How to dress the baby in the winter house and the street, so he did not get sick?

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26 April 2016

With the onset of cold weather, many mothers begin to think about how to dress your child not to chill it, and do not overheat.Of course, the easiest way to leave it for a while in the cold comfort - but without the walking, anyway, do not come out.So dress your baby correctly and are not afraid of cold weather.

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How to dress the baby in the winter house and the street

content of the article:

  • How to understand that the child is hot or cold?
  • like putting a child at home right?
  • like putting a child on the street for the weather?

How to understand that the child is hot or cold?

If the baby is at an age when you can not make him a clear answer to the question - "Son, do not you cold?" (Or there is a doubt that the baby is dressed properly), then check it on several grounds .
How to dress the baby in the winter house and the street

not worry if ...

  • child comfortable and no matter what he does not complain.
  • his ruddy cheeks.
  • Back, palms, ass cheeks and nose with cool (not cold!).

child should be warm when ...

  • red nose and cheeks pale.
  • hands (above the wrist), the nose, neck and legs are cold.
  • kid asks for heat and complains that cold.

child too wrapped up if ...

  • back and neck warm and sweaty.
  • person warm at temperatures below -8 degrees.
  • hands and feet are warm and moist.

course, continue to walk with frozen baby (or sweating) should not be.If the feet sweat, you need to dress dry and thin socks , if cold - put on an extra pair of wool socks .

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And remember - formula "how to + another odezhka" applies only to infants .Moving the kids running around on their own, need to dress lighter than themselves .This freezing mother watching children and looking at the snowflakes.And tots themselves "ten pots" coming as they swing on a swing all, conquer all the slides, blind all snowmen and win the tournament on the blades with their peers.

like putting a child at home right - look at the room thermometer

  • From 23 degrees.We put crumbs open shoes, exquisite lingerie (c / b), socks and a T-shirt / shorts (or dress).
  • 18-22 degrees.We put closed sandals / shoes (the shoes light), tights, c / b underwear, knit suit with long sleeves (dress).
  • 16-17 degrees. We put c / b lingerie set, stockings and socks, the shoes with hard light backdrop, knit suit (long sleeve), on top of knitted sweater or coat.

How to dress the baby in the room in winter

like putting a child on the street for the weather, so it does not get sick?

Attire for the main temperature ranges:

  • -5 to +5 degrees. We put on tights and knitted sweaters (long sleeve), c / b socks, overalls (sintepon), a warm hat and thin gloves, warm the shoes.
  • -5 to -10 degrees. We put on the same set as in the previous paragraph.Complemented by its x / b turtleneck and wool socks.
  • -10 to -15 degrees. overalls change in the feather, certainly with a hood, which is stretched over a warm cap.Gloves replace warm mittens, boots - boots or warm boots.
  • -15 to -23 degrees. If there is an urgent need to go out, to dress like in the previous paragraph.But in this weather it is recommended to stay at home.

How to dress a child in the street in winter

What else do you need to remember about the right "gear" baby for winter walks?

  • avoid frostbite cheeks baby lubricate them fat cream before exiting.
  • Pick baby underwear (wool + synthetic).In it the child does not sweat and do not freeze even when the active game.
  • When allergy to wool, from thermal underwear should be abandoned in favor of cotton (with a touch of synthetics) sweaters and turtlenecks. worth noting that the 100-percent Cotton quickly absorbs moisture and then quickly cooled.Therefore, a bit synthetic in composition does not hurt.
  • Tight clothing prevents normal blood flow - thereby increasing the risk of hypothermia.Maximum heat loss is from the head, feet and hands.Accordingly, it should first take care of warm hat, shoes, scarves and mittens .
  • Looking in from the cold into the room , immediately remove the baby from the extra stuff, and then undress themselves.Going out into the street, baby wear behind, because otherwise, sweating and overheated, it can quickly get cold outside.
  • Choose windproof pants with high belt and jacket, covering the ass.
  • most common cause of hypothermia feet - close shoe .Choose boots for the weather in size but not close and not too loose.