What to do if the child does not sleep well at night?

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30 April 2016

the child does not sleep well at night Today, children are more and more likely to suffer from insomnia.Every kid my, personal, sleep.Some children fall asleep easily, while others - not very.Some babies sleep well during the day, and the other - at night.For some children, twice a day, enough sleep, and the other three.If the child is not years old, read our article on why babies do not sleep at night?But after a year of them enough to sleep only once a day.

content of the article:

  • Standards
  • reasons
  • Organization sleep
  • recommendations parents

Standards baby sleep and retreat from them

Dream gets a man from nature.Even this can be called biological clock, for work which are responsible certain brain cells.In newly born babies is not immediately adjusted to certain standards.The body of the child should adapt to a completely new environment.In most cases, a clear mode of rest and sleep in a child already established a year.

But there are exceptions when the sleep problems do not stop, and have been going on, and at a l

ater age.It is not necessary to associate with health.The reason, in fact, can be a lot.

reasons for poor sleep in a child - make conclusions!

  • Often violations caused by various psychological reasons.For example, stress .You gave the child to school or kindergarten, the environment has changed for him and this situation irritates him.This is a nervous condition and can affect the child's sleep.
  • also provoke a bad dream child may, for example, moving to a new apartment or even the birth of a second baby .But again, it's extraordinary factors.
  • Another cause of poor sleep can be considered child poor family relationships and jealousy siblings.This is a very small effect on the psyche of children, and therefore - and in their sleep.
  • also sleep a child is violated when he stomach hurts or if he begin teething .For children (especially in the first year or two), these "problems" are considered to be quite frequent.
  • Disturbed sleep is often the baby if his pajamas uncomfortable , or when he sleeps on the pillow is too uncomfortable, rigid sheets .

the child does not sleep well at night analyzing these factors can make the baby sleep more calm.
But why one child normally sleeps normally, and the other is not possible to put, he always wakes up at night and is capricious?This question is asked by many mothers.

So, often it may indicate that you do not learn to sleep properly their child.That it meant?

Almost all parents are convinced that the dream for a kid - a normal physiological need, like, for example, to eat.But I think that everyone agrees that the child should be gradually accustomed to adult food.As it is necessary and sleeping.Parents need to set up a job biological clock , so they did not stop and did not run forward, since by themselves they are not configured.

How to organize a child sleep?

  • First of all, sleep well affect the child's age. yearling bobblehead need to sleep 2,5 hours during the day and 12 at night , three-year chubby little boy - half hour during the day and 11 hours a night , already older kiddies - just enough 10 - 11 hours of night sleep .If your child deviates from the norm for an hour - two, there is nothing wrong with that.The need for rest and sleep at all different.But still, what if the baby bad dream, if you have it for a long time can not put, he is naughty and wakes up at night?
  • the child does not sleep well at night RememberTo sleep well at night, your child of up to 4 - 5 years, to sleep necessarily afternoon .By the way, it is useful and older kids, for example, if the first-grader rest day for about an hour, then he quickly recover all their lost power.But many of us believe that if the baby does not sleep during the day, then there is nothing wrong, he tired quickly and easily fall asleep.But, unfortunately, not the way we used to think.Overexcited nervous system in a state of barely calmed, broken processes of deceleration and as a result the child has difficulty falling asleep.Not only that, he still has nightmares may occur.Also, children who did not sleep during the day, there can be problems in kindergarten, as the child can perceive "quiet time", as an infringement of his freedom.And sometimes it becomes a reason for the refusal of the child from going to the kindergarten.
  • For some time, when the child refuses to go to sleep during the day, you will need to rest with him .Lie down with him to the parent bed, talk about something pleasant for the baby.It can motivate some reward for obedience , for example, after a dream, you go with him for a walk in the park.But the main thing is not to overdo it, so that your child is not used to that everything should be done for some reward.
  • Preschool children should go to bed not later than 21 hours .The fact that he does not want to sleep and says that is a big, can be interpreted by the fact that the pope recently came home from work, the child wants to communicate, because adults will watch TV and drink tea in the kitchen, and the child should be in a dark room by himself.Put yourself in his place, it is a shame.You just have to find a compromise for the time until the child gets used to sleep at the right time.The best option - is to take a walk after dinner with the baby for an hour.When he returned, buy it, clean with it teeth, put pajamas - and put in a crib to sleep.You can still try to play with him in the quiet game, read him a story, and then try to put to bed.But rapid progress in this regard, to achieve hard.
  • But consider what the child has to get used to fall asleep on their own and in due time, because this is how you develop the habit of normal healthy sleep.You need to be assertive and resist the vagaries of the kid, if you can stand it, then a week later - the two is your problem will be solved.

Tips for parents

  1. the child does not sleep well at night Try not to be nervous! Still, your baby is associated with you and feels your mood and state of where you are.If you feel tired, then ask for help from relatives.
  2. Try to stick to the regime of the day .It simply requires that your baby has learned to sleep and wake up at the same time.And you will be so much easier.
  3. sure, maybe he something hurts. Call your pediatrician.Maybe he was crying because he is teething or colicky abdominal concerned.
  4. also advise you to try before bedtime walk in the fresh air and warm baths .

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