How to give gifts to children on New Year's Eve - the original idea of ​​Santa Claus

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24 April 2016

New Year - it's always the magic is always hope for the best next year, and I want to make this event even more magical.As The surprise baby for the new year?- This question is given by every mother.Today we answer this question.Colorful gift wrap, Christmas exquisite interior, decorated with original tree - this is dream with the magazine

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How to give gifts to children on New Year

content of the article:

  • How to give a child a Christmas gift?
  • packaging of children's gifts on New Year's
  • original ways of giving gifts
  • mail Santa Claus to gift
  • secret door into the room with gifts
  • festive atmosphere to the present

parents to note - as a Christmas gift to give a child the right?

  • Think carefully, will store gift , the baby ahead of time did not find it;
  • If you hang socks for gifts - be sure to label the names of the recipients or nasheyte gifts;
  • Carefully plan all your actions , how and where to put the
  • If necessary, arrange a "Santa Claus «.

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packaging of children's gifts - how to make baby gift on New Year's original?

Christmas package - it's always something special.Mostly bright red color with golden ornaments and silver shades symbolize the holiday, but more recently it has become fashionable to choose strict white, which goes well with green spruce , harmonizing in a style decision - it iscompletely your choice.

role of packaging has come to us from the United States, where its importance is placed above the present .The method of delivery, method of color selection - working on this special people to brighten the day.
How to give gifts to children on New Year

  • Note - several years before the New Year in stores open special small showcase , where masters "wrap" your gift of various kinds of packing bags and bags, decorating bows, flowers and all sorts of delights.
  • The more you wrapped your gift - the more interesting child will reveal it.Many different wraps, bows reinforce the impression of the gift itself.

How to give a gift to a child in the New Year - creative ways

  • child should know where to look for a gift in the New Year's Eve , because usually after the bell chimes, kids from all legs run under the spruce checkwhat Santa Claus brought.
  • Most gifts to put under the Christmas tree , but you can come up with their own special places - the fireplace or in one of the rooms .
  • Some inventors scatter gifts around the house , that baby is a gift, then the other - stretch pleasure.
  • You can also draw a diagram searches gifts , pre-sealing it in an envelope and put it under the Christmas tree.Scheme details indicate where to look for gifts - thus make even more exciting find a New Year gift.
  • there are still a long way to search - but the main thing is not to tighten.First a note should be left, for example, under the tree, which will be indicated further instructions where to look, for example, under the sofa in the room, then leave it a second note, where to look, and so on, a couple of notes will the baby to the goal.
  • In Europe, there is a custom children's shoes stand on the threshold of or near it, or socks hanging near the fireplace , to hide part of the gifts there.Socks are usually hung on the entire family - each of socks, each of which is written the name.

How to give gifts to children on New Year
New Year as Christmas - a family holiday, so this day should be collected as much as possible people to maintain family relationships and show your child the importance of this event and the family as a whole.

in Russia every year people are increasingly beginning to realize that we need each other, so teach a child with a childhood love for his family, and meet a great family holiday in the circle to socks hung by the fireplace, as much as possible.

Mail Santa Claus - the perfect accompaniment baby gifts for the New Year!

  • telegram from Santa Claus too, will be a wonderful addition to the congratulations.Take this form to mail the telegram, fill it on behalf of the original Santa Claus, but significant way, such as: "Dear Vanya, I went at night and leave you a present under the Christmas tree.Say hi to Mom and Dad, who opened the door for me.Happy New Year. »
  • telegram can be" accidentally "find , checking the morning mail, or you can ask someone you know is to introduce employee-mail and bring it.
  • Proof of residence of Santa Claus can be left in the apartment , for example, expanding piece of his beard or leaving a red mitten large, none of the family members do not belong.You can leave greetings rest of the family.
  • now beginning to appear different services for sending postcards to anywhere in the world , a greeting can be "blind" and thus, not known exactly when it will reach.

How to give gifts to children on New Year
In any case, greetings from Santa Claus "personally» should greatly impress your baby and exalt virtue of magic in his eyes.

Secret door - a great way to give a child a Christmas gift

31st If your baby did not wait for the fight chimes, and fell asleep, and gifts already decided this morning to see the first number , then the secret door - for you!
How to give gifts to children on New Year
Close the door in one of the rooms, expanding pre-gifts for all family members .Wait until your child wakes up, let the whole family will gather for distribution of gifts and Christmas the shots .

create a festive atmosphere for the bright impressions from a holiday and baby gifts on New Year's

  • Start preparing for the New Year in advance together with the baby. Hang the garland over the fireplace or on the wall of one of the rooms.
  • Decorate the tree with the child , believe me - it will be interesting to hang on the Christmas tree toys.
  • Make a Christmas wreath of fir, vine or rattan , decorate it with Christmas toys and tapes or ready to buy and hang on the door.
  • Create a home atmosphere of comfort and celebration, decorate, dream. actively involve all sorts of kid crafts.

How to give gifts to children on New Year

Good you celebrate the New Year and Christmas!