Fashion clutches of winter-spring 2014 - choose stylish accessory

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21 May 2016

Season oversized and roomy bags yesterday popular as ever, sank into oblivion.Today, at the peak of popularity of miniature clutches fashion.And it should be noted that this stylish accessory eloquently dictates the trend is not only in minimalist but also at the meeting.Women of all ages with a tiny bag in hand is seen more organized, to the extent frivolous and not burdened with a load of unresolved cases.

other words, fashion for ladies size reticule in the relevant accessories like never before. Fashion clutches winter 2014 content of the article:

  • fabric fashionable clutches 2014
  • Knitted fashionable clutches - photo
  • Styles fashion clutches 2014
  • Trendy clutch 2014 with handle

fabric fashionable clutches 2014

Fashion clutches 2014 -it is not just yesterday's small handbag.The trend of this season the emphasis on accessories, so entire wardrobe is necessary to select a handbag .Materials bags still provide food for the imagination.

  • enduring relevance of natural materials of the season comes to the fore.If
    clutch made of genuine leather , nothing in its structure should not detract from the natural origin of the model.
    Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014
  • Another relevant material for each of the winter season - fur , this time is in the discharge must-have.Fur, of course, give a certain amount of miniature accessories, but at the same time, will allow to bring in a naturalistic way of beginning.Do not forget at the same time that the fur in the ensemble should not be in excess.You have a beautiful mink coat?In this case, we should be democratic and refuse fur inserts on the clutch.By the way, the popular opinion that if the winter wardrobe clutches do not fit this season debunked the nines.Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014
  • «Hello from the East" this season - the big fashion clutches in the form of envelopes.Made from often dense kozhzama , accessories such gained great popularity among business-woman, which is similar to the dimensions of just allowed to wear a folder with papers.Carefully keeping the shape, this model fits easily as in everyday and evening look.The main consideration when choosing this model - the material density padding, which should be sufficient to hold the shape, no frame - clutch should remain pliable, and of course - bright colors: indigo, fuchsia, and of course, cream and burgundy.Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014

Knitted fashionable clutches - photo

surprising discovery of this season are fashionable knitted clutches , a photo of which is shown below.

When choosing this type of handbag should be most carefully approach to the material of the product.Also relevant imitation knitted , that in some cases is as much more profitable.In any case, knitted clutch should not look Christmas present your grandmother.Clarity of line has not been canceled, so the frame is not the product should look like a shapeless bag.

As for the drawing, there are much wider range of ladies - it can be as monotone colors , and contrasting color combinations .

But the models with any particular pattern should be discarded.This season, of course, gives the imagination and allows us to be bolder, but in the pursuit of trends should know when to stop.Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014

variety of styles fashionable clutches for 2014 winter and spring

As never before, in the 2013-2014 season, designers recommend to pay attention to the decor fashionistas clutches.The trend of the season - bold and voluminous ornaments .Whether ethnic long brush or provocative inlaid handbag studs in the form of spikes .

These telltale markers that dictate the philosophy of the image must be the season the main task of every self-respecting fashionista.Fashion clutches winter 2014 As we have said, fashionable trends of the season does not impose any particular geometry.Still, traditional geometry clutches oblong is at the peak of popularity.

second most popular style - depth model with a spacious niche for small things .Yes, the clutch of the season has to accommodate a larger than phone and lip gloss.Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014
Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014
not lost its significance and vintage style .Things taken out of old trunks, can be safely combined with ultra fashionable fur.

main thing to remember - not shabby appearance decorate even the current model.Fashion clutches winter 2014

novelty in fashion clutches 2014 - clutch with the handle

lot this season allowed - a mixture of styles will benefit from any image.And designers are advised not particularly afraid of unpopular combinations.Fashion clutches year 2013-2014 can, and should be easy to read character.

How, for example, clutch bag with a handle in the form of brass knuckles .This gothic bold attribute can decorate a traditional romantic style, bringing the image of juicy courage.Why not?
Fashion clutches winter 2014 Fashion clutches winter 2014

Another option - clutch convertible , equipped with a convenient handle "on the palm."This stylish accessory is not in vain loved business woman, who at any moment can be transformed into a tiny clutch bag roomy.
Fashion clutches winter 2014