What should children watch cartoons?

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30 April 2016

Useful cartoons Every child loves cartoons, but sometimes it becomes dangerous, even though a lot of parents do not think about it.Research conducted in the world, showed the influence of movies on the psyche of children, it allows you to determine what you can watch cartoons, and should refrain from making.Children psychoanalysts were created recommendations on selection of the best cartoons for the child.

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Tips for Choosing

  1. the mental state of children's cartoons have a great impact, and for the kids every cartoon is obliged to demonstrate good and something useful : character shows a desire to learn, help others, shows no greed, shows honesty.The common good cartoon instructive manner of narration and shows examples protagonists .
  2. Even the most instructive and a good cartoon can present a danger to the mental state of children if it is used heavily bright colors .The colors that sharply with each other do not mix, or highly bright, supersaturated child's psyche, as a result of the child may be excitement, aggressive.The calm, pale, warm colors of the opposite effect on children's psyche soothingly, without distracting from the full story.
  3. Sound design is no less important than the image.Audio series also should not devote much harsh sounds, music should be soothing and relaxing.
  4. In addition, an important aspect is considered and supply text data your child.A good cartoon should contain not only the dialogue between the main characters, but, strictly speaking, monologues characters .Their thoughts, experiences, reasoning and motivation actions presents kid should voiceover.It helps children monologues included in the movie event and actively participate in them in his imagination.

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selection of the most instructive and useful cartoons for children

  1. Useful cartoons «Smeshariki» - animated series with funny balls, little animals that live in a good world where cruelty has no place.This cartoon is not available compulsive moralistic and silly sweetness.So kids love Smeshariki and enjoy learning together with them to find extraordinary solutions common problems.
    Useful: Among Smeshariki negative characters do not exist, except for the evil clone Losyash.Almost every episode is built on some of the problem situation that may encounter in the life of the baby.In the children's naivety and external simplicity hidden storyline philosophical and even quite serious topics , that develop the child's thinking.
  2. Useful cartoons «Adventures Luntik» - Russian animated series training for children of preschool age.This is the story of a small furry animal Luntik, who was born on the Moon and fell from it to Earth.Actions take place in a forest clearing near a pond.A huge number of actors - are small animals: fish, insects, frogs, and so on. D. They are both children and adults.
    Useful: Animated Series very kind , there pokazyvaetsya children's view of the world.According to its meaning, then there is no wholly villains, even hysterical leech and hooligans caterpillars appear often on different sides, multifaceted nature in which there are both positive character traits.
  3. Useful cartoons «Masha and the Bear» - Russian animated series about a little girl Masha, who is haunted by anyone, and above all - his fellow bears.Cartoon very cheerful and kind , primarily intended for children aged 3 to 9 years , but adults will also laugh at the adventures of Masha and the Bear, recalling his carefree childhood.
    Useful: When kids see this cartoon, he begins to explore the world and human relations , he begins to learn about mutual aid and friendship, about the development of the modern world.
  4. Useful cartoons «Bambi» - kind, sincere, this cartoon about the adventures of a small fawn Bambi.In the picture are considered events of the period of his birth until the age of an adult deer, so much like the embattled leader and proud deer herd.
    Useful: The kids are starting to learn about the world by cartoon characters of Walt Disney, though at the same time with them while getting lessons of love for all living things and kindness.This is a very developing cartoon.
  5. Useful cartoons «Peppa Pig» - informative, fun and very kind cartoon for very young children , pro gay piggy Peppy, who lives with her mother pig, Daddy pig and little brother George.Funny pig Peppe really like to play with his friends, make interesting acquaintances and dress up.Each series multfilma- this new adventure fun Peppa Pigs, which always ends with a bang grunts and laughter.
    Useful: Each picture is played new situation , look at that can be helpful for your child.In this animated series much kindness .
  6. Useful cartoons «Sponge Bob» - an American animated television series.Protagonist perfectly adapted to the psyche of children : he is kind, sweet, gentle, and should be a real sponge, besides him anything can happen.SpongeBob constantly different: it can be good and bad, sad and funny, so it interesting for everyone.
    Useful: See the cartoon may be children of any age.And for kids inattentive, restless, with constant mood changes and are prone to aggression and , it is especially useful.
  7. Useful cartoons «Dasha traveler» - developing and informative cartoon .Dasha - a girl of seven years, she is the protagonist.Dasha has a loyal friend - a monkey named Slipper, which it overcomes all obstacles and difficulties, as well as travels in search of new adventures and opens up the world.
    Useful: storyline will involve your baby in part in adventures.This animated series will help the child learn the words of the English language and develop their attention, learn to consider it, to distinguish colors, shapes and sizes .
  8. Useful cartoons «The Adventures of Leopold» - instructive and kind Russian cartoon can bring a lot of fun, both children and adults.Interesting stories will interest every viewer.2 cute mouse try to annoy the very good cat.Cartoon about the kindest cat who catches mice and live in friendship with all.
    Useful: This cartoon like this one created not only for entertainment, but also with the aims to teach children simple things: kindness, moral values ​​ .Teaches cartoon good deeds, forgiveness .The children, watching it can understand many things.
  9. Useful cartoons «Beware of monkeys!» - animated series, which was filmed in the Soviet film studio.Multerial follows the adventures of five cubs monkeys that live in the zoo with her mother.The kids are different fantastic energy, naivete and a tendency to adventurism, mother to rescue them from trouble and correct their antics.
    Useful: This cartoon can teach children good behavior .The actions are always important.With this cartoon they learn to behave and listen to parents .
  10. Useful cartoons «Horton» - elephant Horton in such huge ears that he turns out to be able to hear even the flowers.Rather, the small animals that live in them.But if a baby elephant Horton will start to talk to invisible little ones, other animals begin to think that it is inadequate.But Horton on it anyway.His duty, he thinks to save the population of colors from external threats.
    Useful: Lovely cartoon, which allows children to understand that their own characteristics, which will be called surrounding the strange or ridiculous, do not need to hide, because it is possible that they are manifestation of any talent .

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