The most popular children's toys for girls 8-10 years, winter 2013

By Admin | Children
04 May 2016

The most popular children Children toys for girls is required to select according to their age.In this article we consider the favorite toys of girls 8, 9 and 10 years in 2013.See also your favorite games boys aged 8-10 years.

list of the most popular toys for girls 8-10 years old - winter 2013

The most popular children Dance Mat «Pump Plus» for young dancers - is the standard dance pad that is ideal for home use.Components have standard pad - software Russified software and colored Russian-speaking guides.In the TV game has 168 dance tracks , which will allow little girls to have fun, without using a computer.Soft tabs of spongy material made comfortable mat for the feet.Approximate price mat: 2700-3000 rubles .
Winx Fairies for girls 8-10 years - a real treat.Winx Fairies will give your child the magic!The most fun, energetic and professional program, surprisingly beautiful and luxurious costumes witches attached!Winx Fairies, like all little girls, in his imagination to create the ideal world, in which dream of visiting.Fairy

Sorceress can surprise your baby dance master classes, production figures from balloons.Approximate price: 2000-2200 rubles .

hairballs (Flufflings) - cute and funny furry animals for girls!They like to tumble, and they will happily giggling when your little girl will throw them into the air!They are always ready to play with the baby day and night!Hairballs is - Mindy (pink), Okki (purple) and Loco (blue).The approximate price of the 1st hairballs: 1100-1500 rubles .

Children Zoobles toy with lock for girls 8-10 years.What girl does not dream to be in a fairy tale?Zoobles lock, which can transform this dream come true!It is a beautiful building bright pink with turrets, venue for the ball and the bridge.Remarkable inhabitants of the castle is always happy guests.Approximate price of children's toys: 1100-1300 rubles .

Set Kitchen Center for your baby.Any girl in my childhood trying to copy my mom, so this kitchen play set is always required.In itself it includes everything that you need so little mistress.Game themed kits promote social adaptation of the baby, getting skills, moreover, just a lot of fun and entertain.Kitchen with accessories consists of 20 items .The approximate price of the set: 1900-2100 rubles .

The most popular children Casket divination for girls from 8 years.The game of divination has always been popular with girls of 8-10 years, and not just before Christmas and the New Year.In the "casket of divination" contains all the necessary for divination on grades in school, to narrow-mummers and all that can be expected in the future .The values ​​are written on the cards themselves, so do not need to memorize anything, it will make the process of divination available every girl, and in the company of her friends she would not be difficult to be experienced prophetess.The approximate price of the casket of divination: 500-800 rubles .

The most popular children Sylvanian Families: Big House for girls.Children's play set "House with light" - a beautiful house, where will certainly enjoy live furry animals.On the front side of a spacious two-storey house appears gaze huge structure with a large balcony on the second floor and opens the door.To get on a balcony can be both inside the house and outside - for special ladders.The approximate price of the game set: 2500-2800 rubles .

The most popular children Dressing table with accessories for true fashionistas 8-10 years.Sitting in front of a huge mirror, your little girl will be able to make original hair, imitating their fairy, because for this there accessories comb .You can add and its accessories in a special box on the shelf.Then just opportunities to grow! Approximate price table: 2500-2700 rubles.

The most popular children Piggis-cuties in teacups for your baby.Piggis-cutie - a new interactive version of the toy, which the characters are charming mini Piggy.Newborn pigs are so small that reside in teacups.They need constant attention and caring hostess.As soon as the baby grow up, they can bring into the light, dressed up in fine clothes.In a series of cuties Piggis-contained collection designer dresses for little animals , which will make the game much more interesting.The approximate price of a pig: 700-900 rubles .

The most popular children Plush Chihuahua dog in a bag for girls under 10 years. Chi Chi LOVE - it's a few tiny dogs with a variety of accessories.Young ladies will be able to select each of them, and carry them everywhere, in a bag attached to them. Wardrobe dogs includes outfits for all occasions of their lives, as well as a huge number of beautiful accessories .Approximate price of dogs: 1800-2000 rubles .