The first New Year baby - how to celebrate?

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24 April 2016

for any family celebration of New Year's first child - a responsible and long-awaited moment.Of course, you want to give your child a fairy tale, but it is too small for Santa Claus, the mountain of presents under the Christmas tree and the fight chimes?How to celebrate New Year's first children, and that it should be remembered?

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The first New Year baby

  • Here come the 31st day of December.Mom, how elektrovenik, worn around the apartment, dostiryvaya, Dometius, doglazhivaya and spreading, Struga salads, sprinkled green jelly, casually feeding the child and shouting on the phone to my father, whose "hands are not there."In the evening, sweating dad uses a bag with Christmas tree and teddy bears for remains, hungry and angry.Tree hastily throw rain, and glass hang toys.Favorite Son, do not admit to it, lest the family pitched balls that have got from the great-grandmother.Olivier crumbs and jelly is not given, for it is impossible to pull the tablecloth, nothing to
    chew, adults in turmoil, play Okay nobody wants.After the battle of chimes kid can only rub their eyes swollen from crying and bawling loudly.Mum and dad are angry, the baby finally falls asleep completely exhausted, the feast of "success."
    The first New Year baby
    this scenario in any case should not become a reality! first New Year - it happens only once in a lifetime.And in your power, even such a tiny little man give a real fairy tale.
  • not break Krokhin mode! It is useless to wait for the battle chimes with the child.Healthy baby is more important.We put the kid on his schedule, and then it is possible and at the table.In the first half of December 31 you can spend a matinee for kids and the whole family sculpt a snowman and have fun outdoors.
  • too noisy celebration with the crowd of guests for the New Year does not follow suit. for the child's mind this party - the ordeal.
  • best Christmas tree decorating for 5-6 days before the holiday. for kids, this process will be a real magic.Toys choose extremely shatterproof.If the baby will drop anything - not to worry, that he cut himself shrapnel.Yes, and "family-balls" will remain intact - in the attic.
    The first New Year baby
    Ideal if your child will help you in the creation of toys.For example, confetti will fall on greased PVA foam ball, draw eyes on paper balloons smiley and so on. Try to turn the New Year's celebration in the fun for the child, rather than every minute "can not be!".
  • Santa Claus - to be or not to be? depends only on sociability baby.If a stranger child hiding, his lower lip trembling, and there is fear in the eyes, then, of course, is to wait with the introduction of this character.If a child is quite sociable and each adult will not accept for "babayku", then why not call to visit the chief magician of the country with gifts?
    The first New Year baby
    But do not overdo it.A child at such a young age does not understand the symbolism of the Christmas tree, the magic of the holiday and the importance of Santa Claus.And even does not expect gifts.Therefore guy with a beard may scare him badly.
  • explosions of firecrackers and fireworks sprays baby is also useless. The abundance of impressions and noise overexcited nervous system of the child.Then you will be difficult to put a baby to sleep.
  • amount of alcohol that day must be reduced to a minimum. No cheerful drunk dad or (especially) tipsy mom kid holiday not decorate.
  • decorate the room in advance with the crumbs. kid happy to help you get out of the box fluffy garlands, draw funny pictures and finger paints scatter everywhere salfetnyh snowflakes.Be sure to praise your creative child - maybe it's his first steps into a great future.
  • desirable electric garlands reserved for the most responsible moment - as with the classic "one, two, three ..." you light it under Dad's applause.
  • Fancy Dress. At this age, the baby is unlikely to give special importance to the lugs and a ponytail on his suit, but if the interest had such fun to have woken up, you can create a light, bright and recognizable costume.Fur bears and bunnies just do not fit - the child will be hot and uncomfortable.
    The first New Year baby
  • With the characters of the holiday Christmas tree and crumbs can introduce advance .Walk with the child by firs, read books about Christmas, see cartoons, draw and sculpt Santa Claus and snowmen.Your task - to pass the baby New Year's mood through your festive mood.
  • Do I need to hide presents under the Christmas tree?Required!And the more of these boxes - the better.Let have fun opening presents, pulling ribbons removing wrapping paper.However, after a while your child will want to re-open them, so the pre-lay up toys, which he had forgotten, and puts them in the boxes.See also: best ideas of Christmas gifts for boys, and the most interesting gifts for the New Year for girls
    The first New Year baby
  • festive table. Even if your pipsqueak still fed breast milk, complementary foods for a long time you entered.Therefore, New Year's menu can be prepared for it.Of course, the only proven products - not to spoil the holiday baby sudden allergic reaction.It is clear that too varied menu does not work, but even from the usual products you can create a whole with edible fairy tale characters.
  • Remember safety tree! Secure it to the conscience of a living tree and replace the artificial - and the needles will popushistee and strengthen easier.And under the Christmas tree can be planted beautiful Snow Maiden and Santa Claus singing.

The first New Year baby
and - most important thing to remember: New Year - a holiday of childhood.Do not focus on salads with aspic and the mood of your little native man .

Let this New Year's magic will become a tradition in your family!