How to choose the rubber boots for children?

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27 April 2016

¬ęThere is no bad weather" - everyone knows babies.Do not spoil the fun of the kid jumping in puddles and legs to keep warm in bad weather will help a couple comfortable waterproof boots.Parents only need to take a responsible approach to the selection of such an important pair of shoes to create the most comfortable conditions, regardless of the weather.
How to choose the rubber boots for kids

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  • Types of children's rubber boots
  • sizes of rubber boots for kids
  • Tips for Choosing rubber boots for kids

Types of children's rubber boots - how to choose a baby rubber boots for the season?

Among the variety of color models, it is important to understand what kind of rubber boots for children you more suited for the season .
How to choose the rubber boots for kids

  • boots with a knitted lining - perfect for early fall, when still warm.
  • Insulated rubber boots for children in the fur - useful in the late autumn, when colder.Rubber boots with a heater for children are great not only for rainy weather, but also for the slush.
  • Boots with internal heat valenok - can be worn at any time of the year.Himself boots are usually made of felt, fleece or fur.On a warm day, you can put on shoes without their boots, and in cold weather, you can insert the boots and not be afraid of any puddles or frost.
  • Combined rubber-textile boots - lighter than usual, but for the deep puddles and snow drifts are more suitable children's high rubber boots.Sock of boots made of rubber, and the rest - from the protective waterproof insulated fabric.Especially suitable boots with a strap on the ankle.These boots easy to put on a high leg lift or wide foot and laces slimming for added protection from water.

Dimensions of children's rubber boots

As you can see, the size of children's rubber boots start from 22-23 models.This is due to the recommendations of the Orthopaedic - not to wear rubber boots for children under 3 years , because these boots are no orthopedic insoles for proper formation of the foot, and a long walk can occur perfect "greenhouse effect" for the development of fungal infections.So the baby up to 3 years old can be put on membrane rubber boots with no basis .
How to choose the rubber boots for kids

to select the correct size, note the following features of the legs:

  • length.
    optimal length includes 1 cm of space between the toe and boot.This provides an additional warming effect.To properly calculate - foot circle on the paper and measure its length.
  • rise .
    Sufficient rise can be determined by fitting.You can not wear boots right size, if it does not meet the instep.
  • Completeness.
    usually offer 3 kinds of completeness: narrow, medium and wide.It is important to consider this option, because with a narrow foot leg will hang out in a wide shoe, while the general fullness - may be squeezed, disrupting circulation.

Important tips on choosing a rubber boots for kids

  • backdrop and toe boots should be thick , otherwise they quickly lose their shape and difficult to walk in them.
  • Boots PVC lighter and last longer , than boots made from 100% rubber (rubber).
  • To measure boots better night , when the baby's legs slightly larger in size.
  • To check the reliability of boots, fill them with dry paper and dip into a bowl of water.If the paper does not get wet, so they do not leak.
  • sole should be thick, flexible and soft.

How to choose the rubber boots for kids
It is easy to breathe in the street after the rain!Pleasant air seemed full of freshness and cleanliness.And if you know, how to choose rubber boots child , you transcend the puddles!We can only sit back and watch the adventures of your little explorer.