Best infant formula for newborns.

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02 May 2016

Best infant formula for babies When it comes to nutrition for the baby, every mother, of course, wants to give the child the best.What are choosing modern mothers for their infants kids?

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  • Milk formula Nutrilon
  • Variety mixtures Nan
  • Nutrilak mixture of healthy and handicapped children
  • mixture Humana - the best substitute for breast milk
  • Hipp Infant formula for babies from 8 months
  • The mixture Agusha useful for digestion
  • babies infant formula for newborns Baby
  • real reviews of infant formula

not always have the opportunity to nurture their child breast milk, and if you have to switch to infant formula, this product will definitely have to be of high qualityand safer.

Milk formula Nutrilon for healthy kids

Best infant formula for newborns - Nutrilon This mixture is designed for newborn babies do not have any problems with your health.Features

mixture Nutrilon

  • Maintaining the natural state of the intestinal microflora.
  • prevention of symptoms such as intestinal colic and flatulence.
  • full compliance with all the physiological
    needs of the newborn.
  • Powerful bifidogenic properties.
  • strengthen the immune system of the baby.

Nan infant formula designed for every age kid

Best infant formula for newborns - NAS Nan mixture produced in several forms, for feeding kids of all ages - for full feeding, and as an additional lure.Features

mixture Nan

  • Age categories - for babies, for kids up to six months, for children from six months of age and older years.
  • balanced composition of mixtures, excluding allergic reactions and deficiency in the necessary micronutrients.
  • recovery of intestinal microflora, getting rid of the problems in the digestive system.
  • Increased immunity thanks to the full range of vitamins.

Nutrilak Infant formula for healthy and handicapped children

Best infant formula for newborns - Nutrilak Good nutrition for healthy babies who need additional (major) feeding, and the crumbs with certain health problems.When you create a product using special components designed to prevent (to eliminate) the problem of various types of health.Each product - the result of the work of scientists and the Academy of Medical Sciences.

assortment mixes Nutrilak:

  • Traditional (from 0 up to a year)
  • to strengthen the immune system, as well as for the prevention of digestive problems (with prebiotics, nucleotides).
  • For the treatment of eating disorders, correction of regurgitation, intestinal motility disorders.
  • When lactose intolerance.
  • Dairy-Free, soy-based.
  • For children with allergies, lactose intolerance, cow moloka.I others.

Infant formula Humana - the best substitute for breast milk

Best infant formula for babies High quality substitute for mother's milk, as close as possible to its composition.Features

mixture Humana

  • vitamin-mineral complex.
  • prebiotics and Omega 3 fatty acids in the composition.
  • production of a mixture of fresh milk, subject to a multi-stage cleaning.
  • High quality products, excluding food allergies.
  • entire list of relevant child trace elements, minerals and amino acids in the composition.
  • Reliable packaging, safe storage, preserving all properties.

Hipp infant formula for babies from 8 months

Best infant formula for newborns - Hipp A mixture of Hipp for kids from eight months - to fully meet the body all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Properties mixture Hipp

  • additional substances in the mixture for the development of endocrine, bone, muscle and blood systems - selenium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium.
  • Exclusively natural ingredients to create a mixture of the main principle - the creation of environmentally friendly products.
  • carefully balanced composition of the digestive problems of children.
  • lack of sugar and milk in mixtures for allergy sufferers.
  • Meals for kids with anemia, which further contains iron, carotene, ascorbic and folic acid.

infant formula Agusha useful for digestion babies

Best infant formula for newborns - Agusha mixture to regulate gastrointestinal kids of all ages.Features

mixture Agusha

  • infant stimulation of the immune system.
  • Creating products with the participation of nutritionists RAMS.
  • Dry mixtures with other components such as fibers preobioticheskie, choline, nucleotides, taurine, probiotic cultures.
  • liquid mixture for mixed feeding.

Baby Milk formula - the best food for novororzhdennyh

Best infant formula for babies - Baby products for infants with and without sugar, for rapid cooking.Select for mothers present in the mixture in the required amounts of taurine, trace elements, vitamins, cream and vegetable oil.The mixture is adjusted individually for each child, according to the characteristics of the body and health.

What kind of mixture for your baby you choose?Real reviews moms

- The eldest daughter fed the baby, okay, there was no complaints.Initially Nestozhen I tried, but has not approached (started constipation).But Baby - was ideal.Quickly gained weight, became a regular chair.Second doche (four weeks) also immediately began to give Babe.And, too, I can not complain - a normal mixture.

- Nutrilon to give birth to his son.Excellent mix.No allergies, side effects to the bathroom - like clockwork.Get well quickly.Very like.

- Gave Hipp daughter did not like her.Do not eat.Defected to the ones as the Humans - perfect.Regurgitation is not (as before - a fountain), gaining weight without busting, allergic reactions are not.The composition of the - you know, the quality is super.For a while, sitting on Frisolake - does not matter.We returned to the ones as the Humans.But in general is gradually translating into liquid porridge.

- son flatly refused Nutrilon.Switched to Nan - even worse.Constipation is - izmuchal child.Nestle wanted to try, but (accidentally) got Humana.There are no words.The mixture - the best.Son liked, and no problems at all.Now the only ones as the Humans and take.

- Nan did not come, the daughter did not like the mixture.Whatever.)) With Nestle, alas, the same story.Although the "brand" like worthy ones as the Humans ... Dad bought on trial.It turned out - the best option.It is possible that the daughter of a tortured "starving"))), but good.We decided to stop on it.At the expense of other mixtures - I do not know nothing else tried.

- What good Humana - can be diluted with warm water.There is no need to boil water to breed, then cool ... so long it all.And here - Shake and ready.All are full, everyone is happy, my mother - the extra ten minutes of sleep, neighbors - too.))) And the quality of what we say, excellent.German.))

- We three months.We started with Nistozhena (did not go - constipation began).Then he took the Babe.And stunned.Cheap Domestic mixture, but generally no side issues - neither bars nor allergies.Chair immediately returned to normal.Sweets excess in the mixture no milk smell nice.Probably I recommend.Although all individually.

- From Nistozhena son just sprinkled all the way!Then treated for diathesis.The funny thing is that I, too, (like smart) tried this mixture.And I also have the allergy!Pouznavala of friends - many of these effects after the mixture.As a result, the husband brought Babe (saved))), and that it came to us best.Son eats with gusto, no constipation, no sprinkles.

- Nistozhen - the best mix.I am beginning to give her son a month.Taste good, no problems with the chair was not.Tummy generally ceased to blow and hum after Nistozhena.And from Malyutki just - the horror!And sprinkled allergies, and refused to have a child.It was not pleasant.Once again I concluded: our quality - no.Tips all - nonsense, every child - their own blend.