How to wean a child biting his nails - a guide for parents

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28 April 2016

to the habit of nail biting child's parents are different: some ignore this fact (say, self-will) hit the other hand, others are looking for the reason for such behavior of offspring, and along with the methods of dealing with this habit.Where does this habit, and how to fight it?
How to wean a child to chew nails

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  • Why do children bite their nails
  • consequences of the fact that a child bites his nails
  • Nail children, biting nails
  • How to wean a child to chew nails

Why do children bitenails - view child psychologists

constant and active nibble nails medical term called « Onychophagia » - a very rare phenomenon for 3-6 years and sharply increasing after 7-10 minute.Contrary to the opinion of parents who believe the habit is not worthwhile, obkusyvaniya nails - it is a problem, and its roots - in psychology.
How to wean a child to chew nails

What do they say about the reasons Onychophagia experts?

  • If your child started biting nails - look for the roots of this habit in the family, school and so on the child's environment
    .Because the main reason - emotional stress.It may be conflicts in the school adaptation in kindergarten, excessive sensitivity and vulnerability of the child, and so forth. Every reason for excitement is accompanied obkusyvaniya nail - that is, the process that relieves stress and calms.Please note - maybe your child feels insecure and it is in these moments back to the bad habit?Or nervous when crowds?Or angry?The faster you find the cause of the faster'll master the habit.
  • child copies surrounding .Perhaps someone from the adults in the family, too, suffers from such a habit - you should look, and start at the same time "treatment."
  • habit of thumb sucking flowed into the habit of biting his nails.
  • And the fourth reason - untimely mandatory procedure nail cutting .That is to say, failure to comply with hygiene rules.

child bites his nails - the consequences of this bad habit

Of course, such a useful habit can not be considered.It is harmful to all parties, and the ugly.And no matter how it calms the nervous system - to deal with it is possible and necessary to eliminate effects such as ...

  • of infection in the body through wounds on the skin around the nails bitten.
  • of infection or helminth eggs dirt under the nails into the baby's mouth.As a consequence, the risk of catching an infection or intestinal helminthiasis sick.

On the aesthetic side of the issue and can not speak.Bitten nails themselves - a depressing picture, and peers let alone a reason for ridicule.So caught their child for such unseemly occupation immediately (not yet ingrained habit) analyze the situation and begin to "cure» .
How to wean a child to chew nails

How to apply nail polish for children, biting fingernails, and whether the benefits from it?

Many mothers used to eliminate this bad habit special bitter nail .It is sold in the ordinary chemist (e.g., "nekusayka") or cosmetic stores.Taste varnish rather bitter, and no part of components capable harm the child's health (though not hurt to check the composition to avoid the trouble).

Helps varnish is not all - there are situations when a paint problem simply can not be solved.Remember - first need to find the reason bad habit and then by removing the cause, eliminate the very habit.
How to wean a child to chew nails

varnish used regularly - constant "upgrade" after the next obkusyvaniya on average - every three days .Some parents, fearing the unknown components of varnish used instead mustard, pepper and so on.

How to wean a child biting his nails - a guide for parents

first thing you need to do mother of the child found the nail obkusyvaniya - understand the situation .That is, start with your family: pay attention to - the child is unhappy that his worries, what fears he is being persecuted.
How to wean a child to chew nails

Experts give the following recommendations for treatment Onychophagia:

  • Strongly recommended to scold the child for this habit , raise your voice and show their discontent and angry.This will only exacerbate the situation - a child nervous and pulled the hand back into his mouth.Not to mention that children tend to go against the harmfulness of protest against the ban.Therefore, to explain the fumes, it's a bad habit that should other methods - no negativity, no prohibitions and flick.Look for the most suitable, effective method and use it from the perspective of a loving and caring parent, not Cerberus, which irritates the "nasty habit".Read: Why can not yell at the child?
  • Be patient .Understand that your child overcome this habit as hard as an adult - to quit.Remember: a categorical prohibition is only rejection and protest!To a child you heard and understood, you get the right motivation.For example, if a child refuses porridge, then talk to him - "It's useful!" - Is simply meaningless.But the phrase "You will eat porridge and be strong and muscular, like Dad" - will work much faster.
  • Choose a time when the child is ready to listen to you carefully, and tell - why is this a bad habit .Describe the evil germs that enter the body of a child, along with the dirt under the fingernails - show them in pictures.Communicated to the child, which obkusyvaniya nails - a habit of weak people and strong and brave people nails never bite.Accents correctly, bringing the child to the desired independent conclusion.
  • child loves cartoon character? Tell him that, for example, Spider-Man would never have become a hero if biting his nails.But the prince would never chose Cinderella if her nails were the same terrible and bitten, as her evil sisters.
  • Compose a story about a child who is biting his nails, and gets into all unpleasant situations because of this habit.Of course, the tale should end in getting rid of the habit, and the characters have to be as close as possible to the child.
  • Give your child the opportunity to pour out emotion, aggression and negativity , accumulated during the day.Regular emotional discharge - a mandatory component of the overall program to get rid of a bad habit.Sports and action games - the best option.
  • Every time your child pulls hands to her mouth, imperceptibly distract his attention .Put him something in his hands, asked to bring a napkin or help you in any case.
  • Encourage your child to hygiene - regularly take care of his nails, focuses attention on the beauty and cleanliness of nails.If you have a girl - make it beautiful (safe) manicure.Gnaw manicure, "like a fashion model in a magazine", the child will not be - a very effective method for girls from 5 years.
  • If the child is too nervous and excited, consult a doctor - let prescribe homeopathic drugs are harmless to calm the nervous system.Sometimes it makes sense and turn to a psychologist.
  • Always something occupy the child's hands .Options - set.Find something for his soul - buy modeling clay, brushes / paint and these canvases, Designer, etc.

How to wean a child to chew nails

and advice - be attentive to your child .Most shows as you like.Take time in the bustle of everyday life, to read daze story, go out of town, ask about success in school or the garden.Create a home atmosphere in which the child is comfortable and happy. Eliminate irritants , that make the child nervous.And gradually the bad habit will come to naught.