Her husband lost his job - the good wife can help her husband unemployed?

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30 April 2016

work - an important part of our lives, bringing financial stability.And if the head of the family - a husband, deprived of a source of revenue, loses his job?

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main thing - do not give up and direct their efforts to help her husband in finding a new job and to overcome the financial crisis.
What my wife if the husband lost his job?

I'm sure you've seen these types of families: one where the husband, out of work, doing everything possible to solve the financial problems , and the other - the husband finds lot of excuses and reasons tonot to seek at least some job .Why is this happening?
What my wife if the husband lost his job?

Everything depends on women: one wife inspires, inspires husband to new exploits and deeds, as his muse, and the other - constantly chides, "nibbles", scandals and plays a rolesaws.
How to help her husband when he was left without a job?

Obvious advantages that the husband is at home temporarily

While unemployed husband is constantly at home: Resume places on the Internet, looking for options to work through the newspa

per, and responds to the most suitable job that takes several hours, it is in addition to this may alter the backlog of cases has long : change the wiring, nail book shelf, hang a chandelier, etc.

husband lost his job - the financial side of the problem

With the transition to the status of an unemployed husband, your family will have to reconsider expenditure .If you have been accustomed to living "on a grand scale", it is now necessary to "trim" your spending.

Make a list of expenses, analyze the flow of funds, consider options for saving money .Without a clear allocation of funds is likely to remain at one point completely insolvent family.For this clever wife must have a nest egg.

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Her husband was fired from his job - how to behave?

How to behave, if the husband lost his job, and then say no?

  • If her husband was fired, the wise wife will tell her unemployed husband: "Do not worry, dear, everything changes for the better.You will find a better way of working, in front of you will open up new opportunities and horizons. "That is, do not give her husband lose heart, but instead, cheer, lodge hope for the best.
  • main thing is that his wife, coming home from work, not "nagged" her husband and did not say : «I have been working for two, and you're home all day - you rest."Please note that your husband is struggling to to make a difference.See also: What not to say to the man ever?
  • husband Dismissal from work - it no reason to deny him affection and love .Make him forget about his failures in the professional sphere.Let him feel the family atmosphere and warmth.Arrange a romantic dinner with him his favorite dish or do erotic massage, etc.
  • Sometimes losing a job and thought about his failure so frustrating man, that he even refuses sexual relations.A woman in this situation should show patience and forbearance .As soon as her husband settled the matter with the work, he made up for lost points in sex.
  • Hard times, when her husband lost his job, it is better to experience together his family.It is advisable not to involve here parents and other relatives. interfering with their tips and advice, they can not improve the situation, and aggravate it.If the advice of relatives will not lead to positive results, the husband can accuse them of its financial crisis.
  • Remember, you - the family and, therefore, will share equally the joys and woes, financial ups and financial turmoil. Try to maintain a good climate in the family and loved ones.
  • But do not let the case on behalf of "looking for a new job" to chance .Periodically be interested in the success of her husband with whom to meet, what position claimed, which promise to pay.Do not let her husband finally relax and get used to the "sitting at home."Discuss the circumstances, consider an error.Think maybe we should change the type of activity, open new professional talents.
  • When her husband lost his job and is in a stressful situation, calm him, let him know that the loss of a job - this is not the end of the world, it is not his personal problem, and your, family, and solve it you will be together.Give her husband feel your faith in him.Most him say, "I know you can, you will succeed."

Do not forget that the atmosphere in the house of the woman asks.From how you lead yourself in difficult moments for the family depends on family well-being: or a husband, because you will be able to overcome the crisis or, on the contrary, we finally give up and lose faith in their abilities.

Of course, you will have hard times: require tremendous endurance, tact and patience , as well as active steps to find work for her husband.But peace, harmony and love in the family are worth it.
What if the husband lost his job?

And what did you, when her husband was fired?Share your experience, how to behave