7 best ideas decoration family album with his own hands

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03 May 2016

Who among us does not like to be photographed and the pictures of loved ones and close friends?Over time, we have accumulated a huge amount of home photos that, of course, want to preserve and pass on to future generations.Therefore, we will discuss with you today the design ideas of family album with his own hands.It is a pleasant experience it would be nice to make one of the most important traditions of the family, doing all the creative work on the design of a family album together.
The best design ideas of family album

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  • family chronicle in the art scrapbooking
  • Family Album of the genealogical tree
  • Children's family album
  • wedding family album
  • Family Album of rest
  • Album chronicle parent families
  • creative album with his hands

family chronicle in the art scrapbooking - vintage family album with his hands

Scrapbooking - one ihz techniques of creating their own hands and design of personal or family albums.Where, in addition to photos, add clippings, postcards, buttons of, pictures and other

memorabilia that have a story, a story about you and your loved ones.Through this art, instead of the usual album we get the whole story about the life of your family.Album cover is also possible to give an original look.Decorate it with some memorable things to you - for example, the tape to which you can attach an amulet or yellow maple leaves.On the cover you can put a beautiful, symbolizing something important just for you and your family, inscription.
The best design ideas of family album
Scrapbooking family album
Scrapbooking album for the family

Making family album as a genealogical tree

Try yourself to make a family tree of your family and stick it on the album cover page.It will not be difficult - enter all closest relatives, whom you may remember, and whose photos can be found in the family archives.First, add a photo album the most distant ancestors, and finished processing photos of the day.This album made with his own hands, will be interesting for everybody - and the older generation and younger.After seeing it, you will create a feeling that you're reading this saga about the history of your own family.
Family Album - a family tree
Genealogical tree for the family album

How to make a family album with the children's page - design ideas Children's family album

Of course, one of the most important events in every family - the birth of a child.This chapter of our lives, we always want to formalize somehow in a special way.After all, there is important even the smallest detail.Photos of growing children have great variety, as you want to capture every moment of the life of the little man.And choose from them any separate photos to put on the album, it is very difficult.But still try to select the most typical photographs, most clearly reflecting the important moments in the life of your baby.Initially, this may be your photo where the baby is still in your tummy.Next - a statement from the hospital.Newborn baby meets with family members and closest friends.The first smile.First steps.Walking.Deep sleep.Breakfast.For every mother all these moments are incredibly important and each will remain in the memory forever.Also in the photo album, you can attach the first hairs kid, make a decoration of the first pinetok, ribbons of lace handkerchief or baby bonnet.Do not forget to describe the photos next to the events that they are sealed.Over time, the album can be added to pictures of your child and his school and various sports trophies and certificates.
family album with the children
Children in the family album pages

wedding family album with his own hands - lace, satin ribbons and dried flowers from the bride's bouquet.

Wedding - a very important and special day for every woman.I want to keep in mind every moment of this happy day.And, of course, we still have to remember a lot of photographs that require a decent design.Unusually decorate the wedding album can be, giving it satin bows and lace accessories of the bride.You can also attach photos to the dried flowers from the bride's bouquet, if you survived.All these little things over the years, will become for you all a great value, and opening the wedding photo album made with his own hands, every time you will return to the magical day.
Wedding family album
Wedding family album
Wedding family album

family album design idea about the rest with trophies from distant travel

We all love to relax, and each trip we bring a pile of photos.Naturally, these photos are also worthy of his album.Making an album can be a postcard showing the countries where you are vacationing, trophies from his travels - whether it's a piece of shell or dried exotic plants.You can also make a pattern out of the sand from the beaches, where you sunbathe and photographed.Do not forget the description of what is shown in the photographs.For your children, after many years, it will be very interesting to read about the adventures of parents on vacation and see the colorful illustrations of this exciting story.
Family album on vacation
Family album on vacation

How to make a family album as a gift to parents - parent family chronicle

album made with his own hands - it is also a wonderful gift that you can give parents an anniversary, or any holiday, or just because.Collect the best photos from the parents of all family albums, to bring them into one.When you add a photo, add a description some words from him to your mom and dad.Tell us how you like them and how they will road.You can decorate photos clippings from old magazines and keep the old tickets to the theater, who visited the parents.Album for the parents also can decorate decor items made with their own hands - cover for an album, crocheted or spokes figurines to decorate luxurious style antique made independently.The album can be placed as homemade collages, appliqu├ęs and decorative elements in vintage style, with antique lace and velvet.Flight of fantasy here is simply limitless!
Family album gift parents
Family album gift parents
Family album gift parents

creative album with his own hands - the creation of family chronicles with photos, drawings, poems and stories of family members

And, of course, every family has to be a shared album, for which the examining of such a warm andcomfortable to spend time surrounded by the native people.Idea creation of such an album - a great multitude, and of their implementation will have to work hard all the family members.Add it to your favorite photos in chronological order.Accompany their own poems, let each family member write stories about some significant events.You can also collect more drawings of children that would put them in an album, the small memorabilia.Embodied in the design of all their creative impulses!The album, in addition to photos, you can add all that matters to your family.And then we get a real illustrated chronicle of a family, which can be left to posterity the memory.
Family Album with poems and stories
Family Album with poems and stories
Family Album with poems and stories
album made with his own hands, will breathe new life into your memories captured on film.After that, they do not view family photos on winter evenings, so brings native people , forcing even more to appreciate each other.