The child no one is friends in kindergarten, playground - is it ok and what to do?

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03 May 2016

A child with no one to friends child by nature seeks to explore the world, meet new things and people around him.But it also happens that the child does not get along with their peers, and almost no one is friends in kindergarten or in the playground.Is this normal, and what to do for the successful socialization of the baby?

content of the article:

  • Violation of child's socialization among peers - how to identify problems
  • child no one is friends in kindergarten, playground - the reasons for such behavior
  • What to do if a child or withwho are not friends?Ways to overcome this problem

Violation child's socialization among peers - how to identify problems

It sounds blasphemous, but sometimes parents becomes even comfortable , that their child is always near them, no one is friendly, it does not goto visit and do not invite friends over.But this child's behavior rather abnormal, because the loneliness in childhood can hide behind a whole layer of intra problems , problems of socialization of the child , mental disorders , even nervous and mental diseases .When the parents should begin to sound the alarm? How do you know that the baby alone and has trouble communicating?

  1. child begins to complain parents that he had no one to play , that to him no one wants to be friends, no one does not talk to him, all laughing at him.It should be noted that such recognition, especially - from children is very shy and closed, you can hear very rarely.
  2. Parents should look more to their child by, notice all the slightest behavioral problems and communicating with children.When playing on the playground and the child may be very active, with a roller coaster ride on the swing, run, but - with any of the other children not to contact , or join with others in numerous conflicts, but do not try to they play together .
  3. in kindergarten or school, where the children's group assembled in one room for most of the day, the child with problems of socialization becomes more difficult.He is unable to step aside, caregivers and teachers often try to involve these children in common is their desire to work, which can only add to their stress.Parents should look - of the children with whom the child communicates, whether it refers to someone for help, you guys are turning to this child .At the festivities parents can also discern - whether their baby is active at the festival, tells whether poetry, dancing there, whether he chooses someone in a couple of games and dances.
  4. A child with no one to friends Houses child with abnormal uncommunicative never talks about their peers, friends .He prefers playing alone , may be reluctant to go for a walk.
  5. Kid do not mind staying home on weekends, he not feel bad when he plays one , sitting in a room alone.
  6. child does not like to go to kindergarten or school , and is always looking for every opportunity to not visit them.
  7. Most often the child comes from a kindergarten or school nervous, excited, frustrated .
  8. a birthday child does not want to invite any of their peers, and as no one invites .

Of course, these features do not always talk about the disease - is that the nature of the child is very closed, or vice versa, is self-sufficient and does not need us.If the parents noticed some worrying signs , which speak of a pathological uncommunicative child's unwillingness to make friends, socialization problems, you must immediately take measures , until the issue has become a global, difficult to correct.

child no one is friends in kindergarten, playground - the reasons for such behavior

  1. If a child many complexes, or have some physical disability - perhaps he is shy of it, and goes ondirect contact with peers.It also happens that children tease the child because of his excessive fullness, carelessness, stuttering, lisping, etc., and the child can go from contact with peers for fear of being ridiculed .
  2. child may avoid contact with other children because of their appearance - maybe the children laugh at it is not very fashionable or unkempt clothing, the old model of mobile phone, hair, etc.
  3. A child with no one to friends Negative childhood experiences : perhaps the child is always suppress the parents or elders in the family, often a child screaming in the family, his friends ridiculed earlier and was not allowed to make at home, and then the child begins to shun the company of peers, so as not to causeangry parents.
  4. A child with no one to friends child who lack of parental love , tend to feel lonely and in the company of peers.Perhaps the family has recently appeared another child, the parents and all the attention is directed to a younger brother or sister, and the child became older receive less attention, feels useless, inept, bad, "inconvenient" for parents.
  5. child becomes an outsider among children often because of his shyness .It's just not taught to make contact.Perhaps this child from infancy had problems communicating with the native people, who were to his forced isolation or courier (the child is born not from the man she loved, a child who spent a lot of time in the hospital without a mother, with consequences of so-called "hospitalism").This kid just does not know how to make contact with other children, and even afraid of it.
  6. child who behaves aggressively and always noisy , also often suffer from loneliness.It happens to the children who received overprotective parents, the so-called minions.Such a child always wants to be first, to win, to be the best.If in the children's group did not accept, he refuses to be friends with someone who, in his opinion, just not worthy of his attention.
  7. Children who do not attend child care centers - as, for example, brought a doting grandmother, also belong to the risk group of children with problems of socialization in children's collective.The child, who treated kindly concern grandmother, who gets all the attention and love that most of the time at home may not be able to communicate with other children, and the school will have problems adapting to the team.

What if a child no one is friends?Ways to overcome this problem

  1. If the child is an outsider in the children's group because not enough fashion or mobile phone, you should not rush into extremes - ignore the problem, or just buy the most expensive model. need to talk with your child, no matter what the thing he wanted to have , to discuss the upcoming purchase plan - how to save money to buy the phone, when to buy, what model to stop.So the child will feel important because his opinion would be considered - and this is very important.
  2. A child with no one to friends If the child does not accept children's group because of excessive fullness or thinness, solution to this problem can be in sports .You must enroll the child in the sports section, do the program for its improvement.Well, if in the sports section, he will go to someone from classmates, friends on the playground, kindergarten - it will have more opportunities to communicate with another child, to find in his face, and other like-minded.
  3. A child with no one to friends Parents need to understand ourselves, and make it clear to the child - because of some of his actions, qualities, tricks with him not want to peers .The child must be helped to overcome the difficulties in communication, as well as their own facilities, and this work will be very good support advice of an experienced psychologist .
  4. child with difficulties in social adaptation, parents can talk about their own experience as a child , they also found themselves alone, without friends.
  5. parents as the people closest to the child, do not shy away from this children's problems - loneliness - in the hope that all the "self-pass". necessary to devote maximum attention to the child, to attend with him children's activities .As a child having difficulty communicating with their peers, the most relaxed feeling in their familiar home environment, it is necessary to arrange at home children's events - and the birthday kid and just.
  6. child must necessarily the support of parents .He needs to constantly say that they love him that together they will solve all the problems that he is strong and very confident.The child can be charged give children on the playground or candy apples - he will immediately become "authority" in the children's environment, and it will be the first step in its proper socialization.
  7. A child with no one to friends each initiative closed and indecisive child must be maintained, encouraging him .Any his footsteps, albeit clumsy, to establish contacts with other children, we need to encourage and praise.In no case, the child can not speak ill of the children, with whom he often plays or talking - it can kill off his entire initiative.
  8. For the best adaptation of the child must be respected teach other children to be able to say "no" to manage their emotions and find acceptable forms of their demonstration people around.The best way of adapting the child - through collective games with and under the wise guidance of adults.You can organize fun contests, theatrical performances, story-role-playing games - all will only benefit, and soon the child will have friends and he taught himself the right to build contacts with other people.
  9. A child with no one to friends If a child does not have friends, have visited a kindergarten or school, parents need to share their observations and experiences with the teacher .Adults should work together to devise ways of socialization of the baby, its mild injection into the active life of the collective .