Baby diapers and disposable diapers - what and when to use?

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28 April 2016

Care crumbs newborns should be special.All parents want to exercise maximum care of the baby, because he is in need of it, it is good to grow and develop properly.Pampers - indispensable thing in the arsenal of a small child care, because it allows him to be dry, and feel very comfortable.

content of the article:

  • When did and how we know it today?
  • Types and Functions

Why diapers and how they get there?

Before the advent of disposable diapers mothers used a soft cloth, gauze, laying them in diapers.But they are not provided, of course, such a comfort and care of the baby, as the so-called diapers.The word "diaper" is derived from the word pamper (Eng.) - "Pampered" and invented the name of the company ¬ęProcter & amp; Gamble¬Ľ, which released the first batch of diapers for small children in 1961.In the late '80s we began to gain confidence diapers consumer market in Russia.

Today, the Russian market offers a wide range of assortment of products in the category of "children's diapers" - w

e know the diapers, made in Japan, Britain, the United States and other countries.Unfortunately, the Russian diapers are still only in draft - prepared for the launch of a new line for the production of domestic goods hygiene of children, including - disposable diapers, which will compete with foreign counterparts in quality as well as price - they will be up to 40% cheaper.

Lines - which is better?

Disposable diapers are available for each weight (age) category kids.Diapers can be used from birth until the child learns to do without this useful things, asking for a pot.It is important to choose the right diaper for the crumbs that he was comfortable, non-irritating to the skin and mucous membranes of the perineum, matched his age, weight and situation.All known brands produce disposable diapers the entire line.

Disposable diapers are:

  • Velcro.

Velcro diapers are designed for children from birth.They are easy to remove and put on thanks to special fasteners, the replacement of the sleeping baby diapers Velcro play an important role, since it does not disturb the baby when undoing.Velcro diapers on many models are also convenient to check - if a dry diaper, the child went there, and if there is no need to change the diaper - fasten the Velcro again.

  • diapers - panties.

These diapers are very good for those children who are already actively moving, roll over, crawl.Typically, diapers with Velcro may unfastened that inconvenience and the baby and mother.The more that children who actively exploring yourself and the world around, can self-unbutton Velcro diapers on their handles.Such diaper on the waist there is a wide and very soft gum, which is not squeezing the tummy crumbs.Many companies produce diapers pants for the girls and boys, according to their anatomical features.

  • to accustom the child to the pot.

diapers for the baby to accustom to the pot appeared recently, but has already established itself as love and mothers deserved recognition.This - the transition from diaper option to panties, and allows the baby to learn to notice their physiological needs, so - with the time to ask yourself and time to go to the potty.Such diapers urine is absorbed immediately, but for 3-5 minutes, giving the child feel discomfort from moisture, causing the desire to get rid of bad feelings.After a short time the moisture in the diaper absorbs without a trace, and the mother does not need to wipe the baby pools.In diapers to accustom the baby to the pot there are often special images that fade or change color after a pipsqueak go to the toilet on them mom can find their way, what time is necessary to your child sit on the potty.

  • for swimming.

This type of disposable diapers for babies is very good for swimming in the pool.These diapers outside of a very elastic fabric that is water from the reservoir into the diaper, and does not let feces and urine of a baby in the water.

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