Step by step instructions on how to get to the desired kindergarten

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01 May 2016

How to get to the desired kindergarten In connection with the situation in the Russian Federation is pretty good there is a shortage of places in kindergartens, the parents of the admission to kindergarten need to worry immediately after the birth.

content of the article:

  • Contributions
  • documents and recording
  • Benefits

contributions for kindergartens

can proceed as follows: we all know that in our country a very large problemAvailability in kindergartens and get there very difficult.This skillfully and children are heads of institutions, each time more and more reasons for the financial contributions of parents children.And parents dutifully carry the money, because there is no alternative.
How to get to the desired kindergarten So it is with these contributions and begins a visit to a kindergarten child.To your child passed around to the desired kindergarten with you may require since 5 and ending with 30-Tew thousand rubles , it all depends on the region.
It's all very sad, and it is a frightening trend.And the worst thing is that the parents and encourag

e this trend.
But that's not all.If you did manage to send a child to kindergarten without various original contributions, in the future you will still expect different fees for different needs kindergarten and school.

Documents required for admission to the desired kindergarten

How to get to the desired kindergarten In any case, you will need to hand over certain documents to register your child in preschool.So, after the birth of your baby you get certificate of birth .And now, just a good time to register your child in kindergarten desired.July 1, 2006 introduced a new procedure for recording children in kindergartens.Now, instead of going directly to the head of the parents are interested in their kindergarten, they need to go to the special committee on staffing preschools area (for example, in Moscow introduced a new order record in kindergartens).In order not to waste time, you need to familiarize yourself with the schedule, because the Commission did not work every day.These are
documents must show the committee:

  1. child's birth certificate ;
  2. Passport data one of the parents;
  3. If there benefits - a document , which they confirmed.

How to get to the desired kindergarten your personal presence in the committee is not necessarily the main thing - is to have your passport, so you can ask someone from relatives or friends to enroll your child in kindergarten, or to record via the Internet.
There is one caveat: you must present a passport is only one of the parents.Therefore it is better to show the passport of the parent, which is registered in the area, and that kindergarten , where you want to enroll your child.Of course, you need to write in any case, since recording occurs at the place of actual residence, but all the same questions will be less and you will cope with it quickly.


On 1 October 2010 a list of privileges for admission to kindergarten has undergone some significant changes.This was in accordance with the order of the Department of Education in Moscow "On confirmation Orders staffing state educational institutions that implement the main general education program of preschool education, the Department of Education of Moscow."
now, especially in kindergartens accept children whose parents in the Russian Federation does not have a permanent registration .By enrolling in kindergarten they have lost their right to benefits the children of mothers of pupils, students, children of the unemployed, children twins, children of internally displaced persons and refugees.
And there was a gradation of benefits: advantageous extraordinary and priority right receiving child in kindergarten.
So, endowed with the right of priority:

  1. Kiddies teachers and other employees of public preschool educational institutions.
  2. children of single mothers.
  3. Children who are siblings already attend preschool groups of the institution, with the exception of non-compliance situation of health establishments profiles entered into it baby.

extraordinary vested right:

  1. Children judges.
  2. Orphans, children transferred to other families of citizens on adoption and foster care.
  3. Children whose parents are from the number of orphans and children left without parental care.Children
  4. residents who were exposed to radiation as a result of the catastrophic situation at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  5. Children prosecutors and investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor of Russia.

priority right of admission to kindergartens are:

  1. Children from large families.
  2. children of police officers.Children
  3. employees police station who died in connection with the performance of, or who died within one year of dismissal from the service as a consequence of a contusion (injury) disease, which is obtained during military service.As the children of police officers, who in consequence of the performance were injured, precluding the possibility for their further service.
  4. disabled children and children from families in which one parent is considered invalid

How to get to the desired kindergarten Pay attention, that the list of exemptions in each city may be slightly different, because the benefits of the city administration determines, on the basis of the existing at the momentfederal laws.
Our advice to you, even if you have benefits, it is still better not to delay the submission of documents , because beneficiaries also very many, and among them, too, form, respectively, of all.
The Commission You will be given notice of registration child in the book of the future registry specific kindergarten pupils.The notice should specify number and date , when you have to come to the Commission for final adoption decision to admit your child to kindergarten .