Why can not yell at the children and what to do if this happens?

By Admin | Children
04 May 2016

Why not yell at children Quite often, in order to achieve the desired result, adults begin to raise your voice to the children.And worst of all, what can afford not only parents, but also teachers in kindergarten, school teachers and even simple passers-by on the street.But the cry - this is the first sign of weakness.A screaming baby on people doing worse, not only themselves, but also the baby.Today we want to tell you why you can not scream at children, and how to behave, if it actually happened.

content of the article:

  • Convincing arguments
  • correct the situation
  • recommendations of experienced moms

Why not - convincing arguments

Why not yell at children All parents must agree that to raise a child, and at the same time neverto improve his voice - is very hardly feasible task.But, nevertheless, children clapping need as little as possible.And there are a number of simple reasons :

  • Creek mom or dad just increases irritability and anger baby .Both he and the parents start to get angry, as a result both pretty hard to stop.A res
    ult could be a broken psyche of the child.In the future it will be very difficult to find a common language with adults;
  • your hysterical scream can so much frightened child , he begins to stutter.After raising the voice of a child acts a little differently than adults.This not only gives him to understand that he is doing something wrong, but also very scary;
  • Shouts parents who cause the child a sense of fear, make baby hide from you the manifestation of his emotions .As a result, in adult life, it could trigger a sharp unjustified aggression and cruelty;
  • children and in the presence of children can not even scream because at this age In Ashu demeanor they absorb like a sponge .And when they grow up, the same way they would behave to you and others.

From the above reasons, you can easily make the following conclusion: if you want your children's health and good fortune, try a little restrain their emotions , and do not raise your voice to her children.

how to behave if you still yell at their children?

Remember - it is important not only to raise the voice of a child, but your subsequent behavior, if you still did it.Most often, the mother after the baby screamed at, cold to him for a few minutes.And this is absolutely wrong, because at this moment child is very much in need of your support and affection.

If you raise your voice to child psychologists recommend proceed as follows :

  • Why not yell at children If you broke down on the kid, yell at him, pick him up, try to reassure soft words and gentle stroking ofback;
  • If you were wrong, necessarily admitted his guilt , tell me, did not want to do that, and so do not be greater;
  • If the child was wrong, be quite careful caresses , later the baby may begin to use it;
  • yell at a child for the cause, try not be excessive caresses , because the kid has to realize his guilt, that would in the future not to do;
  • But in situations where you just can not help it, not to raise your voice, you need an individual approach .In such situations, experienced moms recommend to use facial expressions.For example, if a baby is something "done", make distressed person nahmurte eyebrows and explain to him that you can not do that.So you save a child's nervous system and be able to keep their negative emotions;
  • Why not yell at children less to improve a child's voice, try spend more time with him .Thus, your contact with him will intensify, and favorite child will listen to you more;
  • If you can not do anything with myself, that instead of shouting use animal cries : to bark, porychite, crow, etc.This is especially helpful in cases where the cause of rising voices are exactly you.Several times pohryukav when people have more will not have the desire to shout at the child.

In his quest to be the perfect mother, affectionate, tolerant and balanced character, do not forget about yourself .In its schedule, take time for yourself.After all, lack of attention and other needs, provoke neurosis, bringing you start to fall apart, not only on children but also on other family members.

Some children do not sleep if they often shout adults.

What to do and how to behave?

yell at your child, I have always done so, saying: "Yes, I was angry and yelled at you, but it's all because ..." and explain the reason.And then be sure to add that, despite this, I love him very much.

If the conflict was the cause, be sure to explain to the child what is his fault, and that you can not do.In general, try not to yell, but if very nervous, often drink valerian.

Creek - it is the last thing, especially if the child is small, because they do not understand many more.Try a few times to repeat a child that you can not do, and he will listen to your words.

I never yell at the child.If the nerves to the limit, go out on the balcony or in another room and shout loud enough to release steam.Helps)))