Type Face and sunglasses - which sunglasses suit you?

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20 May 2016

Type of face and sunglasses With the approach of summer, increasingly become an urgent topic selection of sunglasses.To properly decide not to have to chase the popular models, acquiring superfashionable points.First, determine what type of person you and then pick up the sun accessory suitable for you.

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  • How to choose glasses highlighting your style
  • sunglasses We select the type of person correctly

How to choose glasses highlighting your style

what sunglasses you fit Points than sun protection,comfort and safety should be trendy and modern design, and suited to your style and emphasize individuality.

Choosing glasses Sun

  • not select a frame, repeating the shape of your face.That if you have a round face - with round-rimmed glasses will not fit.An exception is the oval shape - it fits all.
  • desirable that lower part spectacle frames repeating the lower circuit sockets , it creates a sense of integrity.
  • Do not forget that glasses that sit high on the nose - visually increase the length of the nose, in
    the middle of the nose - reduce it.
  • Pay attention to points came to the color of hair, eyes and skin tone .

sunglasses We select the type of person correctly

Oval face type

person gradually narrows from the frontal part to the chin, slightly prominent cheekbones.
This type of person is considered ideal, so it fit all forms of frames: oval, round, square.When choosing, consider your personality, emphasizing its natural proportions.Holders oval faces have the opportunity to experiment with wearing glasses nearly invisible, inviolable integrity of the image, to extravagant, attracting attention with its forms.
Sunglasses for the oval type face

triangular type of person

first kind - a high forehead, pointed chin.The second type - a narrow forehead, wide chin.
For the first kind of triangular faces need to visually reduce the upper and middle part of the face and smooth out the "sharp" chin.For such people, perfect oval or round shape glasses, glasses are contraindicated such as "Butterfly."
For the second type, when the forehead is much narrower chin, wide fit rectangular rounded rim.Here it is necessary to emphasize the upper part of the face, so the rim glasses should be expressive and to draw attention is at the top.Effect of expression can be achieved not only the thickness of the rim, and sequins as well as contrasting color frame.
For all types of triangular faces suit classic sunglasses with a rectangular, rounded at the corners of the rim.
Sunglasses for the triangular type of person

round face

length and width of the face are almost identical.
In this situation it is necessary to reduce the broad middle and lower part of the face.The most acceptable form of "cat's eye", say the type of oval glasses.Perfect triangular frame that will make your look stylish and accentuate your individuality.Experiment with asymmetrical points when the upper and lower part of the frame is not the same.
Avoid frames round shape, as well as the massive, dark, bright points, which will make the face more round and not add to its appeal.If you do not have a very thin neck, the ideal square frame.When a thin neck, these glasses will visually neck even thinner.
Sunglasses for the round type of person

square face

rather big forehead, wide jaw.
In this type of face disadvantages are angular shape, the angles of the lower jaw, which is to reduce and soften.To do this, you need to decorate the face of thin round glasses.They will face more feminine, soft and profitable complement the image.Socket therein should be the width of the face.Points, with a rim wider than a person or persons is much smaller than the width, disfigure it.But frames with sharp corners or rectangular shape, people with this form of the face should be avoided.
Sunglasses for square type face

Oblong Face

high forehead, high cheekbones .
For this type, when the length of the face is much greater than its width, it is necessary to visually enlarge the face outwards.With the square, triangular or oval glasses with a wide rim is easy to implement.Rimless glasses and glasses are too small you will not fit.
Sunglasses for an oblong type of face

heart-shaped face

broad cheekbones and forehead and narrow chin.
to visually narrow forehead, do not focus on the eyes.To do this, you can select a frame in bright colors or buy rimless glasses.Focus on the lower part of the face.Suit glasses with round narrow rim.Avoid large and excessive geometric lines of frames.
Sunglasses for the heart-type person

Diamond-shaped face

small forehead, high cheekbones, narrow chin .
People with this face shape should strive to visually reduce the volume in the cheeks.Win-Win is oval glasses.Ideal smooth, soft, without sharp lines form frames.Not bad will look rimless glasses or vertically oriented models.Do not focus on the eye line.
Sunglasses for rhombic type of person

to choose the right sunglasses, you protect yourself from the negative effects of sunlight , as well as advantageous emphasize your image and will hide facial imperfections .