The best diapers for babies.

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02 May 2016

The best diapers for babies Today, perhaps, is rarely seen family, which would not be used disposable diapers for a newborn baby.Pampers make life easier for parents to save time on laundry and provide a comfortable sleep for both children and mothers.And given our climate, it is especially important that the baby remains dry even during long trips and long trips.Which disposable diapers modern parents are choosing for their crumbs? How to choose a diaper for a boy?

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  • Diapers Pampers - the first and best
  • Breathable and soft diapers Huggies
  • Diapers Merries indicator filling
  • Diapers Moony with silent Velcro
  • Diapers GooN function exhaust moisture from the skin
  • ReviewsMoms of diapers for babies

Diapers Pampers - the first and the best diapers for babies from birth

The best diapers for babies undisputed leader, has long won the trust of consumers - this, of course, Pampers, the first in the world of diapers from company Procter & amp;Gamble .Pampers Diapers are available today, based on the characteristics and ne

eds of each stage of development of the baby.For example, a special line of Pampers New Baby for newborns, Pampers Active Baby - for more active crumbs to three months, panties Pampers Let's Go to "adult" kids "economy" diapers Pampers Sleep & amp;Play and so forth.
Features diapers Pampers:

  • In diapers into account all the peculiarities of children of a certain stage of development.
  • Certain models diapers Pampers suitable for premature babies , who require special protection of their delicate skin.
  • Diapers Pampers does not restrict movement of the child.
  • Thanks to special inner layer of the skin of the child is not exposed to friction.
  • baby's skin is completely protected from greenhouse , thanks to a breathable diaper structure.
  • leak has double protection - reinforced cuffs and wide elastic sidewall.
  • Reusable fasteners easier to use.
  • Cheerful design like both children and mothers.
  • Certain models have impregnation balm , providing skin care of the baby.

Breathable and soft Huggies diapers for babies of all ages

The best diapers for babies - Haggis Manufacturers Haggis, though not become pioneers in this area, but still realize the dream of many moms improved the diapers and facilitating the process of using the parents of the subject.Thanks to experts of the company, saw the light Velcro, diapers panties and cotton outer layer .
Features diapers Huggies

  • Incredibly soft, gentle and breathing pattern for babies, with material Babysoft .
  • uniform distribution of the liquid in the inner layer of the diaper.
  • Saving properties fasteners even when using powders and lotions.
  • exceptional dryness, ensured by the combination of materials and the absorbent system, which makes all of the liquid into a gel.
  • Panties diapers with disappearing drawings crumbs for those who are already studying potty.

Diapers Merries indicator filling

The best diapers for babies - Merris Like it or not, and all the Japanese manufacturers of diapers surpassed, although in a world market much later than others.Japanese quality was higher than Western brands.The cost of Japanese diapers a multiple higher, but they appreciated worldwide.
Features diapers Merries

  • indicator filling - features and advantages over the rest of the diaper.
  • perfect fixation on the child's body (do not slip, do not go astray).
  • micropores on the inner layer , providing air access to the skin.
  • Separation of "gender": reinforced lower zone (for girls) and reinforced front (for boys).
  • witch hazel extract in the composition of the diaper (antibacterial, antiseptic properties).
  • elastic Lycra wide gum (no discomfort and strong pressure).

Diapers Moony with silent Velcro and filling indicator

The best diapers for babies - Mooney Japanese diapers, many parents found the best Moony.With the new material Air Silky , diapers have become more gentle to the child's skin, non-irritating, have high absorption properties.
Features diapers Moony

  • soft cotton interior, excluding skin irritation.
  • innovative ventilation system (constant air).
  • Reusable Velcro.
  • Saving forms absorbency and elasticity.
  • Availability superabsorbents inner layer provides excellent absorption and conversion of liquid to gel.
  • Availability volumetric folds with several parties , ensuring even absorption of child loose stool.
  • soft cotton mesh on the thickened portion of the diaper from the back, through which the child is excluded sweating backs, sudamen and allergic rashes.
  • Diapers Moony Newborn created allowing for the newborn baby. Adjacent to the navel portion of the diaper is in the shape of a semicircle to avoid friction with the unhealed navel baby.
  • Silent tape encircling with rounded edges, allowing to change the baby diaper, even during his sleep.
  • indicator filling.

Diapers GooN function exhaust moisture from the skin of the baby

The best diapers for babies - Gong basic requirement when creating a Japanese diapers - maximum dryness and comfort.Products GooN different features that are provided and diapers so popular around the world.
Features diapers GooN

  • Natural materials the absorbent layer , representing a mixture of the gelling agent with cellulose.
  • distribution layer (the material does not crumple, the liquid is evenly distributed).
  • indicator filling.
  • air circulation and diversion moisture vapor from the baby's skin, thanks to the porous breathable materials.
  • an elastic strap and a belt.
  • Vitamin E in the inner layer.

What diapers for the baby you choose?Reviews moms of diapers for babies

- We only use Pampers.The first pack presented still in the hospital, and now only take them.They still comfortable mesh.For newborns - the most it (diarrhea is well absorbed).Newburn - Best.True, there were then.I had to pay)).

- We do like Haggis.Pampers - also good, but Haggis will be softer.A more gentle.And, once had to take on 3-6 kg because a large son was born.)) Haggis - this thing!After them, other diapers do not want to take.The quality is good, and the price, compared to other very democratic.

- We have not reached any haggis or Fiksisy ... Dad brought Pampers - I was delighted.Enough for a long time, the priest is not preet, absorbs perfectly.Sleeping baby started normally.A haggis we pasted, not to mention the fact that the gel found himself right in the causal place a child!The uneven distribution of water quality did not like.And Pampers - all sides are good.And Gorny, nice to hold in hands.

- We enjoyed the Libero.Normal diapers.Although I believe that all these diapers - only in case of emergency.It is better for them not to teach.

- so many reviews were positive about the Pampers what they bought, and after the birth of his son.Well, what can I say ... complete nonsense.In general, I do not like.A couple of days popolzovavshis - went to all sorts of diaper rash, redness ... In general, she waved her hand (not to save the baby's health) and took Merries.A little expensive, but the Japanese quality.In them we "slept" about a week.Then too disappointed (leak and).Taiwan bought Sealer.That is really super.Breathe, absorb, do not leak, myagonkie.)) Is recommended.

- buy only Blueberry.Most good.Nothing flowed, no diaper rash.Then and panties of the same brand was taken - quickly accustomed to the pot.

- only Japanese!Merries or Muni.Most optimum quality.Pampers and Haggis with them can not be compared.Price, of course, is not a cheap, but worth it.The child is calm, sleeping well.I, too.))

- We bought «Goon».I believe that it is better simply could not be.No complaints, problems at all with them there.Soft, soft, pop breathing.Creams and powders do not buy.Minus one - the price.))

- Haggis - horror.Texture - as if made of cardboard.Soak badly.Popa constantly wet his son.And if you are coming off great, so in general the tube - all through the belt creeps out.Pampers is now taking only.Very worthy products.More Molfiks good.For the price - lower, but the quality is good.