What are the benefits to large families laid in Russia in 2013?

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01 May 2016

Life in Russia is not an easy call.And in recent years - and even more so.To ensure that today even one child a decent life, we have to tighten our belts tight.Therefore, in today's families are increasingly rest on one or two kids, and less often can be seen with the number of children a family - three or more.

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To help families with many children by the Presidential Decree defines the specific benefits, changes and additions in 2013.
The benefits to large families in Russia in 2013

content of the article:

  • What family - many children, and is entitled to benefits?
  • list of benefits to large families in the Russian Federation in 2013

What is considered a large family, and is entitled to receive benefits for large families?

in our country would be considered a large family, if it grow three or more children (including adopted children), who are under 18 years old.
The benefits to large families in Russia in 2013

What you need to know about the benefits of families with many children and their rights?

  • Statutory benefits relative each individual region can not stand in their full extent, but at the same time in the regions can be provided by local authorities for these families and additional benefits .
  • When reaching the baby from a family of 18 and teaching at the university on the day traditional form of education continues to be a large family until the child is 23 years old.
  • With the passage of child conscription family are also considered many children until the children reach the age equal to 23 years.
  • for benefits should be documented to confirm their special status - large family, standing on the account in a particular institution and received a certificate.
  • As part of a large family will not be taken into account when registering children who transferred to gosobespechenii orphanages , and those for which parents were deprived of their rights .

list of benefits to large families in the Russian Federation - which benefits are provided to families with many children in 2013

So - what benefits can rely on the law in 2013, parents with many children?

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  • Discount for payment of utility bills (no more than 30 percent) - electricity, water, to sewage, gas and heating.If there is no central heating in the house, the family has a right to a discount, which are calculated based on the fuel prices within the norms of consumption in the region.
  • If you have kids under 6 years, the family has the legal right to free medication (of those that are sold by prescription) and extraordinary service in clinics.Also in this case the family has the right to obtain seats in the summer camps / sanatoriums queue.
  • right to free prosthetic and orthopedic products (only on prescription).
  • Free travel (taxis do not belong here) - in the urban and suburban transport.For all members of the family.
  • right to enroll in a school outside the queue (for preschool children from large families).
  • Free meals in all schools with educational programs (half board).
  • free - school and sports uniforms for each child (for the entire period of study).
  • Once a month - exploring new places, parks free of charge.
  • Benefits borrowing when buying real estate or construction.
  • Obtaining land precedence (only for individual housing construction).
  • Preferential taxation the organization of the farm, and interest-free loans (either financial help - free of charge) on its development.
  • partial / full exemption parents of many children from the registration fee , which are subject to all individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activity.
  • Free accommodation provided needs to improve housing conditions (in sequence).
  • preferential working conditions at registration to work.
  • early retirement for mom , when she gave birth to and raised five children (and more) until they reach 8 years of age (50 years of age and insurance period of at least 15 years).
  • early retirement for mom provided the birth of two more children after 50 years.Requirements: 20 years of insurance experience (minimum) and more than 12 years of experience in the North (or 17 years - in areas considered to be equated with its terms).
  • right to obtain land for a vegetable garden (not less than 0.15 ha).
  • right to an extraordinary training (training) in the absence of employment opportunities in the profession.