Branded clothing against ordinary - whether the benefits of brand clothing?

By Admin | Fashion
20 May 2016

How to buy branded clothing Everyone knows that a man paints the clothes, but it is not him.However, in today's society is very strong mounting on fashion and fashion rules are able to coordinate very lives.What have brand clothes, how it differs from ordinary clothes, what her advantage, and it we need it?Let's understand this interesting and complex question.

content of the article:

  • main purpose of brand clothing
  • Reasons for buying things known brands
  • Do we overpay for quality, buying a brand?
  • How to save on buying branded clothes and determine its quality
  • What you choose - branded clothes or consumer goods?Reviews

brand - what is it?The main purpose of brand clothing

Branded clothing against ordinary - whether fashion apparel benefits Very often under the brand of clothing is meant a stylish, fashionable, elite, expensive clothes.Truth in these ideas about branded things there, but it is - only a fraction.In fact, the brand - it is a very broad concept that combines all these ideas and has additional emphasis.

Destination brand clothing:

  • Branded clothing is designed emphasize human dignity .
  • Things famous brands to serve «hallmark» human means of self.
  • Branded clothing should to raise self-esteem person.
  • These clothes should be a kind of self-promotion currently , psychological comfort and a means of gaining status.
  • Brand things need to hide the shortcomings of human , emphasizing dignity.
  • clothes of famous brands should serve long , have the highest quality materials and workmanship.
  • This clothing should be exclusive , that the person had in her individuality, and would not be like the others.

In fact, a clothing brand makes very high demands, high hopes on things known brands.But Is the brand clothes, all these hopes?

who prefer branded clothes?Reasons for buying things known brands

What is different from the usual brand clothes Because fashion is developing rapidly and is in constant change, and thus it has a huge impact on the people, and some people it was a manipulation, everything associated with the fashion industry, attracted the attention of psychologists.In a lengthy and very serious research professional psychologists, revealed a portrait of the average buyer branded items - is a woman between 22 and 30 years old, having high or inflated self-esteem, tending to his career and personal life of the device, prefer the comfort and very dependent on other people's opinion.
Why buy brand clothes? reasons for which people are willing to pay big money for this or that brand a few:
Confessions of a Shopaholic - brand clothes

  • to match the status - real or desired, which they intend to achieve in life.
  • to people around approve them, took into their circle.
  • to be somewhat higher people around, get a means to influence them, rise in their eyes.
  • to receive only positive feedback currently.
  • Psychologically buy branded clothing can serve as a kind psychotherapeutics , when a woman or a man want to get positive emotions, to get rid of the negative, bad mood, improve their self-esteem.

Branded clothing against ordinary - whether fashion apparel benefits But it is wrong when buying brand clothing a person begins to substitute for work on his inner peace, personal qualities.The young lady sometimes it seems that with the purchase of brand clothing they acquire significance - it is called the substitution values ​​when own personal qualities and priorities in life, they substitute for dresses, shoes and handbags "weighty" brands , to gain importance in the eyes of othersof people.According to "brendomanov" by buying expensive things known brands, they can all achieve in life, live well, unlike most other people, consider themselves the elite, "cream of society".This movement of the individual values ​​on the value of things become fatal, because a person who does not receive a stimulus to development is lacking, it becomes "an empty shell" and the external facade, clad in a brand does not reflect the personality and the depth of this man.Such people tend to not appreciate myself as a person, and do not represent their existence, their individuality without branded items.

As clothing is brand?Do we overpay for quality?

