The most popular children's toys for girls 11-13 years old - winter 2013

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03 May 2016

Toys for girls 11-13 years toys and kits for girls 11-13 years old are practical, they may be used not only to play with dolls, but also in everyday life, more than that, they will be able to influence the choice of profession your daughter, so parents are advised to carefully deal with the choice of, in what will be playing their child.Children's toys for girls - it's a big world in which there are rules, orders and laws.

list of popular toys for girls 11-13 years:

Goldsmith - a popular toy for the princesses.

Toys for girls 11-13 years This is a great machine for the manufacture of jewelry.With a miracle - machine your little girl will be able to very quickly create chains, rings and bracelets - the most elegant and delicate.Approximate price this set: 1400-1600 rubles .

suitcase young lady for girls 11 years old.

This suitcase is all that may be necessary to a lady! mirror, hair curlers, comb, color rezinochki, beads, gum flower, two ringlet butterfly kulonchik and more.Approximate price suitcase 1600-1800 rubles .For

cheerful fidget - ball "Ogosport."

This is a standard ball game Ogosport - a unique game for a wide range of people!The innovative development of American Scientists - Sports Game "Ogosport" - a simple but at the same time very exciting.Your daughter will be able to get the unlimited freedom of action, because he can play even the huge company in a small area.This game can intrigue everyone, even the most sophisticated girl.Approximate price ball: 200-600 rubles .

«Twister Ring" for young athletes 11-13 years.

Toys for girls 11-13 years «Twister Ring" may well be suitable for street girls games with them in the yard can make a great sporting event .But you can also have fun playing with them at the party.This game is mobile and dynamic, funny and fun.And some of its options are great for adult parties.Approximate price Games: 1000-1400 rubles .

Glowing bars Ses for your little traveler.

Glowing bars Ses - it's a great toy for young adventurers.This kit will help girls make their game more realistic.Buying glowing rods Ses, you will be able to give her daughter the opportunity to feel this adventurer .Approximate price rods: 300-500 rubles .

Funny pet for girls 11-13 years - Puppy with wonderful pencil.

Toys for girls 11-13 years This puppy belly and heels can draw wonderful pencil .You only need to gently hold them pressed on the tip.Immediately on his tummy or ears will be glowing picture!During the day these cute little animals look quite ordinary, and in the evening they turn into wonderful toys."Magic," a pencil starts to draw like a "ray of moonlight".Heels and belly pup made from a special fabric with a special coating that when touched luminous pencil provides the effect of fluorescence.Approximate price puppy: 700-1000 rubles .

Interactive cat "Cherry" for caring hostess.

Cherry able to blink his eyes, wiggle its tail and ears .And growl and purr , as the "real" kitty!Great ginger being perfectly 'knows' what he wants, and really needs care and love.It is necessary to comb her hair a special brush or stroke back, and thankfully Cherry starts waving tail, and will be quite hum.If you scratch your neck Cherry, she's pretty and affectionate zaurchit.After a long game or sweet dreams, charming kitty Cherry hungry!Then it is necessary to feed the special biscuits in the shape of a fish.Approximate price cat: 3800-4000 rubles .

Young prodigies - Designer puzzle "Labyrinth."

Toys for girls 11-13 years This is a great simulator for the development of thinking and logic surround .The aim of this game is the creation of a specific design, using parts of different purposes, so that nothing interfered with the movement of the balls.Classes with designer contribute develop fine motor girls, as well as her memory and imaginative thinking .This game is recommended for children from 10 years.Approximate price designer: 300-600 rubles .

Set "Supermarket" for inquisitive girl of 11 years.

Toys for girls 11-13 years This themed set with sound effect for the plot-role-playing games in the store. scanner for reading bar codes goods at the box office can work with sound.On LCD cash when purchasing goods will be displayed the correct amount.You can pay by credit card , for it at the cash register has a special slot.To withdraw funds for the purchase, your daughter should hold on card payment reader.Approximate price set : 1200-1400 rubles .

Funny friend for a charming girl - Squirrel Dance.

This beautiful squirrel dance can sing a song other than its owner.And she knows how funny dance, moving with the tail and head.This toy is a touch.Approximate price squirrels: 600-800 rubles .