Features of care for premature newborns at home - advice to moms

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26 April 2016

Kids, who appeared to light ahead of time, need special care.And not only in a hospital setting, where they are "fetal" condition, but also at home after discharge.Of course, for a year (and even before) they are already fully catch up with their peers in development, but the first few months is necessary to provide them with all the "support" and competent care.What are the characteristics of home care for premature babies?

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Home care for a newborn

  • Compliance temperature - the main rule for the care of your crumbs after discharge from the hospital.The temperature, which should be maintained in the room - 22-25 degrees, the baby under a blanket (near the child's) - 28-32 degrees.Every 3 hours the room where the baby is, it is necessary to air (about 20 minutes).When using rubber hot-water bottles, make sure that the temperature of water in them - 60-65 degrees (electric blankets / heaters are prohibited).Hot water bottles wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed at the fee
    t of the crumbs on top and sides of blankets (distance - from the palm of the baby).Under the child on it and in close proximity to a warmer place is strictly forbidden - it can cause respiratory disorders and burns.The temperature was monitored with a thermometer, and the change is carried out through warmers 1.5-2 hours.Without heat baby can not leave even for a short period of time.Without artificial heating can be dispensed by the end of 1 month of life, when a pipsqueak can "heat" themselves.
  • to dress the baby. ¬ęDress" for the crumbs born weighing more than 2 kg, no different from the one that is full-term kids - do not coddle.But babies weighing less than 2 kg will need more clothes - in addition to sliders, sweaters (+ hood sewn sleeves) and bonnet knitted need flannel blanket, wool and flannel duvet cover on top.The latter two subject at the end of one month is not required.Keep in mind that too tight swaddling the baby is not recommended while breathing evenly in all areas of the lungs need to regularly change the position of the crumbs in the bed (with one barrel to another).
  • Features feeding. main problems when feeding premature crumbs - no sucking reflex or its underdevelopment, frequent regurgitation, decreased appetite, diarrhea / constipation due to the immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, breastfeeding is preferable to maintain lactation, and you need to think still in the hospital.In order to avoid regurgitation baby needs to be fed frequently in reclining position and in small portions, and then held upright for 15-20 minutes.From enemas, vent ducts and massage of the abdomen should be abandoned.
  • Features bathing. body weight of less than crumbs 1500-1800 g, with bathing have to wait 2-3 weeks.The remaining bits and pieces you can take a bath in a week after discharge.Up to 3 months at bathing only use boiled water with a temperature of 38 degrees.The room itself is heated up to 25 degrees.It is not recommended to carry the baby sharply from the heated room in a cool room: the door should open up in the bath, the baby used to the different thermal behavior.Read: How to bathe a newborn baby?
  • Massage. course, intensive massage of a premature baby is better not to hurry.When hypotonia permissible stroking, helps to relax the muscles.With 2 months, you can combine it with light exercises, focused on the development of motor skills.From 3-4 months baby can gradually learn self-turn from one side to the other.The highest value in massage premature baby is playing psychological contact with his mother.
    How to care for the premature baby at home
  • Walk right. As mentioned above, an abrupt change in temperature so the kids are not recommended and even contraindicated.Therefore crumbs weighing more than 1500 g begin to walk with 2 weeks, subject to the summer season and air temperature 25-26 degrees.For the first time will be enough 15-minute walk.Next walks gradually increasing (20 minutes each) to a full 1.5 hours.With infants weighing 2,500 g and age - 1-1.5 months, you can walk in the 10-degree temperatures in the autumn and spring.Temperatures below 8 degrees - a reason to cancel the trip, with the exception of 2-month-old (or older) with a weight of more than crumbs 2800
  • Vaccinations. Premature babies a vaccination calendar.Weighing less than 2,000 grams - postponement of BCG, with a weight of less than 1,500 grams - all vaccinations should be deferred until the end of the first year of life, with a weight of more than 2,000 grams - vaccination schedule different from the schedule term baby.
  • supervision of specialists. premature babies each prescribed follow-up to school age, regularly consulted a neurologist, cardiologist and other specialists.With 2 weeks start to prevent rickets using vitamin D kvartsevaniya and massage.Required regular procedures - an electrocardiogram and echocardiogram to detect heart defects and timely assessment of his work.
    Features of care for premature newborns at home