Pope in the decree: Put any maternity leave for men?

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26 April 2016

Today, man is not only the "breadwinner" and the head of the family.Modern dad takes a baby's life the most active part.Moreover, even before birth.In the US - together.At birth - yes easily!To take maternity leave?Easy!Not everyone, of course.But maternity leave among the popes in popularity is gaining momentum with each passing year.

Is it possible?And you need to know, sending spouse leave to care for their crumbs ?
Pope in the decree

content of the article:

  • Put whether maternity leave Dad?
  • Reasons for the man stays at home
  • Pope childcare - the pros and cons

rely maternity leave if the pope - all the details of the Russian legislation on maternity leave for men

Finally, in our country there was asuch an opportunity - officially send Dad on maternity leave .Unusually, for many, even unacceptable, but it is convenient in certain cases, and that - is enshrined in law.
Pope in the decree

  • According to the law, the pope has the same rights as the mother. The employer has no right to refuse the Pope in this rel
    ease.Failure if it takes place, it is easy to challenge in court.
  • this holiday for dad has nothing to leave my mother's "maternity» - it is available only to women, like the right to the benefit.
  • But on vacation "to care for a child up to 1.5 years," the pope has the full right. with benefits.It is enough to solve his wife - who is still taking this leave, and present a birth certificate crumbs and a certificate proving that this mother leave and benefits is not relevant.
  • also dad can divide the maternity leave with her mother. Or go to him and his wife at a time.

Pope in the decree - the main reasons why the man stays at home

Everyone understands that fully replace the mother can not no father.That kid with his mother to be a single entity, and only my mother can breastfeed.But artificial feeding has very few people scared and irreplaceable mother for a long time in question .
Put any maternity leave for men

In some cases, the pope often have to replace the mother on maternity leave?

  • Postpartum depression in mothers.
    baby will be calmer with a balanced dad than with her mother, whose state is smoothly flows out of the doldrums and back into hysterics.
  • Mom can make more of the pope.
    Money question is always hot, and when a baby's need for funds increases many times.Therefore, the best option - to work, whose earnings above.
  • Mama categorically does not want to sit in the decree , because it has other priorities, because it is too young for the life of the young hen-housewife because she is not able to care for the baby.If in this situation, and Dad can not go on vacation, you can go on maternity leave grandparent (too formal).
  • Mom is afraid of losing his job.
  • Dad wants to relax from work and enjoy socializing with the child.
  • Dad can not find work.

Pope childcare - the pros and cons that need to be provided?

Of course, the Pope will be difficult.Apart blame him unusual duties will also strange looks from - few people would understand and approve of a situation in which the mother works, and is the father of the child and on the farm.But if everyone in the family happy, dad joy such a role, too, mom happy, and most importantly, toddler nothing infringed , then - why not?
Put any maternity leave for men

Pope in the decree - advantages:

  • Mom does not need to give up work.
  • Dad can rest on making money , and simultaneously obtain invaluable experience caring for their remains.
  • Dad can combine their maternity leave to work from home (articles, private lessons, design, translations, etc.).
  • Pope begins to better understand his wife , has experienced all the difficulties young age of the baby.Communication with the child at the pope, who "raised him myself," is much stronger than in families where the baby is only concerned with my mother.A sense of responsibility - above.
  • Pope in the decree does not feel jealous of the child .Fight with your own crumbs of attention spouses do not need to.
  • Children Sports and dad (who spends the whole day with him), and mother (even tired after work).

Pope in the decree


  • free time in the decree will be extremely small. child requires not only attention, but the full impact.There is a risk - to remain on the sidelines of his career.
  • Not every man is able to withstand the psychological care of the baby .A growing irritation will benefit no fumes, no atmosphere in the family.
  • During the holidays dad, of course, can not "keep up with the times" and fall out of the professional sphere - a real "prospect» .However, and to my mother, she also belongs.
  • Pope in the decree - this is a serious psychological "press» by friends, colleagues and relatives.After all, the pope - it earner, the breadwinner and poilets, not a nanny and a cook.

Pope in the decree

What should be taken into account when the output of the pope in the decree?

  • situation "Dad in the decree" should be the decision of both spouses .Otherwise, sooner or later it will lead to conflict.
  • Man can not live without self .Even being in the decree, he must do what he likes - whether it's playing guitar, photography, joinery or otherwise.And my mother's duty - to help with this husband.
  • self-assessment of any man fall , if he will sit on the fragile marital neck.Therefore, even if the situation suits both, at least some opportunity to work should be (freelance and others.).
  • This father's vacation should not be delayed. even women after 2-3 years of maternity leave so tired of that job is flying on holiday.What to say about the man?

Maternity leave for the pope - is not so scary as it seems.Yes, 1.5 years you almost fall out of the usual "free" life, but exactly do you teach your crumbs first steps and first word , it will affect you in the formation of his character, and for your wife youthe most wonderful husband in the world .