The most popular children's toys for boys 8-10 years, winter 2013

By Admin | Children
03 May 2016

The most popular children Starting from 8 years old, the kids have, as a rule, you know, what toys they need to play.Therefore, parents, choosing new toys, must take into account the interests of their children, to listen to their request.And, mindful of the need for their future development, try to buy more sophisticated toys.

list of popular toys for boys 8-10 years, winter 2013

Designers Meccano for boys 8 years.When working with the design Meccano (their parts are connected by means of nuts and bolts) have kids starting to develop coordination, fine motor skills sorting and other functions.In addition, children learn to read blueprints use instructions assembly, follow the advice.Designer Meccano give your baby opportunities for technical imagination and introduce him to the basics of electrical engineering and mechanics.Approximate price designer: 1000-1300 rubles .

The most popular children new machine Bibikar - the best entertainment of your baby.Bibicar - is a great patented invention that is not only able to serve as t

oys, but useful for health your baby.This machine is made from environmentally friendly, very strong plastic.The approximate price of the machine: 2200-2500 rubles .

Set "My first railway┬╗ for boys 8-10 years.It develops Designer , who quickly assembled.It must be installed on a flat surface, trees rastavit next to the railroad.Bright rails of durable plastic are connected to the ring easily.The railway consists of blocks of different colors that help children learn faster color .Moving eyes locomotive move left and right.The approximate price of the set: 600-900 rubles .

The most popular children Robot transformer for boys.This toy is a scary futuristic warrior who in a few movements can gather in exact model of modern car .This feature-rich and high-quality toys.The original design solution and fidelity components toys your kid will give many minutes exciting game.The approximate price of the robot: 400- 800 rubles .

The most popular children set "Solar System┬╗ for your boy.Set which allows you to collect desktop models of the solar system in which all the planets revolve .The model works solar powered - enough to make the design of the bright sun or under a lamp post.Observing the rotation of the model, we can see how the parade of planets.This model was made very realistic.The approximate price of the set: 700- 1,100 rubles .

The most popular children RC Helicopter for boys from 8 years.A perfect gift for a boy of 8 years will be radio-controlled toy helicopter.Lightweight and small helicopter on the remote control to quickly soars into the air, is securely held even within a small space and gives a lot of positive emotions as a child and his parents.Approximate price: 1100- 1400 rubles .

The most popular children Teaching children computer for your child.The computer introduces a boy with figures, new words and letters .Games can develop memory and logic.Sound effects, live animation, Cursor mouse and keyboard - that elements of this set.Your computer will help the child to develop and demonstrate their independence around, learning ability and responsibility.The approximate price of a toy computer: 3200-3500 rubles .

Table football for boys.Table football - it's not just a toy, but a real sporting event that you can arrange from the comfort of home.This game may require players reaction speed, agility and precision movements , the ability to build the right moves.No wonder kids foosball addicted than one generation.The set has a playing field with 2 teams players, scale counting heads.The approximate price of the set: 750-900 rubles .

The most popular children P ozharnaya Machine Big Power Worker for young firefighters.Young firefighters are likely to be able to appreciate the wonderful fire truck Power Worker BIG, which is designed specifically for the boys!The car of bright color and impressive size perfect for playing indoors , as well as outdoor playgrounds .Stable fire truck wheels are made of a soft material, the toy can please its beautiful appearance.In the back of the machine are placed several compartments , where you can carry everything you need when fighting fires.The approximate price of the car: 2000 - 2300 rubles .

Water gun for your baby.Game Water Gun - a wonderful gift for your child.To gun joined need to create pressure by a pump that is built into the gun.This helps gun develop coordination and accuracy, motor activity .The approximate price of the gun: 700-900 rubles .