How to get credit to a young family at the construction or purchase of housing - the rules for obtaining mortgage loans for young families

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01 May 2016

Many families do not have enough money to buy a house.Most of them either rent an apartment or live with their parents.But - this option is not satisfied everyone.How then to solve this pressing question for many - housing?If you do not have the prospects to get a house as an inheritance, you should try to join the program mortgage loans for young families.

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Rules for obtaining mortgage loans for young families

Instructions for obtaining a loan for a young family

  1. operating in Russia state program "Housing", which aims to help young families.To get the chance to become a participant in the program you must register in all families , who need to improve their living conditions.What period of time you are in the queue is not important, the main thing that this registration has been.Record in this line of the family, whose poor living conditions.According to the legislation, to include young families where spouses less than 35 years old, and they lived together for less than 3
  2. Note that each region has its own rules for housing .For example, in Moscow, a family in which there are no children, for each of the spouses relies 18 m2.If you have a child - 48 m2 per family.
  3. also different and the amount of subsidy .Calculate it based on family size and cost of real estate in the region.Therefore, to clarify the tariffs for housing must be in the region of residence.
  4. percentage of state aid to the same everywhere. married couple with no children, receives assistance in the amount of 35%.Families with children the rate is increased by 5% for each child.
  5. determine the amount of a bank loan. Focusing on the value of the selected property, calculate the necessary amount.Credit for housing for young families and give government and commercial banks.
  6. bank Carefully read conditions. This can be done on various Internet sites, as in catalogs credit proposals of banks.Attention should be paid not only to the percentage of the loan, but also on other conditions (age of the borrower, is it possible to attract a co-borrower, the amount of the entry fee, income, etc.).Select several financial institutions that are the most suitable for your conditions.
  7. Prepare documents necessary for the loan :
    • passport;
    • copy of the work book, certified by the seal of the enterprise where you work;
    • Income statement (Form 2NDFL), it is desirable to specify the salary actually get your hands on.
  8. bring documents to the bank in person. If you want to attract a co-borrower, it must also be present.Employee Bank will advise you on all issues and will assess your chances in getting a loan.
  9. After reviewing your application within a few days , loan officer says the bank agrees to give you a loan program for young families.With the agreement of you bring to the bank documents at home.It will be handed over to the property rights with the imposition of burden on housing, located in the mortgage.
  10. From the home buying process a mortgage, you may encounter some difficulties , and should be ready for it.About the most common problems encountered when applying for registration of state aid for housing, the nuances of the regional housing policy can be found on local Internet forums, or by contacting the real estate agency dealing with these issues.You can also seek help from a financial advisor.

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