - steamer ).Let us change the rules different kinds of towels in the house:

  • Towels for face - a change in a day.
  • Towel for intimate hygiene - change daily.
  • Towel Foot - in 2-3 days.
  • Hand towel - changed every 1-2 days.
  • Bath towels - changed every 2-3 days.
  • kitchen towels for dishes - daily change.
  • kitchen towels - changed daily.

Helpful Hint: to reduce the amount of laundry, the wise housewives are increasingly using disposable paper towels , which are very convenient and hygienic for drying hands in the kitchen, after washing your face, for personal hygiene.

Factors to consider when buying towels

Here we present the most useful tips , you may need hostesses when buying high-quality and comfortable towels.

  1. Good towel made of cotton or linen yarn, How many towels should have good housewife cotton canvas .Today, you can find towels made microfiber - they are soft, well absorb moisture, light and very beautiful, but not as durable as towels made of natural materials.It received worldwide recognition cotton fibers from Egypt - towels are the best of it.
  2. not buy towels from mixed fabrics having in its composition to 50% synthetic fiber .These towels are very pleasant to the touch, beautiful and bright, well keep their shape, lightweight, dries quickly.But if they do not wipe absorb moisture, "squeak" through the body, leaving the discomfort.In addition, these towels are of poor quality may be very shedding.
  3. If you buy towels travel - stop your choice not to bath towels, and waffle .These towels are significantly lighter and smaller in volume, but they wipe the moisture very well, besides - are easily erased.
  4. quality towels (terry sheets and terry robes) were evaluated for their density .Towels with a density below 320gr per m2 not absorb much moisture as they come with a higher density, they will get wet, lose shape, fade, wear.If you buy a towel for a bath or shower, bath or sauna, choose samples with a density of not less than 470gr per m2 .Tighter towels more stronger, but they are harder to wash and dry.
  5. Worth have towels (and bathrobe) may also be different in height.Too short pile towels from 3,5 mm , eventually makes it pretty tough, it wears out faster.Very high pile terry towels - from 7-8 mm and more , tangles hair pulled loops, clings everything accordingly - quickly lose their fluffy beautiful appearance.Most optimum pile length terry towels - from 4 mm to 5 mm .
  6. for use in the kitchen is better not to buy terry and waffle or linen towels - they are easier to wash and dry quickly, are easy to iron, they take longer to retain the look, absorb moisture well, wipe the dishes, leaving her villi.
  7. If a family has young children, or people with very sensitive skin, allergies, dermatological diseases How many towels should have good housewife, fungus, inflammation of the skin, peeling, etc., for them it would be better to buy towels made from bamboo fiber .Bamboo itself does not rot, it is a natural antibacterial agent that inhibits all pathogens, which fell on its surface.In addition, bamboo completely non-allergenic.Bamboo fiber retains its properties after repeated washings.When wet towel bamboo gets a little rough, but when dry it again fluffy and soft.With the bamboo fiber is also worth buying and other products in the house - such as bed linen with bamboo, bamboo cushion.
  8. When buying carefully look at the product label.If it is written « 100% cotton (M) », it is - a product with the inclusion of synthetic fibers in cotton.When the marking indicates (PC) - in the product include synthetic fibers poliesterkotton.
  9. When buying carefully inspect the product - it should be uniformly colored , and - on both sides, have a silky surface.Note odor products - normal, high-quality towel should not smell like chemicals.
  10. spent on the surface of the product by hand, take a look at his hand - she was drowned dyes are part of towels.If the seller allows on the surface of the towel is best to hold a white cloth - a low-quality color is "there" immediately.
  11. If you see the composition of towels soy fiber («SPF», soybean protein fibre ), then How many towels should have good housewife can safely buy this product.This type of fiber was developed in South Korea, it contains a substance derived from the processing of soybean proteins.This fiber is faster than cotton, dries, it is considerably better to absorb moisture.Products made of soybean fiber can not be confused with any other - they are very soft and pleasant to the touch, similar to cashmere or silk.Wash these products must be at a temperature no higher than 60 degrees, and then they do not lose very long shape and its remarkable properties.Soy fiber is a means of preventing the inflammation of the skin and aging of the skin.
  12. Currently popular terry products, which are a part of special fibers - lyocell (Lenzing Lyocell Micro) .This fiber is made from the wood of eucalyptus trees, it absorbs moisture better, much faster than cotton, dries up, does not acquire any smells, not "absorb" a particle of dust.Towels lyocell fiber is very soft to the touch, reminiscent of silk cloth.Towels are erased at not above 60 ° C .