Bed linen for babies - how to select it?

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23 April 2016

How to choose the right bedding for newborns Sleeping baby must be calm, sweet and safe.And it needs not only to choose the right bed, but carefully and come to the choice of bedding.After all, with the linen cloth baby skin comes into contact more often.How to choose the right bedding for a newborn?

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Choosing baby bedding for newborn babies

How to choose the right bedding for newbornsThe three "terms" good baby clothes - it quality, aesthetics and safety .When choosing lingerie for the newborn, it is about them and be remembered.

  • Security.
    First of all, this criterion involves the composition of the tissue.Ideal for a newborn - is, of course, cotton.That is, excellent breathability, absorption, elimination of hypothermia or overheating, anti-allergenic.You can also pay attention to the calico and chintz.
  • GOST.
    according to GOST domestic manufacturers have to produce baby bedding only use one hundred percent cotton.Therefore, when buying a set of look at
    the label - from foreign manufacturers such restrictions.And, of course, will not be superfluous to ask for a certificate of quality.
  • lack of spare parts.
    The choice of bed linen for babies There shall be no baby clothes buttons and zippers with small items that may be the kid in the mouth.Regarding seams - they must be handled very carefully (only internal and invisible).Ideal - underwear without seams.
  • size kit.
    this criterion depends on the size of the mattress.The classic dimensions - 60/120.But if the cot was made to order or buy only planned, the standard size can not fit.
  • Completeness .
    Set of underwear depends on the needs and opportunities.This may be the usual set of 4 elements or of 8 (with account of a side, of a booster cushion and so on.).As a rule, the newborn crumbs enough full set, to which you can add removable sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.
  • Comfort .
    sheets mattress is better to choose an elastic band - so it will be less unnecessary folds.For the same reason, it makes sense to take the pillow with an elastic band.
  • choice of colors.
    How to choose a set of bed linen for babies For newborn bedding does not have to be white - other colors are permitted, but calm.Too bright colors excite the nervous system, and for the benefit of the child, they will not go.Moreover, they may contain harmful dyes.Linen with mul-characters can be selected when a pipsqueak little older and able to distinguish between them and explore.
  • cost .
    below 300-400 rubles a good set of underwear can not be the fact.But sometimes the price is not an indicator.Therefore, be sure to check the quality, labeling and certification.

Purchase of bed linen for babies - it should be remembered?

  • Purchase of bed linen for babies not take the laundry room for growth. First, you will be harder to erase.Second, the child will have to sleep on the folds of the clothes.
  • purchasing clothes, do not forget to wash .If the laundry shed - safely remove it in the closet for a newborn, it will not do.
  • not abuse lace inserts of satin ruffles and so on. A newborn is not necessary.

What can be included in a set of bed linen for babies - are considering all options

How to buy linens newborn standard set for a newborn is a sheet, duvet cover and a pair of pillowcases .But there are kits with additional functional elements.So, what can be supplied bed linen for babies?

  • Bedding. size - 112h146 cm. Only cotton.
  • Sheets .Summary sheet must be with an elastic band.It is advisable to stock up on me once 2-3.Size - 127h62h20 see.
  • Pillowcases.
  • Blanket . size - 110h140 see. It must be very natural filler and c / b base fabric.Selecting a blanket depends on time of year and the average temperature in your home.In the summer it will be enough flannelette blankets and a fine, the winter - two thin and one warm (better - a duvet or camel hair).The blanket must be easy and not prickly.
  • Protective rim. It is usually filled with synthetic padding and fabric consists of one hundred percent cotton.Standard sizes rim - 360/36 (50) cm. Purpose - to protect the crumbs from hitting the walls of the crib and from possible drafts.In the summer is better to remove bumpers - they impair ventilation.Cases may be removable skirting.
  • Canopy . Purpose - protection against mosquitoes and black flies, decorative purposes.If you decide to buy it, get ready to advance to its regular wash.Because it is already in 2-3 days it accumulates dust on its surface.
  • side pockets. They can be used for rattles and other necessary items.
  • MATTRESS. As a rule, it is already present on the mattress with the purchase.But another one to replace, not hurt.
  • How to choose the right bedding for newborns Pillow .A newborn does not need or even contraindicated cushion.It prevents the proper development of the spine.Therefore, the pillow should be selected specifically for newborns (very fine), or simply put the flannel diaper several times.