What ironing board to choose for the house?

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
15 April 2016

ironing clothes is impossible to imagine without the ironing board.How to select an ironing board, and what its parameters need to pay attention, you will learn in this article.

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Ironing board Home

content of the article:

  • Types
  • requirements
  • How to choose?

What ironing boards are for the house?

assortment offered ironing boards is very diverse.These household appliances for ironing can be divided into types:

  • Dockable one end fixed to the wall - built-in ironing board
    They almost did not take place and, if necessary, put forward.A real boon for small apartments.These boards are inserted in the cloakroom or in a special cabinet.
    Ironing board Home
    can order that the side boards, which will be visible, has been designed as a picture - then the board will be more and decorative elements.
  • Portable ironing boards
    main advantage - their mobility.It can be ironed anywhere: in the bathroom, the living room.Then folded and put in a hiding place.
    Ironing board Home
    Less - occupies an additional, albeit small place.
  • ironing board box (chest) laundry
    working surface of the ironing board is located on top of the chest and can be decomposed to the desired size.If you pick up a chest of drawers with a board under the interior of a room, it fits perfectly into the atmosphere.
    Ironing board Home
    There dressers, which are made of wood, Spanish cane (rattan), and other materials.The choice is huge.
  • ironing board, built-in furniture
    They save space, because the cabinets are installed inside the walls and furniture.
    Ironing board Home
    These boards have special clips, which they can easily go from the box and similarly return.
  • Ironing board with additional features, for example - with steam generator
    functions running from the power supply can reliably fix the cloth on the board, and steam thoroughly dry things.
    Ironing board Home
    This board especially handy when ironing synthetic delicate things and stretch fabrics.

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Basic requirements for an ironing board

good ironing board - a board, meet the requirements, namely:

  • Easy , ie, the weight of which will be mastered by a woman without much effort;
  • Reliable , enough not to shake, does not bend and nothing fell off;
  • Compact , to engage in the folded state is comparatively small volume;
  • Easy , the process of ironing not unnerved, and was fast and comfortable.This contributes to a broad working surface, optimal location and outlet retractable stand for iron, as well as the presence of height adjustment board, stand for smoothing sleeveless shirts bracket;
  • Quality . board to last a long time, you need to choose wisely ironing board, paying attention to everything: the table top, legs, fasteners.

Ironing board Home

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How to select an ironing board right?

to choose the right ironing board, pay attention to:

  1. working surface
    It can be made of ...
    • chipboard . Such boards are not durable, but are inexpensive.Over time, the table-top is deformed from -this moisture and temperature.
    • Metal. much more durable chipboard, but have to pay attention to whether there is enough holes for the steam.If they are small, the accumulated vapor will quickly become worthless cover, cover board.The best option, if the metal sheet is coated on top of the tree.
    • thermoplastic. innovative material for ironing boards.It pairs well passes, durable and light in weight.
  2. top coat countertops - Case - also important
    • Covers are cotton, synthetic, non-stick, water-resistant and heat-resistant;removable and fixed .
    • Buying board with removable, check quality fixtures cover to the board.
    • better to choose cases with additional fastening a rope , instead of gum, becausegum stretched across time.

    now developed blankets, helps cleanse the iron and the possibility of double-sided ironing .This is achieved through the special inclusions and metal inserts on the surface of the cover.

  3. Feet
    They provide structural stability.
    • considered the most stable boards, which are the feet of the edge of the countertop width.
    • The feet must have rubber tips that prevent scratching the surface of the floor.
    • Fasten the legs to the table top by welding, bolts or rivets.The most durable option considered bolting, but unreliable - rivet fasteners, asrivets eventually cranky.
  4. Fixing height
    height level in the ironing board can be fixed smoothly or stepwise.When a smooth fixing can choose different heights and at speed - a maximum of three positions.But the board with a step height of the regime are more durable, and boards with smooth locking mechanism that quickly loosens up and becomes unusable.
  5. Additional attributes
    Things considerably simplify the process of ironing - is:
    • Stand iron. support extension will keep the iron hand;
    • Removable pedestal for ironing sleeves. With it, you can do without a shirt sleeve folds.Those who pats a lot of shirts, this accessory is useful;
    • shelf ironed linen. very handy thing.Where to put stroked shirt or a dress?No need to look for a suitable location - it is located under the sink.
    • lock of the iron cord. Who would like to cling to the cord infinite corners of the ironing board?A fixing stand limit the movement of the cord and it will not interfere with the process of ironing.

Choice ironing board suggests to take into account not only the parameters of the board with its basic and advanced features, but the size of your living space .In a small apartment it is advisable to purchase a compact ironing board, and if there is a place where "roam", that will be the best option to buy an ironing board with a variety of additional functions.

What type of ironing board house you choose?Share your master's experiences in the comments below!