The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls - and what you present to the child?

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25 April 2016

New Year - is the best and favorite holiday: first, it is always a reason to start a new life, and secondly - it is a holiday of fun, family harmony and gifts.It brings children and adults, and every man in this day does not remain without attention.All mothers and fathers are beginning to prepare in advance for this day, to please the kid.

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The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls

What your child is interested in?What he is interested in? What miracle will cause your smile or take his attention for a few days or hours?This will be discussed today.

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Consider gift ideas for girls, important aspect which will make the child's age .
The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls

If your baby less than a year - what to give to a girl for the New Year?

The kids at this age do not yet understand what is and what gifts they give, but they like to see how everyone around happy and smiling.Buying a gift is best combined with functional necessity


  • are ideal for this purpose - educational mats, toys, rattles or toys for swimming and playing in the bathroom .
  • girl should evaluate Rollaway tent , where it will have its own "home" in which she would hide from parents, play with dolls, and just have fun.
    The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls
  • also fit the colored blocks, educational toys and colorful books with drawings and pictures.

Christmas gifts for girls 2 years

At this age, the baby is already talking, running and maybe she wants to take care of the same baby as she was.

  • doll baby doll, baby stroller, stuffed toys, dolls Barbie and babyborn will be an excellent gift for girls.You will be able to buy more clothes for dolls , she can dress herself, to undress them.
  • Also a great gift will Soft Designer, pyramids, great puzzles, outdoor overalls with the hero of the beloved cartoon, toy phones and laptops .
    The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls

Gift Ideas for a three-year girl in the New Year

  • All the girls without exception, like soft toys , and large - will be the fact, and the more Bear - the better.
    The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls
  • The baby at this age will be delighted lipgloss - like mother, beautiful dress with a bag or sandals .
  • Creative ladies suit sets for drawing and sculpting .
  • will seduce the girl with the purchase toy furniture or home for the dolls .

gift for New Year girl 4 years

4 years printsesska already own will require you gifts.You can compose a letter to Santa Claus with her to find out what your baby wants.

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The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls
Gifts should be approximately as follows:

  • sets jewelry and children's cosmetics,
  • sets doctor and hairdresser,
  • easels.

gifts girl 5 years old on New Year's Eve?

five year old girl on a New Year's gift can be as follows:

  • dolls,
  • coloring,
  • fancy dress, children's cosmetics,
  • scarves and gloves,
  • markers,
  • games of interest.

The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls

gifts girl older than 5 years?

After 5-year-old children have usually understand who actually gives gifts for the New Year, and are beginning to demand gifts from parents.

Just ask what your child wants, and you do not need to invent anything.
The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls

list similar to the following:

  • Gifts girl 6 years: doll model with long hair, eBooks, tablets, skates and sleds.
  • Christmas gifts girl 7 years: costumes, colorful stationery sets for creativity, dresses, shoes.
  • girl of 8 years can give : decoration, modern gadgets, beautiful clothes.
  • Gifts for girls 9 years : bright and interesting books, notebooks, colored markers and pencils
  • Christmas gifts girl 10 years : cosmetics, watches.

The best ideas of Christmas gifts for girls
Successful purchases and successful gifts!