Pleated - what to wear and how to combine?

By Admin | Fashion
22 May 2016

Pleated Skirt what to wear «Everything new is well forgotten old."It is this proverb is ideal for apparel fabric pleats that this season is at the top of popularity.So today we decided to tell our readers how to wear such clothes and what they can be combined.

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  • What can wear pleated?
  • Pleated on a romantic date and
  • Pleated dress code in the office
  • casual style and pleated skirt pleated skirt
  • in evening dress
  • Accessories pleated skirt
  • Video: what properly combine pleats in clothes

What can wear pleated?

Pleated Skirt what to wear pleated skirt creates an elegant, romantic and feminine image.It is ideal for any situation : shopping, business meetings, office style clothes, walk around the city or a romantic date.To always have a unique look, it is necessary to choose the right band.So let's look at a few situations, and what clothes best suited to the pleated skirt.

Pleated on a romantic date

Pleated Skirt what to wear If you are going for a romantic rendezvous, pleated can be combined with a knitted jumper or a fur vest .Complete your image footwear Heels (shoes, boots, boots), jewelery and clutches.In this dress you are sure to conquer your lover.

and pleated dress code in the office

Pleated Skirt what to wear romantic pleated skirt to the floor fits easily into office dress-code.You just need to opt for products pastel, neutral or dark colors .For example, dark blue or purple, black, gray, sand, chocolate brown.While dressing for work, pleated skirt is best to combine with a blouse, which is tucked into the jacket and close-fitting short little .If you are a lover of extraordinary daring outfits, try to combine pleated skirt with a jacket male style or free parks.If your wardrobe is not appropriate blouses can be used turtleneck.When choosing attire bet on the color, for example, combine brown with purple, blue or gray.

casual style and pleated skirt

Pleated Skirt what to wear very convenient and practical are pleated skirts to the floor.They can be safely worn in cold weather with with a knitted cardigan, a leather jacket or a denim jacket .In the warm time of year they are perfectly combined with waistcoat or topom .Add to this the image of comfortable ballet flats or boots, bulk bag and natural makeup.Your image will be unique, bright and stylish.

pleated skirt in evening dress

Pleated Skirt what to wear Chiffon and silk pleated skirt coupled lace blouse, corset make your evening memorable toilet.In this way the top of the dress will be appropriate rhinestones, embroidery, beads or jewelry.

accessories that can complement pleated dresses

Pleated Skirt what to wear Since Pleated profitable emphasizes smooth lines graceful female figure, it is best to supplement thin strap or belt around the waist , no matter blouse tucked inside or outside left.If you like the wide belts, then it is better to wear a little below the waist.For pleated perfectly suited belt decorated with sequins, stones or embroidery .
Pleated Skirt what to wear But choosing the jewelry or any other decoration, be especially careful.Since pleated itself is a striking element of clothes, not overload your image .Designers recommend experimenting with fabrics of different textures, such as air chiffon skirt combined with large knitted jumper, wide belt and boots .Also, do not be superfluous variety scarves and shawls .

Video: what the right combination of pleats in the wardrobe