Kids and Money: How to teach your child the right attitude to finance

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22 April 2016

LDI is necessary to give children money? to a child has not grown greedy and was able to appreciate the money it needs from an early age to instill respect for money.How to teach a child to handle money wisely?Find out whether you want to give children pocket money and how much money should be given to the child.And what to do if a child steals money, what to do in this case?Children and money: look at all sides of the issue.

content of the article:

  • whether to give children money?
  • possible encouragement and punishment of money?
  • Pocket money
  • Relationship "children and money┬╗

whether to give children money - arguments for and against

Kids and Money Children need to give pocket money, because:

  • They teach children "to consider"save, save and budget planning;
  • Pocket Money teach children to analyze and choose products from the point of view of necessity;
  • Pocket Money - is incentive for independent earning in the future;
  • Pocket Money make the child independent and confident ;
  • Pocket Money allow the child to feel an equal
    member of the family
  • The child will not be jealous of peers , which regularly give pocket money.

But there are opponents to give their children pocket money.

Arguments against pocket money children:

  • Whether to give children pocket money They provoke mindless spending and do not teach the child the value of money;
  • Pocket Money create conditions for extra temptations ;
  • If you issue a child money for some specific services (home help, good behavior, good grades, etc.), children can begin to blackmail you ;
  • The child may develop greed and envy;
  • Children will not know the value of money.

truth, as always, is right in the middle.Pocket money is recommended to give children since 6 years.So you prepare a child to independently dispose of limited means.Before you give children pocket money, spend with the kids talk.

Do I have to pay the children for good grades and help around the house: the promotion and punishment of money

Pocket money and children Many parents try to pay for the children good behavior, household work and good grades.Such payments as it may seem at first glance, to stimulate the child to learn better and help around the house.Only no one thinks about the consequences of such payments.A child needs to understand that a good study and help around the house he should not perform because he paid for it, and because it's his job and responsibilities .Your task - not buy the mark and help the child , and teach him independence, and not to bring an egoist.

Explain to your child that you - the family and to help one another and to care and not transform family relations into commodity-money exchange .Otherwise, the future, you do not be able to wean a child from such a relationship.
Pay attention to the behavior of the child and its relation to money.Drezhelyubie and understanding on your part to avoid the child psychological and monetary systems, which are often laid in childhood.

how much money to give their children pocket money?

Encouragement and punishment of money - is it worth? If you decide that a child is independent enough to independently control and allocate their budget, gather "family council" and explain to the child that now he will be allocated pocket money.
How to allocate your child pocket money? impossible to answer this question unambiguously.It must depend on you and the family budget.

In granting pocket money is necessary to consider several factors:

  • age of the child;
  • possibility of family and social situation (ask your friends and acquaintances, as they give pocket money to their children);
  • city in which you live. clear that in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities in the amount of pocket money should be different from the amount that parents give in peripheral towns.

criteria for granting pocket money:

  • How to give pocket money to children Psychologists advise to start issuance of pocket money first class ;
  • Determine the amount of pocket money , taking into account the financial well-being of the family and the child's age.The decision must be taken in the circle of the family, do not forget about the child;
  • children of primary school age need to give pocket money weekly .Teenagers - once a month ;
  • Control expenses of the child. Make sure your child does not spend money on cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

pocket money should not depend on:

  • academic excellence;
  • Qualities domestic responsibilities;
  • child's behavior;
  • your mood;
  • attention to the child;
  • Teaching financial independence.

Recommendations to parents for the issuance of pocket money:

  • How to give children pocket money Explain to your child, what you give him the money and why you give them to him;
  • amount must be reasonable and increase with age;
  • Give the pocket money once a week on a certain day ;
  • Fix sum for a certain period of time .Even if the child is spent in one day, he does not need to indulge and give more money.So he will learn to plan your budget and will not be mindlessly treat spending;
  • If you can not give your child pocket money, to explain the reasons y;
  • If a child is inappropriate pocket money spent, subtract that amount from the next issue ;
  • If a child can not plan a budget and spend all the money immediately after issuance, out money piecemeal .

Children and money: financial independence from the cradle or parental control of children's spending?

Kids and Money not need to obsessively advise and manage the money you have given to the child.After all, you have entrusted it to him.Give your child feel independence, and to overcome the consequences of thoughtless spending.If the child spent the first day of pocket money on sweets and stickers to let him realize his behavior before the next issue.

When a child will pass the euphoria of the first mindless spending, teach him to record expenses in a notebook .And you control the cost of the child, and the child will know where the money goes. Teach your child to set goals and save on large purchases.Teach your child pocket money to buy out the important, but expensive purchases (such as exercise books, pens, etc.).
Monitor children's expenses must- .Just gently and unobtrusively.Otherwise, the child may think that you do not trust him.


How to teach your child the right attitude to finance Giving your child pocket money, explain that he was not only able to buy the necessary things on their own, but it a risk of carrying and storage .Money can be lost, they can steal or rob adults.To avoid such trouble, explain to your child the following rules :

  • Money can not be shown to outsiders , children or adults.You can not brag about the money;
  • better to keep money at home, in the bank. not need to carry all the money with him;
  • Teach your child to carry money in your wallet , and not in the pockets of clothing;
  • If a child is being blackmailed and threatened violence, demanding money, let him give the money without resistance .Life and health - expensive!

What do you think of pocket money for the children?Tell us your opinion!