Man - the head of the family, the woman - the head of the family: the main one in the family?

By Admin | Family
02 May 2016

Nowadays, the concept of "head of household" is gradually lost in a series of changes of modern life.Even the term "family" now has its significance for everyone.But the head of the family determines the family order, without which it can not be quiet and stable coexistence.

Who should be the main thing in the family - the wife or husband? What do they think about psychology?
Who in the family of the chief - the wife or husband?

  • family - two (or more) person associated common goals. and a necessary condition for the implementation of these goals - a clear division of responsibilities and roles (as the old joke where the husband - the president's wife - the Minister of Finance, and children - people).And in order to "country" should be comply with the laws and subordination, as well as to correctly distribute responsibilities in the family .In the absence of a leader in the "country" start riots and pulling the blanket on top of each other, and if at the helm of the finance minister stands in place of the president, the current law has long
    been replaced by ill-considered reforms that will one day lead to the collapse "of the country."
    That is, the president should be president, minister - minister.
  • abnormality head of the family has always solved (if not to take into account the peeling paint on the windowsill, and even torn crane).And without a leader in dealing with some difficult issues simply can not do.Woman as being in fact weaker, not all questions can solve alone.If it takes on even this sphere of family life, the role of men in the family will automatically belittled , that is not good for his self-esteem and intra atmosphere.
  • Submission wife to her husband - this is the law , which anciently held the family.My husband can not feel a full man, if the spouse puts himself head of the family.As a rule, marriage "beskhrebetnika" and a strong woman leader is doomed. and intuitive man himself (as nature intended) is looking for his wife, ready to accept the traditional position of "chief husband in the family."
  • family leader - the captain , who leads the family necessary frigate course, is able to bypass the reefs, takes care of the security of the entire team.And even if the frigate, under the influence of certain factors, suddenly straying off course, it is the captain leads him to the correct pier.Women (again, nature) are not the qualities of safety, the ability to make the right decisions in emergency situations, etc.. Its mission - to maintain peace and comfort in the family, parenting and creating an environment for your spouse,that will help him become an ideal captain.Of course, modern life, and some women are forced by circumstances to become captains, but happiness to the family of such a position brings.Two variants of such relations: the wife-steering forced to put up with her husband's weakness and drag it out for yourself why it eventually gets tired and starts to look for a man with whom you can be weak.Either the wife carries the steering "raider seizure", whereby the husband is gradually losing its leadership position and leaves the family, which disparage his manhood.
  • Relationship "fifty / fifty" where responsibilities are shared equally with the leadership - one of fashion trends of our time.Equality, freedom, and certain other modern "postulates" introduced into the cell of society adjustments, which are also not end with "happy ending."Because of the fact equality in the family can not be - a leader will always .And the illusion of equality sooner or later leads to a serious family Fuji eruption, which will result in a return to the traditional scheme of "husband - the head of the family", or to a final rupture.The ship can not manage two captains, the company - two directors.Responsibility of man, and the second support solutions leader, is next to the right hand, and as a reliable rear.Two captains can not steer in the same direction - the ship is doomed to become the Titanic.
  • woman as being a wise , can create a climate in the family, which will help to reveal the inner potential men. main thing - just be the "co-pilot" that support in emergency situations, and not to take the helm, shouting, "I'll take you back to rulish not!".A man to be trusted, even if its decisions, at first glance, seem to be incorrect.Stop a galloping horse or fly into a burning house - a very modern way. woman wants to be indispensable, strong, able to solve any problem .But then the sense of complaining and suffering - "He rubs his pants on the couch while I plow three jobs" or "How do you want to be weak, and do not pull all by yourself!"?

head of the family (for centuries) is a man. But the wisdom of his wife - the ability to influence its decision on the scheme ", he - the head, it is - the neck."Clever wife, even if she knows how to handle a drill and earn three times more than her husband, never will.Because weak woman a man is ready to protect, save and pick up your hands , if it "falls".And next to a strong woman to feel like a real man is very difficult - she herself provides her not to be pitied, she punctured tire changes and prepares dinner because she had no time.The man does not remain opportunities to prove their masculinity.And become the head of a family - so plead beskhrebetnikom.