Why is a child psychologist and when children need a psychologist?

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27 April 2016

Raising a child - it's not just hard work, and talent.It is very important to feel what is going on with the baby, and take timely action.But not every mother able to cope with a child when his behavior is getting out of parental control.Yes, and look from the outside, while a daily close to the child, it is difficult.

How to determine when a child needs a psychologist, what is his work, and in what situations without categorically do?
Why is a child psychologist

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  • Child psychologist - who is it?
  • When a child needs a psychologist
  • What is important to know about the work of psychologist

Who is a child psychologist?

's psychologist is not a physician, nor is it to be confused with a psychiatrist .At present there is no right specialist for a diagnosis or for the issuance of prescriptions.The work of internal systems the child's body, and the appearance of the baby - is not his profile.

main task of a child psychologist - assistance through psychological methods slot .It was disclosed in the game repressed feelings and the child are most effective search for a solution the problem child.
Why is a child psychologist

When do you need child psychologist?

  • No people is more important for your baby than his parents.But deep interaction of children and parents in the family does not allow mom and dad to be objective - force of habit to executable roles because of certain reactions to the child's behavior.That is, look at the situation "by" parents can not .There is another option: the parents are acutely aware of the problem, but the child can not be solved at the revelation of the fear, the fear of upsetting, and so on. In a situation that is not able to be resolved within the family, the only helper is a child psychologist.
    When children need a psychologist
  • Every little man is undergoing a period of identity formation.And even if the relationship in the family ideal and harmonious, child suddenly stopped listening , and parents clutching his head - "that our child of?".Do you feel that you have no power and the ability to influence the situation?The child went completely out of your control?Refer to a specialist - he will be able to objectively assess the situation and find the key to solving the problem.
  • kid is afraid to sleep alone in the room? Requires leave for the night light in the whole apartment?Scarecrow thunder and unfamiliar guests?If the feeling of fear does not give the child a quiet life, suppresses and oppresses, put in a position of helplessness in a given situation - use the advice of a psychologist.Of course, children's fears - is a natural period in the life of every person, but many of the fears remain with us forever, developing into phobias and other troubles.Psychologists help as painlessly as possible to experience these moments and tell - how to teach your baby to cope with their fears.
  • excessive modesty, shyness, shyness. It formed in childhood are traits which in the future will contribute to the ability to protect themselves adequately apply to criticism, to get along with all people who take the initiative and so forth. The psychologist will help the child overcome his shyness, to open up and become more free.See also: What if a child no one is friends?
  • Aggression. With such a problem faced by many fathers and mothers.Unmotivated aggression child puts parents in a deadlock.What happened to the kid?From the flash of anger?Why did he hit the kitten (peer pushed for a walk, Dad threw a toy broke beloved car, for which my mother laid out your bonus, and so on.)?Aggression is not unreasonable!It is important to understand.And that this behavior does not become a bad habit of the child and did not develop into something more serious, it is important to understand the causes of time, help your child do not "withdraw into himself" and learn to express their feelings.
  • Hyperactivity. This phenomenon is very serious consequences for the child and causes fatigue, anger and trouble for parents.The task of a psychologist - to identify the main aspirations of the child and send them in the right direction.
  • force majeure. in our lives enough situations to which even adults sometimes can not cope without help.Divorce, death of a family member or a loved pet, a new team, serious illness, violence - all you name it.A young child to realize what had happened, digest and make the right conclusions incredibly difficult.And even if the child remains outwardly calm inside can rage real storm, which sooner or later will break out.The psychologist will help you understand how deeply traumatized the child psychologically and survive the incident with minimal losses.
  • School performance. sharp decline in academic performance, inventing reasons not to go to school, unusual behavior - a reason for more careful attention to the fumes.And considering that this age does not involve special revelations with his parents, a psychologist may be the only hope - not "miss" their child.

Child psychologist - you need to know about his work?

  • efficiency of psychologist is impossible without it close cooperation with parents .
  • If your offspring do not have psychological problems, and in the house - love and harmony is wonderful.But the psychologist helps not only to solve problems but also opportunities to reveal child .A series of psychological tests will give you information about the potential of the child.
    When children need a psychologist
  • speech defects, or appearance - one of the reasons for ridicule at school.The school psychologist will talk with the child and help him adapt to the team .
  • If a child absolutely does not want to talk with a psychologist - find another .Children
  • problem - it is a huge list of situations, the majority of parents who shrug - "pass" or "Learn more!".Do not overstate their claims to the fumes, but try not to miss the important moments.For example, a three-year crumbs question "What is the word too much - car, bus, plane, a banana?" Stumped, but in 5-6 years, he should answer it.Difficulties in the response can be caused by different reasons. It defines their psychologist then makes recommendations - refer to a specific specialist, examined by a neurologist and organize educational sessions, test hearing and so forth.
  • Even young mother needed a child psychologist. to better understand what is important for the normal development of the baby's psyche, which required toys, what to look for and so forth.

When children need a psychologist
If you have a thought of a visit to a psychologist - then put off a visit to it should not be.Remember - your child is constantly evolving.And then to all the problems you have not rolled a snowball, solve all crises as they come - promptly and competently.

easier just to solve the problem with a child psychologist than to "break" the child .