The best birthday present for boys 11-14 years - what gift will please a teenager?

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22 April 2016

The best gifts for boys 11-14 years Choosing a birthday gift - always a pleasure, but in recent years a very troublesome and shops offer a selection of toys, devices, gadgets and other things that can be inadvertently lost in such abundance.What to choose as a gift for a boy 11-14 years?Let's try to deal with this issue.Read also what to give a girl 11-14 years birthday.We offer you a description of the latest innovations for adolescent boys.

content of the article:

  • Gadget Designer 6 in 1
  • suitcase with puzzles
  • Tigatron Transformer USB Flash Drive 8 Gb
  • USB lamp "Plasma»
  • Mini Planetarium "Northern Hemisphere»
  • Mini Rollers on shoes«Flashing Roller»
  • game "Angry birds» Angry Birds
  • Laboratory QIDDYCOME
  • Subscription entertainment or workshop
  • Railroad ambitious designers

Gadget Designer 6 in 1 - for teens 11-14 years, taking a great interest in designing

Gadget Designer 6 1 If your boy loves to tinker with the designers, a good gift can be a gadget constructor six in one.This electronic designer - not just a fun toy, but also the lat

est in the world of technology.
set consists of a solar battery, mini motor and twenty-two details.Further - it is fantasy.You can collect the proposed options of mini-robots (six of them), but you can dream up and build something of their own.
advantages of this designer is difficult to overestimate:

  • Good quality, reliable fastening parts;
  • Stylish toy;
  • exciting experience not for one day;
  • development of imagination, logical thinking, fine motor skills;
  • Getting a child with alternative sources of energy (sunlight).

This modern toy certainly will appeal to teenagers.

suitcase with puzzles for the development of logic and attention - a boy 11-14 years

Suitcase with puzzles If your child likes to sit by solving various puzzles, it will please him an unusual gift - a suitcase with lots of puzzles.Fascinating and informative game will help your child develop:

  • Logical thinking;
  • Warning;
  • Thinking outside the box.

Set suitcase contains:

  • Metallic and wooden puzzles;
  • Puzzle with balls and rings;
  • Puzzles;
  • book with tasks and riddles;
  • «Travel notebook" with a variety of games, "Typewriting", "Balda", "letter by letter", "Tic-Tac-Toe" and many others.

A handy bag with metal clasps and a plurality of compartments and pockets inside to help keep all the games in order.

Tigatron Transformer USB Flash Drive 8 Gb - for a young programmer 11-14

Transformer USB Flash Drive 8 Gb Tigatron If your boy - an avid programmer, and even a fan of Transformers, this gift is sure to have appealed to him.The new flash drive, which can be transformed into a tiger (also have options puma and jaguar) - stylish and original gift.Memory 8 GB - not the biggest to date, but for the immediate needs of her is enough.

light and music gadget for amateur computer - a boy of 11-14 years: USB Lamp "Plasma»

Light and music gadget Another original gift suitable for any teenager, because the computer - is not only one of the favorite toys, but also a necessary and integral part of the learning process.Stylish lamp "Plasma" will certainly please your teenager unusual light effects - moving with lightning in the area.
lamp operates in two modes - normal and zvukochuvstvitelnom in response to sounds.

Mini Planetarium "Northern Hemisphere" for inquisitive researcher - teenagers 11-14 years

Мини-планетарий "Северное полушарие" Who can remain indifferent to the starry sky over your head?The fascinating spectacle of a mysterious space will give your child an unforgettable experience.More than eighty constellations, more than eight thousand stars, the twelve signs of the horoscope, in addition - two disks with the constellations, in addition - the exact map of the sky in the northern hemisphere, five speeds of the sky, the stars of the possibility of setting the time of day, 365 days of observation - allthis and much more in an exciting find a "mini-planetarium."

active adolescents 11-14 years - mini clips on sneakers «Flashing Roller»

Ролики на кроссовки "Flashing Roller" Flashing Roller - the most recent and relevant new this year.If your child can not imagine life without the active sports, and especially without the rollers, small rollers on sneakers Flashing Roller - exactly what you need.
Not only do these videos:

  • Attaches to any sneakers and shoes, regardless of the brand of the manufacturer;
  • compact;
  • reliability;
  • easy to use;
  • fitted with LEDs that really like teenagers;

- yet this kind of roller universal coverage age category.Use the mini-rollers may even five-year kid.
strength, style, convenience and a lot of fun on the active pastime - what could be better for a birthday present?

fun game "Angry birds» (Angry Birds) for boys 11-14 years

Веселая игра "Сердитые птички" Angry Birds your child - a fan of the game about cute but evil birds Angry Birds?And you've already lost all hope to pull my child from the computer?Surely a game made based on the computer world of angry birds have a teenager to taste.Is virtual reality compares with a real opportunity to shoot?That's what manufacturers offer Games Accuracy: slingshot projectiles in the form of birds Angry Birds, with the image of the target pigs and birds - everything in the game!Weight pleasure of hitting the target and high spirits for a long time - guaranteed.

QIDDYCOME laboratory for the production of gel-trancformera for "Lizunov" as a gift boy 11-14 years

• Laboratory QIDDYCOME What boy as a teenager does not feel the desire to experiment, "nahimichit" something sort of, unusual.And it is desirable to experiment can be a long and inventive.
certain your child will appreciate the large chemical laboratory QIDDYCOME «Merry gel transformer".As a result of experiments it can receive the substance, the trailing then becoming resilient and even a solid.This toy:

  • Perfect for lovers of Chemistry;
  • develop scientific thinking and logic,
  • arouse interest in research, chemistry as a subject, allow in practice to check that and how to get in the course of chemical reactions.

Subscribe to hike with a friend in the water park, horseback riding on a master class on roller skates, etc.- For a boy of 11-14 years

Subscribe to hike with a friend in the water park great birthday gift for anyone who loves the company and active pastime.Friends will certainly taste to celebrate his birthday at a water park or a master class on rollers, horse riding, etc.The choice is huge - taking into account the preferences of the child and his friend, you can easily pick up the right workshop or a subscription that will delight young and fit you for the price.

Railroad ambitious designers - a great gift for a boy of 11-14 years

• Railroad ambitious designers believed that the designers - the lot of children.This is not true.Scale constructors that allow you to build, for example, a large model of an old sailing ship, a medieval castle or a first car, and possibly the railway with locomotives and station, ship, military equipment - a great gift.If your child is categorically not interested in such things - manufacturers offer a large-scale mechanical engineers.The assembly of different models with electric interesting and informative.