10 family traditions that will make your family strong and happy

By Admin | Family
02 May 2016

Family traditions for happiness and frets in the family Every family has its own big and small traditions that unite all households are not mandatory, but only - at the request of the soul.For a family of such tradition is the joint viewing comedic novelties on weekends under the crunch of popcorn, for another - production of Christmas toys before the holiday, for the third - traveling on vacation in a new, unexplored places.What traditions are able to bring together all members of the family in the house and create the very atmosphere of happiness and family unity?

  1. family publication.
    Simple but nice family tradition - once a month (but better - at weekends) selected in the cinema for a promising new product, at McDonald's in the "holiday belly" of the city - on the water or horse riding, and so on. It is not veryvalues ​​- whether you collect red leaves in the park or take "beauty" from the Ferris wheel, the main thing - to spend time with your family and recharge fresh impressions and positive.
    Family traditions for happiness and frets in the family
  2. joint shopping.
    Family travel supermarket a
    nd other shops of the city - a great way to cheer yourself up.And at the same time teach the younger children to science savings account, the correct choice of things and useful products.
  3. picnic - combine business with pleasure .Family
    regular outdoor recreation can be any, according to the wishes and the season - swimming and succulent barbecues, fishing with the whole family, night gatherings around the campfire with a guitar and tea in the pot, Travel treasuries Mother Nature for mushrooms, berries orEven the collection of medicinal herbs for homemade folk medicine cabinet.
    Family traditions for happiness and frets in the family
  4. sea, gulls, beach, cocktails on the banks .
    course, follow this tradition every weekend would be too expensive (yes what there to speak - very few people can afford it), but at least once a year - just be sure.And that was not boring vacation (only with a book in the lounge chairs), it is necessary to use all opportunities for its diversity.That is, to teach their kids to stay on the water, scuba diving, go on interesting excursions, make the most stunning photos and have fun from the heart, then to have something to remember.
  5. Christmas and New Year .
    As a rule, it turns out that all the preparations for the New Year's tale begins at the last moment - and presents and Christmas tree decorations.Why not start a wonderful tradition - the whole family to prepare for this magical holiday?To then matured children with joy and with a warm smile remembering how you made out with your family house, dressed Christmas tree, toys and made funny Christmas composition with candles.How to write little notes with the desires, seeing the old year, and burned them under the chiming clock.As laid out boxes with gifts and pasted them funny pictures with names.In general, New Year Merry Christmas - this is the most significant reason for the creation of a family tradition - to be next to each other.
    Family traditions for happiness and frets in the family
  6. attracted to the gifts the whole family.
    On the nose the next holiday?So, it's time to start a tradition - joint training present.It does not matter for whom it is intended - should all participate (except congratulations, of course).Moreover, it is not just about beautiful packaging and created a colorful postcard with your hands, but on the grand design of the house, jointly prepared a festive dinner for a special greeting from the whole family and, of course, the surprise (the ticket for the concert, live tropical butterfly, "a boxin a box "and so forth.).
  7. Family Album - a memory for future generations.
    These albums can be created not only by the usual raspihivaniya photos of "rubrics" - they may be accompanied by comments from interested cheerful each family member, dilute with children's drawings, commemorative towels, dried leaves / flowers and so on. How to make a family album - look betterideas!
    Family traditions for happiness and frets in the family
  8. evening with your family .
    fine tradition - at least once a week to forget about their affairs and arrange fun gatherings on the couch with your family.Any - chess tournament, a competition for the collection of puzzles, a competition of "who will make the brother of (the pope) mummy using toilet paper," the construction of the tent of blankets in the middle of the room, followed by the evening of horror stories by flashlight - if only everyone had fun, interestingand delicious!Adults can dive briefly into childhood, and children, finally - remember, look like their parents, if they are torn away from work.See what games and competitions in the family can be made for interesting leisure.
  9. Going to the cottage!
    family leaving the country - it is also a tradition.It is usually accompanied by interesting division of responsibilities between all family members - younger watered future strawberries, senior deal more hard work.But after that (to leave the cottage is not turned into hard labor and was a holiday that everyone is waiting) - a mandatory rest.You can come up with all the family in advance interesting original dinner.Let it be salmon on the coals, not the usual barbecue.And after dinner - a game the whole family (in accordance with the tastes of the household) by the fireplace under the rain drumming on the roof.Or a joint campaign for mushrooms with a basket and baskets.
    Family traditions for happiness and frets in the family
  10. Set up the tradition - to be healthy.
    The cornerstone - a healthy lifestyle.To this should teach their children as soon as they cease to be placed across the benches.It may be family, "five-minute" charging music, categorically protest fast fudam, cola and chips, funny drawn on posters, joint cycling, volleyball and even forays into the mountains with tents (sometimes).If only, as they say - on health.