Branded clothing against ordinary - whether fashion apparel benefits Of all the concepts of branded clothing, as the most expensive, luxury and fashion, can be confirmed only part of them.But branded clothing not always fabulously expensive - among the things known brands there are clothes for very reasonable prices, calculated for the average buyer, who produced exclusive models in parallel.
brand - a brand that is recognized by , and therefore, the most important difference from the brand of so-called "mass consumer goods» - recognition , rather than price and quality.Of course, to win the attention and popularity among consumers, especially in today's world is not so easy - very high competition, high quality requirements.But many "loud" brands have his name long ago, and this name is now working on them itself, making simple things sometimes quite elite and desirable.Sometimes the same things on the quality of the consumer can be found in the "consumer goods" in obscure manufacturers, not overpaying for the brand name.
Branded clothing against ordinary - whether fashion apparel benefits As a rule, well-known brands produced several lines things , in particular - the clothes. first line - a "piece" things, very high quality, expensive materials designed for stars of show business, public people, the oligarchs.Clothing second and subsequent lines designed for the middle class, has a lower price.The high cost of branded clothing in Russia due to the fact that for the most part it is - imports.

brand or consumer goods?How to save on buying branded clothes and determine its quality

Branded clothing against ordinary - whether fashion apparel benefits truth, as always, lies in the middle.Unquestionably branded items, because it is, as a rule, high-quality items produced by the latest fashion trends, including branded items is easy to pick up clothes on a figure, the image of its activities, by age, for any occasion.But buying branded items should not be an end in itself, because the most expensive clothes, bought out of place or size may make the owner of a laughing stock.In this issue you must common sense, his inner voice , and buy only what is that tailored and sewn on the figure, will be the place in this or that situation.Based on this rule, a man or woman can choose and quite worthy things among the so-called "consumer goods", not overpaying for a resounding brand name.

  • How to save on buying brand clothing branded items are often counterfeited , using the attributes and style of well-known brands, producing low-quality products, but in the big names.To distinguish real quality thing from a fake or poorly made "consumer goods» , you should carefully consider seams when buying - they will be given negligence, bad quality.Famous brands are always concerned about the quality of the seams, closing up them properly.According to experts, the real branded clothing can be worn inside out - so it is quality inside.
  • Branded clothing against ordinary - whether fashion apparel benefits not to overpay for branded clothing , you can buy it on various sales , usually confined to the end of the season or holidays.Then the stores get rid of outdated collection of quality clothing, and try to give it cheaper to buy new line.Various shops and boutiques prices sometimes reach 50-70% , it allows you to buy branded stuff the average buyer.Thus, the branded clothing is available to almost everyone, and the myth about its sky-high cost is no more than a false representation.

What you choose - branded clothes or consumer goods?Reviews Women

I think irrational to buy branded items at all times.Of course, dresses and suits to the output, shoes, handbags, I aspire to buy from manufacturers, because no doubt as things that will serve me for a long time.But why, tell them to buy branded T-shirts for the house?Brand sneakers?Brand pajamas or bed linen?

My friends always buy branded items for children.I am always horrified when I learn about the prices of tee shirt and sliders to their children.At the same time our children sit on a walk in a sandbox, and equally grimy - and my daughter in a suit of the Belarusian factories and kids in branded suits.Branded clothing for children sweetens pride parents, and only.

When I need the thing to the output or to work in the office - of course, I am referring to the brand stores, because the quality of the things several orders of magnitude higher than the clothes on the market.But the brand for me - it is a convention, I did not try to chase the big names, and buying only those things that I really like.Therefore, IOM's wardrobe peacefully coexist and things from reputable companies, and clothes from obscure companies that pleased me quality.

In fact, if you look, the brand - a convention.I brendomaniya alien, I'd buy more quality items on the market or in shops than I will pay for one single thing known brand.Believe me, including consumer goods can be found quite worthy things - they just need to look for.By the way, I sew myself good, and created for themselves a few things with their own hands - that's exactly where exclusive and individuality!In my opinion, for the individual tailoring is still the future.

And I like branded items!I just bastard from brand logo on clothing, for me the purchase of such things is really psychotherapy, medicine for melancholy and depression.I live once, so I do not regret the money on branded clothes!Although in fact I am not a snob, and can buy things from the consumer goods, if they look and feel their quality.