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29 April 2016

vospitanie_detej Mom and Dad will always want to give your child only the best, including education and training.But one thing is unlikely to wish to show excellent results, as in the education of the baby plays an important role environment itself, the parents chat with him and with each other, the choice of kindergarten and then - school.What methods of raising children are by far the most effective?This will be our article.

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review the most popular methods of raising children:

Technique Glenn Doman - educate birth

glen-doman doctor and teacher, Glenn Doman has developed a methodology for the upbringing and development of the youngest children.He believed that the greatest effect is active learning of the child and his upbringing until the age of seven years .The technique is designed for baby ability to absorb a lot of information , which is supplied to him by a special system - used cards with written words and objects, pictures.Like all other techniques, it requires parents and teachers a reasonable approach and systematic in the classroom with the child.This technique produces babies inquisitive mind, stimulates the early development of speech, further speed reading.

Waldorf education - learn by imitating adults

Effective parenting techniques interesting technique that is based on the model of imitation adult child behavior , and in accordance with this, the direction of the education of children in the actions and deeds of adults, without coercionand rigorous training.This technique is most often used in the education of pre-school children in kindergartens.

Comprehensive training of Montessori

Effective parenting techniques This technique literally on everyone's lips for many decades.The essence of this technique - the baby must be teach writing before the rest - reading, invoice, etc.This method is also provided, and labor education baby from an early age.Going by this procedure are in an unusual form, with the active use of a special touch material and manuals.

Education every minute

Effective parenting techniques - methods Bereslavsky Philosopher, teacher, professor, Leonid Bereslavskii argued that p A child must develop every minute , every day.Every day, he can learn new and adults around the child should provide such an opportunity.About with polutoragodovalogo age need to develop attention, memory, fine motor skills of the baby .In three years, the child can develop logic, spatial thinking.This technique is not considered to be a revolutionary, but a look at the comprehensive development of young children in pedagogy emerged for the first time.Many believe that techniques Leonid Bereslavsky Glenn Doman and have great similarities .

Learning to understand the child

Effective parenting techniques - methods Cecil Lupan This technique is to continue, expand basic education methodology Glenn Doman.Sesil Lupan rightly believes that the child is always himself shows that he wants to know at the moment .When he reached for a soft scarf or a carpet - you need to give him samples of different tissues to study touch - leather, fur, silk, matting, etc.If a child wants to rattle objects or banging dishes, he can show playing musical instruments.Watching his two young daughters, Cecile Lupan identify patterns of children's perception and development, embodied in the new methods of education, which includes a lot of sections - such as geography, history, music, art.Sesil Lupan also argued that baby from an early age is very useful swimming , and this activity is also included in its program of education and training of young children.

Natural Children

Effective parenting techniques - methods Ledloff This unique and largely extravagant technique is based on the observation of Jean Ledloffa the lives of Indians in almost savage tribes.These people had the opportunity to express themselves as they see it fit, and their children were organically poured into a common life, and almost never cried.These people have not experienced anger and envy, they did not need these feelings, because they could always remain as they really are, without regard to someone's principles and stereotypes.The technique applies to Jean Ledlofa natural parenting from an early age , it says, and his book "How to raise a child happy."

Read before talking

Effective parenting techniques - methods Zaitsev Renowned innovator teacher Nikolai Zaitsev proposed his special technique of training and education of children from an early age, according to which it taught to read and speak, showing no cubes with letters and syllables with ready .Nikolay Zaitsev developed a special allowance - "Zaitseva cubes" that help children to learn reading.Cubes of different sizes, and the inscriptions are made in different colors.Later cubes began to produce and with the possibility of enacting special sounds.Toddler learning to read simultaneously with the development of skills of speech, and its development is far ahead of the development of their peers.

children grow healthy and intelligent

teachers-innovators, Boris and Elena Nikitina in ceme raised seven children.Their methods of education based on active use of various games in teaching children to communicate with them .Methods Nikitin is also known that in the education they paid a lot of attention and improvement of children, their hardening , up to wiping snow and swimming in ice-cold water.Nikitin themselves have developed many benefits for kids - puzzles, tasks, pyramids, cubes.This method of education from the outset caused mixed reviews and is currently ambiguous opinion about it.

Pedagogy cooperation procedure Shalva Amonashvili

Effective parenting techniques - methods Amonashvili professor, doctor of psychology, Shalva Alexandrovich Amonashvili founded his methods of education on the principle of equal cooperation adult children .This is - the whole system, which is based on the principle of humane and personal approach to all children in the education process.This technique is very popular, and in his time created a furor in pedagogy and child psychology.Methods Amonashvili was recommended by the Ministry of Education in the Soviet Union for use in schools.

Brings Music

At the heart of this technique - music teaching children from an early age .The doctor proved that Effective parenting techniques - methods Suzuki through music the child can express themselves and to receive from the world he needed promises, to see the good, to please, to love people and art.Being brought up by this method, children begin early to play musical instruments, as well as get full and very rich development.The purpose of technique - not to grow musicians and grow good, intelligent, noble people.

Reviews parents

My child attends school Suzuki.We did not choose a school for her son, she just was not so far from our home, that was the main selection criterion.Since childhood, we noticed that our son loves music - he listened to contemporary songs, if they heard somewhere, but basically did not pay attention to the music.Three years later our son was playing the cello and piano.He always told us about the music and the concerts that we had to comply with the father of the child and to get acquainted with the musical world.The son became a disciplined atmosphere in the gymnasium gorgeous, based on respect for each other.I would not know about this method of education, but now, on the example of a child, I can say that it is very effective!

daughter goes to kindergarten, a group of Montessori.Perhaps this is a very good technique, I've heard a lot about it.But I think that educators and teachers should be held in such groups is very strict selection, receive additional training.We were not very lucky, my daughter persistent aversion to a young educator who screams and behaves rather sharply with the children.I think in these groups should work attentive calm people who can understand each child, see its potential.Otherwise it is not education in a known manner, and profanity.

family Nikitin procedure we used partially in family education - bought and special allowances were made, we had a home theater.The son had asthma and we were advised this technique because of the hardening of ice water.To be honest, at first I was afraid of that, but the experience of the people with whom we met, showing that it works.As a result, we entered the children's and parent club, which promotes education for Nikitin and tempered steel with children, organized joint concerts, hiking on nature.As a result, my son got rid of the brutal attacks of asthma, and most importantly - it grows very inquisitive and intelligent child, whom everyone in the school is considered a child prodigy.

waiting for my daughter, I was interested in methods of early parenting, reading professional literature.One day I was given a book Cecil Lupan "Believe in your child," and I, just for fun, since the birth of daughter began to apply some of the exercises.You should have seen how I rejoiced when convinced of a particular administration.It was our game, and the daughter they liked.Most of all, I practiced pictures hanging in front of arena, cot, talking to her daughter, telling her everything, what it showed.As a result, the first words she said in 8 months - and I am convinced that it was not uttering syllables, according to all this people I spoke, it was a conscious utterance of the word "mother".

I think you can not adhere to any one method of education - and to take from them what you think is necessary for the development of your child.In this regard, every parent becomes a teacher-innovator, having a unique method of education of their own child.