Cleaning the washing machine home remedies

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14 April 2016

Sooner or later, everyone lucky enough to own a washing machine encounters a problem of the smell of mold technology, scale, clogging of filters and so on. In the life of the machine affects the operation of the illiterate and hard water, and the use of inappropriate tools.

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even subject to the rules on care appliances, with time the question arises - how to clean the washing machine and extend its life?

It turns out you can do without having to call the master and to prevent damage to the equipment and subsequent repair neighbor's apartment ...

How to clean the washing machine

  • External cleaning machines
    Usually we just wipe the top surface of the machinery, not paying attentioneverything else - "ah, like, clean, who will be there with a magnifying glass to look at!".As a result, after a month or two, the owner realizes that cleaning the surface will have to apply a lot of effort - bleach stains, water and powder fall on the dense layer of the wall of the mach
    ine.If How to clean the washing machine habit to wipe the car from all sides immediately after washing you do not, then prepare a sponge, small brush (you can tooth) and liquid d / utensils.Dilute agent in water (5: 1), applied to the surface with a sponge, brush and clean the rubber seal and the door.Wipe all wet and then a dry cloth.At the same time we pull out the tray and clean the detergent.
  • cleaning filter
    Prolonged use of the machine without regular cleaning filter is clogged.The result - an unpleasant smell from the car, poor circulation of water or flood.Therefore How to clean the washing machine substitute capacity to the car, open the bottom cover panel, poured water from a hose, take out filter and clean it inside and out.Then return to the place.
  • cleaning drum
    the need for such procedures tells the unpleasant smell of the car.How to deal?Fill the drum bleach (cup), turn the wash cycle "idle" for a few minutes, by mode of hot water.How to clean the washing machine Then put the car on the "pause" and leave it for an hour in the "soaked" form.After finishing washing, wipe the equipment inside and leave the door open.This cleaning every 2-3 months will eliminate odor and mold in the car.
  • cleaning machine from the mold by means of soda
    Whatever may be said, to deal with mold can and should be.However, this should be done regularly, not forgetting about the rules of prevention.Mix baking soda with water (1: 1) and carefully machined surfaces inside the car, not forgetting the rubber seal - that is where most hidden mold.The procedure should be repeated once a week.
  • cleaning machine with citric acid
    method to help cope with a touch of lime, and the smell of mold.Fill the drum or tray chemicals 200 g of citric acid, set a long washing and temperature of 60 degrees.When contacting the scale and acid causes a chemical reaction that destroys the lime scale.During cleaning, do not fill the drum clothes - work the machine must be idle.Spin is not needed (laundry is not put), but the extra rinse can not hurt.Use the method should be every 3-6 months.
  • cleaning machine with citric acid and chlorine
    addition of citric acid (1 cup), is poured into the pan, pour a glass of bleach and even directly into the drum of the machine.Modes of washing and the temperature - the same.Minus - a strong odor.Therefore, the window must be wide open during cleaning to steam generated from the chemical compound and chlorine salts did not affect the health.As for the car, after a clean car is not just going to be sparkling clean, but also in the most inaccessible places cleared of lime and dirt.Use the procedure should be no more than once every 2-3 months to prevent acid corrosion of the rubber parts of the machine.
  • Cleaning the drum of the smell
    Instead of chemical antibacterial agent is poured into the drum oxalic acid and run the machine "idle" for 30 minutes (without underwear).The number and type of wash cycle - as in the method with citric acid.
  • cleaning machine using copper sulfate
    If the fungus is already firmly entrenched in your vehicle, it usually means it will not take.A solution of copper sulfate can help solve the problem quickly and efficiently, even as prevention is not hurt.To clean the machine wash the cuff means washing machine and leave, not wiping, for a day.After wash all parts with diluted detergent and clean water.
  • Shoe
    vinegar 2 cups white vinegar poured into the car and put the regime of prolonged washing and heat.Naturally, we run the machine without laundry and detergent.After 5-6 minutes, set the machine to pause and leave for an hour "soak", and then finish the laundry.Wash off the remnants of funds will be using short washing.After you drain the water, you need to wipe the rubber seal, the drum and the door from the inside with a cloth soaked in acetic water (1: 1).Then wipe dry.

How to clean the washing machine

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And, of course, do not forget about prevention:

  • installed under the water pipe or the inlet hose, magnetic water softener .Under his influence the salt will be split into ions.
  • After each wash wipe the machine dry and do not close the door to dry the car.
  • Regular cleaning machines (every 2-3 months) can significantly extend the life of equipment.
  • Buy washing powder for stores with a good reputation , and carefully read the instructions.Do not use the machine to machine powder for hand washing.And do not fill the powder in the detergent drawer, if specified in the instructions - "fill directly into the drum."
  • When using powders with soap and water in the composition or dense softener dryer be sure to include extra rinse, or even turn the machine after washing clothes in the laundry dry.These agents are not washed out of the machine completely, resulting in reduced equipment life, and bacteria multiply.
  • During washing use means the water softening .But first make sure that your water does require mitigation.

As you can see, nothing complicated in the self-cleaning machine no.Home - do it regularly , and take good care of their equipment.

And how do you clean your washing machine?Share your experiences in the comments below!